Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Glam Nation: Washington DC

Fucking hell! What a concert! I stayed away from all spoilers and have only just managed to sit down and watch all the videos. This is a concert where I feel Adam has loosened up and become completely at ease through his stage presence and banter. It's like he's had a sudden epiphany and decided to crank up the gears to give us the most electrifying set yet. The last time he did a concert on a third consecutive night (Foxwoods) he also blew us away with his vocals. Here's my playlist:

I decide once again that I don't like the use of the backing track and pre-recorded backing vocals because their strict timing don't really work well with Adam's ad-libbing and I can see this demonstrated during DTRH where it looks like he makes a mistake. RoF is particularly slithery as he gets down on his hands and knees again and that shirt is continuing to open increasingly lower. Fever is performed as if on heat with an extra adrenaline shot. Super lively and super thrusty, like he's ready to hump the whole world in a record-breaking gang-bang. And also there's the full open-mouthed smooch as he grabs Tommy by the neck, savouring the taste by licking his lips afterwards. I'm usually impressed by Sleepwalker but I feel that during this one, he gives it even more of his all with show-stopping vocals and drama to match. After ogling the crowd and telling them that they're sexy, he breaks into a beautiful Soaked. I still don't know how he manages to make such a ghostly sound on that note.

He then launches into cracking rude jokes about being wet and doing stand-up as he purposefully looks down onto his crotch. He seems so relaxed and it's all so natural for him. I have to chuckle once again at Adam's 'glory note lever' which I've mentioned before, where his free arm moves down and his legs move up to produce the high notes in Aftermath. It has a great finish to it. He's so liberal with the daring glory notes in a enlivening powerhouse performance of SFW. He's wild and and at one point tells the audience 'Take my picture, bitch!' as he inhabits his mischief-making rock star. Watch out for the little growl as Adam introduces Tommy and they do a very naughty double jerk-off as he does his solo. Terrence has a minor wardrobe malfunction during his solo and Adam urges him to do it again and work the stairs in front of his home crowd. The dance with Brooke is a very different one to normal and seems to also involve Terrence as Adam strikes a pose. The IIHY singalong is a great way to build up the buzz of the crowd.

Then we get to WLL. Even at the long intro we have a slightly different laid-back vibe which conjures up images of kicking back and sipping a cocktail at the beach. Adam doesn't quite seem to be feeling this, being too pumped up, and spontaneously decides to get creative. Longineu switches drum kit and the difference in the level of energy is amazing. The sound of the clashing cymbals and 'real' drums work a treat to up the feeling of excitement even though it's kept at the same pace. Monte swaps the acoustic for electric guitar during the drum solo and the rocking gets increasingly heavy. Adam lets rip vocally for the most mind-blowingly magnificent of finishes. WOW.

This concert's one for repeated viewings as I realise it's the closest we've come to seeing Adam at his best - on fire and extra horny with superpower vocals. I can't help thinking that he has way more up his sleeve though.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Glam Nation: Baltimore

Adam again seems to be keeping in reserve the most challenging of notes during this WLL-less set. This is most noticeable during the WWFM singalong, but it keeps things interesting. He gets back into the crawling position last seen in Columbus during RoF, where he doesn't get up into his feet but stays on one knee. During Aftermath, it becomes apparent that the audience is full of devoted fans. Not only do they know all the words, but they sing with the inflections of the acoustic concert performance. They've spent hours watching the tour footage too. He really rocks out during SFW, getting down onto his knees. He taunts us with the first line of 'Funky Town' as Monte does his riffs during the band intro and everyone loses their shit at the prospect of a new song. But it's not to be, and Adam cracks up at fucking with us so this IIHY radiates joy.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Glam Nation: Atlantic City

It seems that Adam is preserving his voice at this stop of the tour. The big glory notes aren't as liberally dished out as at the last stop but because of this, we see some interesting alternative variations in the riffs. Another noticeable change is the absence of WLL. He's toned down the glitter in the make-up and Monte's hair seems to be doing very strange things. Here's my playlist of picks and very brief notes:

Adam leaves his hat on for the start of RoF but flicks it off mid way through. There's no kissing during Fever where there are some differences in the choreography such as when he fans his crotch and bypasses sitting down. Sleepwalker sees Monte playing his guitar solo behind his head and Aftermath has a slightly different end. I'm not sure whether Adam means to flip the bird when he flips the switch during SFW. Strut has some cane-wanking when he feels the fire and the dorky shuffle-dance returns during MA's guitar solo. Adam plays a bit of air guitar during Tommy's intro and Brooke ends up on the floor during their dance.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Glam Nation: Foxwoods

This is a concert of exceptional vocals, perhaps slightly surprising because of rumours of illness and it's the last of three consecutive dates with plenty of interviews in between. Adam has a slightly different swept-up hairdo with a very glittery shaved patch and the shirt worn in the early stages is getting slashed increasingly lower as we progress. Here's the playlist of my video picks:

The hat stays on again for RoF but I don't think it really suits the rest outfit or the song. We have breathtaking vocals during Sleepwalker and startling glory notes in Aftermath and SFW. Look out for the high kick at the end of Strut and the slightly dorky shuffle-dance across the stage at the MA guitar solo. Monte shows us some great guitar licks during the band intro and he and Brooke share a little butt-grind of a dance.

WLL brings a laid-back vibe and high sultry breaths to start it off. The other side of the stage now gets some loving as Adam lazily slinks his way over and seats himself ready in firing position, shooting seductive glances at the audience. He pants and moans his way through the instrumental break and starts riding the platform into an orgasmic scream. In case there are any doubts as to what's on his mind, he gets up led by his crotch, then almost obscenely illustrates what to do with his every inch. This is melodically quite a different WLL and I feel that he's much more spontaneous and freer in expression, perhaps in response to the 'family friendly' reviews. The grand finish is truly phenomenal with a giggle in between as he hits the highest note of the tour so far. Just WOW. Amazing. And he spanks Tommy's bum on his way off the stage.

