Saturday, 3 March 2012

Radio Promo Rounds

As there are so many videos from this round of promo, instead of doing a post for each, I've put them all together in the embedded playlist below along with some brief comments. There are 15 performances in 14 videos in at 8 different stations. There should be more but we don't have anything yet for Sirius XM.

95.5 WPLJ New York
WWFM features Kevin strumming on guitar, and as before, I still feel that there's something slightly unpleasant about the sound. Maybe it's one string that's affecting the balance of the chords, I don't have enough expertise to put my finger on it. The performance has quite a lively energy and it's rather endearing to see Adam twisting around on his swivel chair. I'm pleased to hear Adam still changing it up with a lovely run on 'now' and notable variations at the end.
This BTIKM has only a guitar accompaniment so I'm thrilled they decided to dispense with the drum machine. It's very quiet, all the better for hearing Adam's gentle voice, which has quite a bit of an echo. We realise it's only quiet because the mic's too far away and someone comes to move it closer. The expression on Adam's face when it happens is priceless but he's unaffected by it, showing no signs of being distracted with the beautiful vocals and harmonies.

Fresh 102.7 FM New York
Again, there's something with the guitar that sounds imperfect to me in this WWFM. There are more variations to this one and I really like the low 'Just keep coming around' and how Adam plays with the timing at the end. He takes the unusual step of singing a final 'me' which doesn't sound like 'may'.
He sounds wonderful on this slightly mournful BTIKM, even though there is a shaky moment at 'All along' from which he quickly recovers. There's less grain in his voice than some of the other versions but there are so many pretty embellishments, especially on the 'whoa's near the end.

B104 Allentown
This WWFM sounds quite different with lovely improvisations in both the melody of riffs and the timing.
BTIKM has a wonderful ending which alternates rapidly between power and tenderness, a bit like the contrasting sides of himself in the video.

94.5 PST Princeton
This BTIKM is a bouncy one that sounds rushed compared to some of the others. I realise that I always look forward to listening to ending of his performances, not only for the crescendoes but I think he's at his best and vocally most creative when he's outside of the confines of song structure. This is one ending that I love, where his sweet falsetto floats like the chirping of a songbird at dawn.
This WWFM features lots of the rougher texture of Adam's voice.

Q102 (Mix 106.1) Philly
This WWFM, although acoustic, has a harder edge than the others.
It's during this performance of BTIKM that I really get to appreciate the the less-is-more beauty of the bridge which goes from a hectic plucking of the guitar evoking the chaotic feeling of being rushed, to the soothing tranquility of ''Cause I need you now'. It's like the climax of the song, counter-intuitively, is a diminuendo. A powerful, belting performance.

B98.5 Jersey Shore
Unusual for any performance, this mini-set has no speakers set up for the audience. It's my dream to be able to hear Adam's actual, unprocessed singing voice that hasn't gone through any audio equipment. Lucky them. This is the first performance where Adam skips all the yodelly parts, and I actually prefer it as it sounds more elegant. Without backing vocals, Adam balances his delicate falsetto with some belting freestyling at the end.
WWFM is powerful and more aggressive than the other versions.

94.3 The Point
BTIKM is rather fast and bouncy, again without backing vocals and yodelly parts. Adam is spectacular in voice in both falsetto and belt.
There is little to report about this WWFM other than the voice being near perfect.

92.7 WOBM
Adam seems to have only sung WWFM at this station. There's not a lot that's particularly different about this version but this is as perfect as it gets.

Friday, 2 March 2012

HR3 Radio Germany - Better Than I Know Myself

As you can tell, I'm a bit behind on all the reviews after the overload of radio promo performances (imagine what it would've been like for him!) so I'm going to just post brief comments with the videos.

Adam performed this BTIKM at Germany's HR3 radio station on his birthday, dressed as Light!Adam in what looks to be a turtleneck for those with necks the width of a torso. It looks so comfortable, ideal slouchwear but there's no slouching here.

An acoustic performance with Kevin, Isaac and Tommy, the piano is flowy and Adam's voice has a beautiful balance of both tenderness and grit.