Thursday, 1 January 2015

Queen + Adam Lambert Rock Big

Hello 2015!

I didn't mean to leave such a long gap between posts. In fact there are tons of half-finished posts that I haven't got round to finishing and publishing yet.

I feel compelled to jot down a few words right now, even if it's just a pic/tweet spam to capture the instinctive reaction. How fucking good was that, eh? What a way to ring in the new year. I'm pretty sure that won over a whole new legion of fans who are busy Googling and getting sucked into this world we've been inhabiting for the last 5+ years. Yes, remember that? Bwhahahahaha!

Anyway, it was good of the BBC to stream it for everyone.

I don't have enough time for a full detailed review of all the notes and everything, but that first song, those first notes, that first little personalised "inside out" embellishment, those sparkly eyes, that cheeky glint, the playfulness, the drama, the swagger, the presence, the fresh face, the big bouncy curled quiff. Oh yes, it's the same but better than ever.

It's like when it's winter and you've been indoors for ages and it's all dark and gloomy and windy and drizzly outside and you've forgotten what it's like go go outside without a big duvet a hat and scarf that covers up your hearing, limiting what you can see, which is all a bit monochrome anyway. Then all of a sudden the sun comes out dazzling and warm and the birds start chirping and the everything's multifaceted in technicolour and great. In fact it's better than great because it's better than how you remember it from before.

Yes, Adam Fucking Lambert somehow always manages to be even better than how you remember him. And it wasn't even that long ago since we last saw him on Helen Fischer.

Here's my playlist:

There are a lot of highlights from tonight - the energy, the huge notes, the guitar solos, the bagpipe rework of We Will Rock You, even the belated confetti shower that should've happened at the first Queenbert meeting with that very same song - but I'll just sum up my overall impression.

They made it look so easy working not only the in-house audience but every one of us glued to our screens. There was joy radiating out of the performers as it's so obvious they they connect with each other and genuinely love what they are doing. And we feel it.


Here are my tweets from the time, and if you look at the end - well what a start to 2015 I've had, eh?!