Glam Nation: New York II

I've fallen a little behind with these videos so I'm glad we've had a day off so I can catch up again. This stop seems to have a very lively atmosphere with plenty of arms up in the air. I'm only leaving you with very brief notes this time. Below is my playlist.

Lots of energy during DTRH where Adam tells us to jump. Hat stays on for RoF, where he gives a powerful performance. Adam gets kissy bitey teasy with Tommy during a saucy Fever with exaggerated moves. Stunning finish to Sleepwalker, lyric flub during start of WWFM. Gets very naughty with the cane during Strut. IIHY sees bindi failure and 'Ouch, I think my balls just dropped!' and re-adjusting of package. I like the choppy instrumental intro to MW. WLL is WOW with fantastic riffs and amazing vocals enabled with lots of tongue. He gets on his knees for part of it and shows his control freak, constantly signalling for sound adjustments.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Glam Nation: New York I

This stop on the tour is quite an important one for press coverage so I fully expected Adam to push himself just that little bit further. It seems he's left in some of those extensions he had in for the MMVAs and added the glitter trail from his eye. Here's my current playlist of all the best videos:

There's a return to lighting fail during RoF and Adam looks rather demonic as fire is projected onto his face. Fever sees the flirtatious tension finally breaking between Adam and Tommy who have been circling each other and fucking with us for a fair few concerts now. Tommy initiates it when he goes for a timid little peck on the chest then Adam responds by hungrily licking him like his favourite-flavoured ice cream. It looks like Tommy was expecting to be ravaged but the resulting kiss is fleeting. It's he who looks like the cat that got the cream though, and who could blame him, being the envy of every single other person present? It leads to a vivacious performance with top-notch vocals. Sleepwalker drives home Adam's extraordinary singing prowess and I notice he uses the stage more by getting up onto one of the side platforms.

WWFM brings a singalong and we can see how hot it is and why Adam needs his 'air-conditioning' as beads of sweat accumulate and run down his face. Aftermath is pretty but the guitar sounds a little too overpowering. The flirtation continues during SFW as Adam bumps Tommy but throws a glance just to check he's OK. He incorporates some extra chest-popping into the routine and wows with his staggeringly powerful vocals. IIHY sees a mystery white object clinging to Adam's crotch area that's slightly distracting. The band intro sees Tommy stealing a shy kiss onto Adam's shoulder and then planting one onto his cheek. Watch out for that snaky tongue on speed.

The usually libidinous WLL is sultry as hell, leaving me gasping for breath. He sits atop the steps panting out the song before creeping down to the stage. The pace is dreamy. He has a little giggle in place of his every inch, momentarily breaking the mood but then using his voice as percussion. The instrumentals are much improved but the drum solo goes on for a bit too long and it sounds like the band gets a little out of time. Those erotic wails are like primal mating calls that really crank up the heat. What he does to the voice after that and at the climax is other-worldly amazing. I love the slower tease of this version, but FS WLL still has the edge for me. What a way to finish off what I think is the best set so far. The vocals are brilliant and he's truly on fire.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

RSI Much? Video Awards


I didn't stay up until stupid o'clock in the morning to watch this as I was too tired. The last two days I've actually had to send myself to bed earlier than usual because I physically couldn't continue using my mouse. My shoulder and arm ache and my hand is starting to claw from spending so much time on my laptop. I woke up to the best surprise knowing that it wasn't all in vain. Adam fucking won an MMVA! Here's all the footage:

He arrives in a classy pimpmobile looking nifty in a dashing suit spiced up with matching leopardskin tie and boots. I so want to stop his tie from peeking out under the button on his suit though. His hair looks new romantic, with soft feathered extensions. He's so poised on the red carpet, speaking with eloquence. I mean, who the fuck else would be talking about how touring is educational?

Blame the scriptwriters but I think the host is rather deluded if she thinks she can give Adam makeup tips and I have to snigger at that one. Girl, Adam was experimenting with makeup way before you were even just a horny twang in your Daddy's thang.

It seems like forever since Adam did a live TV performance in front of a big audience. I think the last time was his return to AI back in April so this is all exciting again. No lasers, but he's silhouetted against a blueish halo of smoke through a backlight. It seems strange to me that he's performing in his red carpet suit and didn't go for a costume change. I'm so used to seeing him sing WWFM in dressed-down gear that the clothes don't seem comfortable enough and he looks too elegantly overdressed. The hair makes him look fierce and the suit lends just a little too much confidence and power to him, taking away that vulnerability.

I give the camerawork and editing a fail as there are too many wide-angle shots and we don't get to see much Adam. We get an idea of the size of the audience though, which is awesome. The sound is fantastic, his voice is strong, the timbre is pleasantly rich and those vocals are absolutely beautifully flawless. I'm surprised to be feeling awestruck once again by how well he manages to sing that, especially straight after three nights of full shows on the trot. Just wow. And I'm so happy he gets some well-deserved pyro at the end.

On collecting the MuchMusic Video Award he seems so excited, enthusiastically swooping down like a plane holding his hands out to the fans before hitting the stage. It's a slightly awkward moment for me when he says he usually doesn't win things. I think the joke falls a little flat as no one really remembers he didn't win. His acceptance speech gets rudely truncated but I'm so grateful he thought to thank his fans first and foremost. No, thank YOU Adam! We fortunately get to find out what else he meant to say in his acceptance speech during an interview after the show. One thing that is bugging me slightly right now though, is how we managed to miss the other award that Adam was nominated for. Was it one that we couldn't vote for? I hope this is one of a long line of awards we can help Adam to win. Right now my arm aches, but it's happily celebrating.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Wham Bam, Thank You Glam!

I've been spending a heck of a lot of time on YouTube waiting to pounce on the latest videos. It's taken a while for these to come through, but here they are. As a warning, you might want to turn the sound down a little as the audio on a few of them are pretty bad. As a result, I won't really be able to comment much on the music.

