Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Miami Beach Gay Pride

This was to be one of a number of LGBT events that Adam was to perform in. There were a few rumours (wishful thinking) about that stemmed from Adam's tweet that A Deeper Love might be a new inclusion in his set. Thinking back to Sydney's Mardi Gras I did wonder whether he was going to really let loose and perform in the true spirit of the event, codpiece and all. In one of most ridiculously loud outfits you'll ever see him wear, with gladiator-type sandals, (I'm guessing it was his personal take on Miami Vice fashion) he was honoured with the key to the city of Miami. How the fuck he managed to pull that outfit off is anyone's guess but against all logic, he's never looked more fabulous, and positively glowed. Here's my playlist of his set:

After the earlier suit I'm ever so slightly disappointed that his outfit for the performance is comparatively conservative. I mean, if there's a time and place to get all creative with Zodiac-style OTT bare-chest with spray-on-leggings and said codpiece then this is surely it? He's opted for a leopard print T-shirt under a sleeveless leather top and black combats with glittery blue belt. He's without a live band and although he's joined on the tiny stage by dancers Johnny and Terrance, it does affect the energy somewhat. When there's a backing track that can't be adjusted around him during the performance, the freedom to ad-lib is limited.

A remix of NCOE is played after Adam's introduction so I do wonder whether he missed his cue and was originally meant to perform it. He starts with Trespassing and from the off, he's fierce and crotch-grabby. There are variations in the melody as he opts to go for some lower notes but the ringing glory note belt is magnificent. Naked Love is next and I can't quite tell from the sound quality whether the backing track has been remixed into something less pop and more beat-driven dance. Terrance and Johnny bring on a couple of topless guys to gyrate around, making this altogether a lot saucier than usual and Adam mischievously gives one of them a nipple-tweak. It looks like Johnny has more fun with his than Terrance though. A very celebratory and joyful performance. Next up is Pop That Lock sung with attitude and Adam proves he has the moves. The big notes are fantastic once again. I find WWFM a rather surprising choice with which to end the set. The energy of this one is a step down from the others and Adam is on his own. He comes up with yet another lovely new way to sing "I need a second to breathe, Just keep coming around". Timely fireworks come in just at the crescendo as he wails his way to the finish.