There's a moment during Fever that will get the Adommy/Lambliff shippers going crazy as Adam grabs Tommy's hair and pulls him oh so teasingly close to his face. The look exchanged between them is one that tells us how close they are, and they both seem to enjoy fucking with us. He seems to hold back just a touch vocally, not reaching for the highest notes. There's much more body rippling going on at this concert during RoF and Fever though we can't see the hips on the RoF vid. Sleepwalker is vocally so impressive especially at the finish. The way he suggestively jabs his cane during Strut is enough to get his mic stand in a jealous fit. The encore is MW so unfortunately Toronto doesn't get rewarded with WLL.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Glam Nation: Royal Oak

Adam's look is slightly different yet again, with less dramatic eye makeup but the whole shaved part of his head covered in glitter. It seems that security was extra strict here, actively enforcing a ban on photos and videos being taken so there's very little to see, with no video for the majority of songs. At least we have acoustic WLL though, a slinky version with more of an eastern suspense-building feel. He starts the 'Way down...' part a little off-key but that voice of his does astounding things, especially that supernatural cry of the penultimate note. Here's the playlist:

Friday, 18 June 2010

Glam Nation: Hammond

We now have a full set for Hammond. There's a change in the set with the absence of Broken Open and the inclusion of both MW and WLL. This WLL is gentler and not quite as raunchy as the one from Milwaukee but still very sexy with improved instrumentals and sensuous vocals. Watch out for the grinding with Brooke during IIHY. Here's my playlist:

Thursday, 17 June 2010 Live Sessions

I'd been wondering when these sessions would released, expecting them to coincide with a publicity blitz or the release of WWFM on July 19th, so they came as a surprise. They were taped on the date of the HMV Heaven gig and I actually waited outside the studios trying to meet him but he was running hopelessly late. That combined with spending a very long time perfecting each song meant that I gave up.






At the start of Strut, Adam's voice sounds unnaturally high and he flubs the lyrics swapping pollution and solution. The soft focus camera angles give a strange and slightly freaky perspective. WWFM is very bass heavy with Monte's guitar sounding unpleasantly grating on instrumental break. FYE feels like more of a rocking than electronic version with emphasis on guitar over the synths. The backing vocals on the second verse ruin it though as the sound is terrible. IIHY has plenty of distracting lights but surprisingly so dancers. Again, there's a slight lyric discrepancy as Adam's vocals don't match the backing track. Fever is very camp from the inturned toes to the OTT expressions and I like the variations he made at the end.

Now that we're well into the tour, this slick high-glam look of Adam's feels like it's from such a long time ago. We can see the improvement since then in him, the dancers and the band. I think this tells us a little more about how he's going to be marketed here in the UK, leaning towards the dance-pop vibe. The sound isn't quite right in these and Adam performs much better in front of an audience than studio cameras but the voice is impressive as ever.

Glam Nation: Milwaukee

This stop of the tour sees a surprising new shaved side haircut and a very dramatic trail of glitter for makeup giving him a space glam vibe. It feels like the new look adds to the vitality of the show as Adam's dance moves become sharper, fiercer and fuller. Here's my playlist:

The sound mix seems to be a little different at this concert with louder vocals and less echo. I notice that Adam replaces 'Ah' with 'Ooh' during RoF which it makes it even hotter. Speaking of hot, we get the second acoustic WLL of this tour. The light strumming at the beginning leads us to believe that it's going to be another MW but that first bar is enough to make us go crazy with excitement. It feels like the sexual tension is resting on a knife-edge as Adam paces restlessly around the stage before settling on the steps open-legged, flicking out his tongue in anticipation. We finally hear the first notes, telling us what we need and we know he's right because we're already burning up. The song gives way to sensual cries as he leans back, writhing, arching his back and revealing an extra sliver of flesh. It's like the whole audience has focused enough lust to psychokinetically have its way with him, materialising hungry mouths and eager hands all over his body. It's potently erotic because we can virtually see our own hands on him and imagine how it feels. It's too much, we can't handle it for long and he knows it, so he gets back up allowing us to breathe to prolong the agonising pleasure.

He slinks around all sultry but keeps us simmering at the instrumental break. He turns up the heat again with that strong voice, suggestively drawing our attention back to his hottest parts and building us up. Then he stops, teasing, sneering and sleazily licking his lips before the main 'baby' climax. The intensity is maintained for a while as he riffs and runs his hand down his body making us go wild. He then returns to the steps, legs snapping open in a raunchy move so reminiscent of the Art4Life Crazy that I wonder whether he's going for the glory grab. He doesn't, but finishes on a breathy and gentle moan then a sweet 'I love you Milwaukee' incorporated into the melody.

It's almost like Adam knew exactly what else I wanted improving on from Toledo. There are more keys, the sound mix is better, his voice more nuanced, and he doesn't finish so abruptly that it feels like being used and discarded. This felt considerate, like getting a cuddle at the end but still sexual rather than sensual, whereas FS WLL was an all-day love-in until knackered and falling asleep. I still prefer the instrumentals of FS WLL, their psychedelic feel, the acoustic bass and piano, especially at the ready-to-burst build-up and climax which feels much grander in scale. But Adam is on fire at this concert, radiating a sizzling sexual energy stronger than ever before in a scorching-hot show. Cold shower, anyone?

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Glam Nation: Columbus

Surprisingly there aren't that many videos for Columbus yet, though I would've expected a ton from looking at the sea of cameras in the audience. There's more dancing than usual during DTRH and again Adam misses his cue for RoF, filling up the first verse with dancing and only coming in during the second. It seems like a more physical performance as Adam slithers down onto all fours. The ending is particularly gritty and powerful. Adam's hair is a revealed to be very glittery up do which behaves remarkably well, only starting to become unruly during MA. Longineu has his hair in pigtails again and Monte sports a headband. Notable are the strong finish in Aftermath and the abundance of gyratory and rippling moves during SFW. This isn't the best concert in terms of vocals as I think Adam sounds strained in a few parts but it's another great show. Here's my current playlist:

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

If I Had You - Music Video

Yesterday was quite a frustrating day to be an Adam fan in the UK because we couldn't see any of the videos on VH1. YouTube was being militant when it came to blocking, so as everyone was going crazy I tried to avoid getting spoiled. I don't see what's so difficult about having a co-ordinated launch where the video is put on VH1, Adam Official, its YouTube channel, Vevo and up for sale on iTunes where they can all generate revenue. If everyone had access through the official channels then there'd be less inclination to rip and upload to where there's no benefit. Anyway, rant over. Here it is:

The video starts off with a shot of a party in the making on Twitter, with Adam's invitation and replies from Cheeks, Scarlett and who I think might be Cassidy. The intro is extended just a little, making it sound stuttery on the first listen. Adam walks in with a new-age traveller dreaded mohawk mullet. I despise mullets with a passion. I have always despised mullets. I associate mullets with trailer trash, with ugly-looking people committing heinous crimes against fashion. I despise 80s mullets as well as the Hoxton mullets that cropped up the noughties. It's a hairstyle that I wish had never been brought into existence. The only thing worse than a mullet is the bleached permed comb-over variation. However, I hate that I have to concede, Adam manages to rock it... just, but only because his face is so smiley pretty and we know it's not a real one.

As dusk descends, we see Adam walking through the mist of the forest, which reminds me of his walk out of the smoke and wreckage in the TfM video. His hurried march into the woods is a decisive and determined stomp in time to the music but perhaps a little too aggressive for the joy on his face. I'm surprised I'm not disliking the Glammerpants too much, which contribute towards a Mad Max feel.

The forest and sky cycles through aurora technicolours, building up the excitement as the nocturnal woodland creatures come out to play, jumping about in a hedonistic tribal rave all decked out in fascinating costumes and facepaint. They're joined by magical will o' the wisps and mysterious spectral sprites whizzing through. There's a lot of quick cutting interspersed with wiggling ass shots, making it difficult to spot where his friends make cameo appearances. By far the most prominent is Allison though, where she comes face-to-face with Adam. I initially thought that even E.T. showed up at the party but later realised it's actually a Chinese lion. We have a poi person, a drag Marie Antoinette, a butterfly woman and a stilt-walker but no fire-jugglers.

The first costume change into those vicious-looking spikes happens when the chorus kicks in, accompanied by some startling shots of Adam's beautifully luminous eyes at the 'D-d-d-d-do'. I think my favourite is the Steampunky Mad Hatter one because it's such a fabulously bonkers eccentric ensemble made up of seemingly random pieces thrown together. It leaves no doubt as to who the leader of the pack is. The one with the white jeans that we all went crazy over as Adam rocks with the band seems surprisingly normal, apart from a certain stand-out part.

The close-up shot after the bridge I find a little uncomfortable, like an excessively freaky hallucination. The mouthing doesn't quite match the sound, the colours are all garish and I'm expecting Adam's eyes to open but they don't and are closed for way too long, like they've been glued together. But then he eventually opens them and makes me gasp for a moment as they bore into me. He widens them and I widen mine in an automatic response and then it becomes way too frighteningly much and I have to look away. I think I should add that I really enjoy mindbending trips. I think the close-ups need to be more subtle. I do love that dangerously seductive look over his shoulder right at the end, but the transition into it feels a bit unnatural.

Despite my minor nitpicking, I feel this is Adam's best video yet and is closer to embodying who he is and what he stands for more than any other. He must've had a blast making it and I think it shows. It's an unashamedly shallow feel-good fun video full of captivating imagery to watch repeatedly, and perfect for the summer. I know that there are many others who have wanted to know what it's like to go to Burning Man with Adam and his group of friends. I feel that this is his way of answering our question. He has invited us all to join him, bringing fun and creative energy. We've generously been given a glimpse into what it would be like if Adam had a party, and I think it's one that everyone enjoys.

Monday, 14 June 2010

JLC Good Times

Adam Lambert is back on UK channel Five on Justin Lee Collins: Good Times. I've seen a few of these and it's quite an entertaining show with a more imaginative format than most. The host is from the West Country with a country bumpkin farmer accent. He looks like a hirsute teddy bear and used to team up with Alan Carr as his comedy partner. He tends to be physically affectionate with a habit of kissing guys on the lips so I doubt he'll be able to resist planting a smacker onto Adam.

The show starts at 23:00 UK, 15:00 LA, 18:00 NY, 07:00 Tokyo time. While we're waiting, please go and vote for the IIHY video and sign the petition for PPV online streaming.
If you haven't got your legit copy of CLYG yet, you can get it on For Your Entertainment (EU Edition) (Incl. Bonus Tracks) from Amazon US.

Well that was major technology fail on my part, but here's full uncut version from that wasn't aired:

Glam Nation: Mystic Lake

Again, Adam's hair is a bit wild, neither the sleek pompadour nor the emo down do and I like the way he flicks it about. Longineu's hair is in hilarious pigtails, great to see him have fun with his look too. I love this version of RoF where Adam's voice seems particularly strong. WWFM seems to be a little faster-paced than usual with a bit of earpiece trouble. Aftermath is beautiful and reminds me so much of his Upright performances. He seems to be limiting the high notes a little in SFW, preferring to riff instead of strain for the highest wails. Watch out for the waggly leg in Strut and when Adam accidentally prods Brooke in the neck before cracking up as he introduces her in IIHY. His dance with Brooke is another highlight - how freaking fast does his ass move? 'Uh oh uh oh uh oh oh no no' Beyoncé would be proud. The encore is MW with a few messed up lyrics but expressed with more movement than usual.

Glam Nation: Mahnomen

There's so much to catch up on after being away for a just a couple of days so I'll have to be very brief. Adam's hair here is a little wild, looking like an anime character at times. I notice Monte has changed his military jacket into a suit jacket with a red sheen. Adam attacks Sleepwalker with a certain ferocity, kicking flowers off the stage but later apologises at the beginning of WWFM, another beautiful rendition. He doesn't reach for the highest of notes in SFW or Strut, instead preferring to play around with them. During IIHY he does a snake dance with Brooke à la Voodoo as opposed to the usual chest popping and the set concludes with the shorter version of MW without the bonus improvisations. Here's my playlist of my video picks for Mahnomen:

Friday, 11 June 2010

Glam Nation: Council Bluffs

I'm pleased to see the lighting has been adjusted for this concert so Adam has his own spotlight and is no longer singing in the dark. It makes a huge difference and we can see him more clearly in the videos. Here's my playlist of my video picks so far, which I'll be continuously updating:

We see a return to the 'up' do, which seems much less rebellious this time round. RoF has an added thrill with the inclusion of the shirt-lifting tribute to the AI version. We have a great view of Adam doing Aftermath and here he reminds me so much of the Upright videos. There seems to be a little pitch control switch in his legs, the higher they go, the higher the belt. I love the way he ends this song. Watch out for that scorching finger lick at the end of SFW. For the first time, contrary to my initial observation, I notice that he does have a golden skull on the top of his cane during Strut, just not creepy feathers. We can see what he's thinking as he suggestively swings his wang, oops I mean cane, around with that nudge-nudge wink-wink mischievous glint in his eye. IIHY sees a moment which will get the Adommy/Lambliff shippers spasming out as Adam runs his fingers through, ruffling Tommy's hair. The encore returns to MW, but it's an extended version with a remarkable colossal final note.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Glam Nation: Toledo

Here's my playlist for Toledo which I'll be updating throughout the day as more videos turn up. The visual quality isn't great - thought I'd warn you just in case you wanted to save yourselves for the best possible first experience of the acoustic WLL. I don't reckon you'll be able to resist the temptation though...

We can't see much in the WLL video but when we hear Adam sing that first low seductive bar, we know it's going to be something special. After having been obsessed with the magic of the FS WLL and watching it so many times, it's hard to be objective about this latest version. It does recreate a similar feel, even though it's a little faster paced and persistent, gradually building rather than lapping and retreating in excruciating waves. Those vocals punctuated with aroused gasps and moans are sizzling hot as he prowls around the stage. There's a slightly more aggressive domineering vibe with this one, perhaps due to his different appearance and because he stays on his feet and therefore in charge, instead of getting down on his knees and reversing the power dynamic. The 'baby' ending brings back tour memories from last year but it's too abrupt for my liking, as if he's just finished fucking you and immediately gets up to go while you're left behind stunned and gathering the pieces of yourself together and your instinct tells you to grab hold of him because you want much much more but you know you can't.

At the moment, I prefer the FS version because there's more variation in intensity and I think the band came together perfectly. I miss the jazzy keyboard work from Zac who did an brilliant job when it got to the crescendo part. Still, I'm basing this on the bad quality/partial video we have so far and I may well change my mind later. Regardless, this is one hell of a steamy performance that has me seduced.

UPDATE 11/06/10 - Now that we have more video, I'll add some very brief comments of other notable parts of the concert. I had to wait until I saw a couple of different videos to be sure that Adam messes up coming in too late on RoF. We can hear a sudden change when he realises he's at the wrong part of the song to go with the backing track and has to skip out a few lines to catch up. Adam is such a free-spirited performer, feeling his way through and ensuring each performance is unique that backing tracks or even backing singers don't really work in his favour because they don't allow for that flexibility. This is the second time it's happened recently but he covers it up much better. If all the instrumentals were done by the band then this would easily be alleviated.

Adam's hair is down again for this concert. Sleepwalker demonstrates once again how gifted Adam and Monte are and it's a most welcome change to hear 'What do you' clearly enunciated for once as opposed to the lazier 'Whataya' of WWFM. In the less rhythmic songs that don't have much of a drum beat such as Soaked or Broken Open, I feel that Adam has a bit of difficulty keeping time. I like the change to a high 'pretty boys' in SFW, a performance that's becoming one of the ones I really look forward to because of the rock star energy. Broken Open is decorated with some beautiful trills and IIHY has an incredible note that's long enough to make you faint.

Monday, 7 June 2010

KFest 2010

I sort of knew that this was an afternoon gig but the images of Adam in white in he sunshine took me by surprise. I've gotten so used to seeing Adam perform in dark venues that I associate the performances with being lured out to play after nightfall rather than in the sun. Here's my video selection so far as a playlist:

I'm not keen on this casual summer look of Adam's. Despite the white, it feels a little too heavy for the daytime and the pieces don't quite fit together very well. Maybe it's the gloves that tip the scales just over. I don't like those sunglasses which give him quite a nerdy look. The sound on these videos isn't good so I can't comment much on the music. Sleepwalker is a highlight for me though, with the super powerhouse vocals and a different guitar solo from Monte. The energy and dancing throughout the set is great.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Glam Nation: Sayreville

It's only the second day in, but this tour is intense. There's just so much to take in and so little time to do things like sleep. I managed to watch a part of the live stream and one of the things that came to my attention was the number of arms and cameras in the air - a standing concert. I prefer the wilder energy at these gigs but it's a bummer for short people who don't arrive early enough. I've often thought about having a graded system where your position in the room is determined by your height. Anything above a maximum height in each row will get zapped by a laser, promising instant decapitation. That should put an end to selfish tall people at the front. Anyway, I'm tired and I digress. Here's my playlist of the best videos so far, which will get updated throughout the day:

So that I don't wear myself out, I'm just going to make brief notes for each concert, which should become helpful for future reference should you want to find the concert or the video where he did such-and-such.

The stage is much smaller and I don't like the close proximity of the lighting rig when Adam is on the top platform as it feels a little claustrophobic. There are no plinths on either side of the stage to jump on top of, and the lasers are missing.

Adam takes his hat off at the end of DTRH to reveal a return to flat hair. It looks like we're going to be playing the 'up-do or down-do?' hair game again this summer. I think I prefer the up-do but it's no minor feat to get it under control with all the heat and the sweat. The glittery makeup is much more flattering and less death-like. RoF is sizzling and the vocal is superior to yesterday's. Tommy is like a prop - Adam's plaything during Fever. There seem to be quite a few improvised parts to WWFM but the timing doesn't quite work. I love what he does with his vocals during Aftermath though, which sounds improved. He comes onto the stage during SFW without the shreds of shirt from yesterday so we get to see his bare arms, recalling Bowie Medley memories. There's an Adommy/Lambliff moment where he sings about pretty boys. Adam seems so happy during an energetic IIHY, my personal highlight his dance with Brooke and his shoulder shimmy. The MW encore is shorter with less ad-libbing but it must be moving to have the whole ballroom sing it back in unison.

Glam Nation: Wilkes-Barre

I've spent all day mesmerised by the videos from the first night of Glam Nation and I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the videographers for swallowing up my whole day with such wonderful entertainment. Here are my picks of the best videos so far, embedded as a playlist. Use the arrows to change songs:

I didn't stay up for the stream so woke up to an abundance of quality video this morning and was blown away. There's just so much to comment on, from the set list, the arrangements, the vocals, the look, the costumes, the dancing, the light show to and all the visuals in the background.

The show starts off with Voodoo and Adam appears with top hat as a silhouetted figure against an eerie moonlit sky. The outfit looks very similar to that from the IIHY video spoilers. Our voodoo witch doctor soon casts a spell over us all, including the dancers who, like puppet dolls, are at the mercy of his every whim. His make-up is done to give the appearance of spooky sunken eyes. DTRH is as trippy as ever as he has the psychedelic visuals and rainbow lasers to enhance the experience. On his knees, a surprise costume change heralds the start of RoF and a dangerously thrilling way to be seduced to the dark side. If we're getting lured into Hell then we may as well go all-out with the most pleasureable ticket possible for the journey. No head-dress, but plenty of scorching flames licking out from behind. I love Adam's attention to detail. The positioning of his fingers, the bindi and the magnificent trills all add to the Eastern vibe. The bass sounds strange but I'm sure it's something that'll be ironed out as the tour progresses. Adam unfolds as we get to the second verse and it suddenly hits me what he'd been wearing under that coat. THOSE TROUSERS! Remember when we all went crazy over his lace-up leather ones at the Kiss 108 concert? Well these are the fucking shiny silver lamé version! CHEST! And we thought that his neckline was low in the original RoF. I love the elaborate decorations on his shirt.

I realise for the first time during Fever that Adam is barefoot, which I find very sexy. Remember the first time we saw him perform barefoot? I prefer the live arrangement to the album version for the prolonged synthy sounds. The background disco neon gives it a very camp feel. I notice that the dancers all have 'A' on the back of their outfits and the way that they seem to be sniffing him out makes it clear who their master is. The dance moves are great and this is a fierce showing. Here we see the first signs of that renegade tuft of hair misbehaving.

The tribal dance interlude is a clever addition to keep the audience entertained as Adam goes for a costume change. It's ever so slightly 'Thriller' because the dancers seem rather feral. Sleepwalker has a grand cinematic vibe to it as he descends the stairs like the MW reprise. The mournful stone angels straight out of a cemetery remind me of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. Adam's coat is a retro-space emperor's robe with the same feel as the Leno outfit. Monte gives us a stunning solo, complemented by Adam's stellar vocals. WWFM is an acoustic version with quite sparse instrumentals, feeling very light and breezy. The arrangement of Soaked works beautifully without the keys aggressively being hammered down. It's a less dramatic and much gentler version better for showcasing Adam's ghostly lingering voice. This concert brings the debut of Aftermath, a surprising addition but what a gem! I think I prefer this bare acoustic version to the big production on the album. The choruses don't sound so shrill so his sweet voice is coaxing and closer to the heart of the song. I love the variations he put in at the end.

Adam leaves us with an fantastic instrumental interlude and laser show as he goes for another costume change. I have a feeling he forgot to top up his hairspray as he got changed. When I saw the outfit I had to laugh as who else would put a huge fucking glittery 'A' on the back of their waistcoat? How can you not love him for that? It's got a bit of an Elvis jumpsuit to it but it's so fun. The way he works the stage jumping up and down various platforms leaves us in no doubt as to what a spectacularly charismatic frontman he is and gives us a glimpse of what he would be like rocking a huge stadium concert. The first glory note sounds flat but the rest of the vocals are strong. Another aspect of Adam I find so endearing is the way he makes the most out of his wardrobe by cutting and pasting clothes together to assemble outfits. I notice that he snipped his shirt just a little too short so that it rides out when he raises his arms.

Strut is becoming one of my favourite live performances from Adam and he starts by calling for his Sunday best - a ridiculously loud stripy coat with tails, promptly brought to him by a dancer. It looks so fabulous on him. I associate this song with a glam feel so this wouldn't have been my guess to have a voodoo theme. The first time I became aware of voodoo was from watching Live and Let Die as a child and it scared the shit out of me. This isn't quite so scary and Adam's cane isn't a voodoo staff with feathers and a skull, but the dancers are all adorned with creepy masks. Adam as ringmaster for the departed does a wonderful job of commanding the army of the underworld. I miss the catwalk strut but look out for the shoulder shimmy as Adam graces the top of the platform. Music Again is pure camp fun and the band interaction is fantastic.

Broken Open brings a change of mood and this one is a stunning spectacle. Adam cuts a lone seraphic figure standing atop the platform. The floating orbs radiating off him even make him god-like (or Patrick Swayze ascending to Heaven at the end of Ghost), like he has all the answers. They feel reassuring, like a protective cocoon and just make you want to hug the person next to you. Seriously though, this is beautifully atmospheric and I can't even begin to imagine the wonderment I'd feel if I'd been there in person.

The last song of the set is IIHY which includes all the band and dancer intros. I'm liking the tribal white stripe down Longineu's face and Monte's Sgt. Pepper military jacket. I find the 'Mr. Glitterbaby' intro so much more amusing than I should. Adam has all the dance moves nailed but it seems like his hair has a life of its own. Each of the dancers has a moment in the spotlight to freestyle and I love his moment with Brooke as it feels we're watching a candid moment between friends and can really see the chemistry. Why does it keep getting so endearing whenever Adam messes up his lines? The backing track keeps going but the look on his face when he realises is precious. He bounces back though, and the laser show is so pretty. The encore is a jazzed-up acoustic Mad World with plenty of improvising and bluesy riffing.

Like the album, the concert is made up of variety. Variety in themes, sounds, visuals and costumes which keeps our attention rapt throughout. I think a slightly different order in the set list would make it flow better though. There isn't a standout 'moment' like that FS WLL or Zurich Sleepwalker but rather a series of highlights. Even then, there are so many to list. We have Voodoo, RoF, Soaked, Aftermath, Broken Open... it's like we have a variety of different concerts all rolled into one vibrant extravaganza. Somehow the result is much more than the sum of the individual parts. Must be the voodoo.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Celebrating Glam Nation

30/10/10 - Updated calendar and dates posters
15/07/10 - Updated tour dates posters and schedule
16/07/10 - Added 'Ornate' themed set and updated schedule
17/06/10 - Updated schedule and posters
11/06/10 - Added new 'Trip' and 'Fire' themed sets of wallpapers
06/06/10 - Added a couple more wallpapers with Adam on left

I wasn't keen on getting spoilers for the tour but it came as very welcome news that Adam plans to recreate the mysterious witchy voodoo vibe that he had going on at Indio, kicking off the set with Voodoo. We've seen plenty of variations of rocker and glam aristocrat so I'm excited for the change. In the same way that the summer tour last year served to present Adam as a fierce retro space-glam alien, I think this will be a very exciting re-invention to the more earthy and primal, but still magical and enigmatic. I feel that we're in for some spectacular visuals, including steampunk to a New Orleans / Voodoo / Day of the Dead feel.

The recent Frontiers cover shot by Lee Cherry has a little bit of that voodoo vibe, maybe because those iridescent feathers remind me of a witch doctor's staff. I love the photo, which was why I ended up spending hours removing all the copy and extrapolating what was obscured, just for that little extra enjoyment. Click on the photo to get the huge version:

Adam Lambert Lee Cherry Frontiers feathers text-free photo

Adam's atmospheric descriptions also inspired me to create some of my own visuals of what I imagine the concerts to feel like, so I've spent time putting together some artwork. The last time I did a set of artwork for this blog, I was surprised to see how similar AO ended up to it, so I wonder how close I'll be with the voodoo theme. This is the first time I've specifically made wallpapers, and it's something that I quite enjoy. I went with two different themes, of voodoo (left) for Glam Nation and space (right), for the current album. Click on the thumbnails for the huge versions and feel free to share. Hope you like them!

I've now added the themes of trip, fire and ornate for when you get bored and want a change. These were inspired by various elements of the set.

1920x1200 (8:5) Poster/wallpaper also suitable for 1280x800, 1440x900, 1680x1050 resolutions
Adam Lambert Glam Nation Voodoo desktop wallpaperAdam Lambert Glam Nation space desktop wallpaper
Adam Lambert Glam Nation trippy desktop wallpaperAdam Lambert Glam Nation fire desktop wallpaper
Adam Lambert Glam Nation ornate desktop wallpaper

1920x1200 (8:5) As above with Adam on left for those with Macs
Adam Lambert Glam Nation Voodoo desktop wallpaperAdam Lambert Glam Nation space desktop wallpaper
Adam Lambert Glam Nation trippy desktop wallpaperAdam Lambert Glam Nation fire desktop wallpaper
Adam Lambert Glam Nation ornate desktop wallpaper

1920x1200 (8:5) Poster with tour dates, wallpaper for huge screens
Adam Lambert Glam Nation Voodoo tour dates desktop wallpaperAdam Lambert Glam Nation space tour dates desktop wallpaper
 Adam Lambert Glam Nation trippy tour dates desktop wallpaperAdam Lambert Glam Nation fire tour dates desktop wallpaper
 Adam Lambert Glam Nation ornate tour dates desktop wallpaper

1600x1200 (4:3) Wallpaper also suitable for 1024x768 resolutions
Adam Lambert Glam Nation Voodoo desktop wallpaperAdam Lambert Glam Nation space desktop wallpaper
Adam Lambert Glam Nation Voodoo trippy wallpaperAdam Lambert Glam Nation fire desktop wallpaper
Adam Lambert Glam Nation ornate desktop wallpaper

1280x1024 (5:4) Wallpaper
Adam Lambert Glam Nation Voodoo desktop wallpaperAdam Lambert Glam Nation space desktop wallpaper
Adam Lambert Glam Nation trippy desktop wallpaperAdam Lambert Glam Nation fire desktop wallpaper
Adam Lambert Glam Nation ornate desktop wallpaper

Latest additions: colour-tweaked and glammed-up versions
Adam Lambert Lee Cherry Frontiers feathers text-free photoAdam Lambert Lee Cherry Frontiers feathers text-free photo

One more thing left to do before I tune into tonight's show is to list all the concert dates as they stand at the moment. Looking forward to celebrating all the Glam Nation goodies with you!

04.06.10 Wilkes-Barre, PA, F.M. Kirby Center for Performing Arts
05.06.10 Sayreville, NJ, Starland Ballroom
06.06.10 Wappinger Falls, NY, Dutchess Stadium (KFEST 2010)
08.06.10 Toledo, OH, Omni
10.06.10 Council Bluffs, IA, Harrah's Ballroom
11.06.10 Mahnomen, MN, Shooting Star Casino
12.06.10 Prior Lake, MN, Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
14.06.10 Columbus, OH, LC Pavilion
15.06.10 Milwaukee, WI, Riverside Theater
17.06.10 Hammond, IN, The Venue at Horseshoe Casino
18.06.10 Royal Oak, MI, Royal Oak Theater
19.06.10 Toronto, ON, Molson Amphitheatre (KISS FM Wham Bam)
22.06.10 New York, NY, Nokia Theater
23.06.10 New York, NY, Nokia Theater
24.06.10 Mashantucket, CT, MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods
26.06.10 Atlantic City, NJ, Borgata Spa & Resort / Event Center
27.06.10 Baltimore, MD, Rams Head
28.06.10 Washington, DC, 9:30 Club
30.06.10 Norfolk, VA, The Norva
02.07.10 Charlotte, NC, The Fillmore
03.07.10 Myrtle Beach, SC, House of Blues
06.07.10 Knoxville, TN, Tennessee Theatre
07.07.10 Nashville, TN, Ryman Auditorium
09.07.10 Cleveland, OH, Allen Theater
10.07.10 Louisville, KY, Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
12.07.10 Chesaning, MI (Chesaning Showboat Music Festival)
13.07.10 Lansing, MI (Common Ground Music Festival)
15.07.10 Kansas City, MO, Midland Theatre
16.07.10 Witchita, KS, The Cotillion
17.07.10 Denver, CO, Paramount
19.07.10 Boise, ID, Morrison Center
20.07.10 Seattle, WA, Showbox SoDo
21.07.10 Portland, OR, Crystal Ballroom
23.07.10 San Francisco, CA, The Warfield
24.07.10 Lincoln, CA, Thunder Valley Casino
25.07.10 San Francisco, CA, The Warfield
27.07.10 Costa Mesa, CA, OC Fair - Pacific Ampitheatre
28.07.10 Costa Mesa, CA, OC Fair - Pacific Ampitheatre
30.07.10 San Diego, CA, Symphony Hall
31.07.10 Las Vegas, NV, The Beach at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
01.08.10 Tempe, AZ, The Marquee
03.08.10 Albuquerque, NM, Sunshine Theatre
04.08.10 Lubbock, TX, The Pavilion
06.08.10 Oklahoma City, OK, Bricktown Events Center
07.08.10 Springfield, MO, Juanita K. Hammons Hall
08.08.10 St. Louis, MO, The Pageant
10.08.10 Erie, PA, Warner Theatre
12.08.10 Upper Darby, PA, Tower Theatre
13.08.10 Bethlehem, PA (Musikfest)
14.08.10 St. Jean, QC (St. Jean Balloon Festival)
16.08.10 Concord, NH, Capitol Center for the Arts
17.08.10 Providence, RI, Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
19.08.10 Hyannis, MA, Cape Cod Melody Tent
20.08.10 Cohasset, MA, South Shore Music Circus
21.08.10 Hampton, NH, Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
23.08.10 Albany, NY, Palace Theatre
24.08.10 Staten Island, NY, St. George Theatre
26.08.10 Roanoke, VA, Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre
27.08.10 Richmond, VA, The National
28.08.10 Raleigh, NC, Memorial Auditorium
30.08.10 Covington, KY, Madison Theatre
31.08.10 Indianapolis, IN, Clowes Hall
01.09.10 Evansville, IN, Victory Theater
03.09.10 Des Moines, IA, Simon Estes Amphitheatre
04.09.10 Rockford, IL, On The Waterfront
05.09.10 Peoria, IL, Peoria Civic Center Theater
07.09.10 Dallas, TX, Palladium Ballroom
08.09.10 Houston, TX, Hobby Center for the Performing Arts
10.09.10 Thackerville, OK, WinStar World Casino
11.09.10 Tunica Resorts, MS, Harrah's Tunica - Event Center
12.09.10 New Orleans, LA, Mahalia Jackson Theater of the Performing Arts
14.09.10 Atlanta, GA, Symphony Hall / Woodruff Arts Center
15.09.10 Atlanta, GA, The Tabernacle
17.09.10 Melbourne, FL, King Center for the Performing Arts
18.09.10 St. Petersburg, FL, Tropicana Field
19.09.10 Hollywood, FL, Hard Rock Live: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
21.09.10 Puyallup, WA, Western Washington Fair
25.09.10 Singapore, Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix
26.09.10 Singapore, Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix
03.10.10 Nagoya, Japan, Diamond Hall
04.10.10 Osaka, Japan, Namba Hatch
06.10.10 Tokyo, Japan, JBC Hall
07.10.10 Tokyo, Japan, JBC Hall
08.10.10 Tokyo, Japan, JBC Hall
10.10.10 Manila, Philippines, Mall of Asia Concert Grounds
12.10.10 Hong Kong, Star Hall - HITEC
14.10.10 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil
17.10.10 Auckland, New Zealand, Trusts Stadium
19.10.10 Melbourne, Australia, Palais Theatre
20.10.10 Sydney, Australia, Enmore Theatre
22.10.10 Brisbane, Australia, Tivoli
25.10.10 Honolulu, HI, Blaisdell Concert Hall Theatre
26.10.10 Honolulu, HI, Blaisdell Concert Hall Theatre
06.11.10 Helsinki, Finland, Cable Factory
08.11.10 Oslo, Norway, Sentrum Scene
09.11.10 Stockholm, Sweden, Debaser Medis
10.11.10 Copenhagen, Denmark, Vega
12.11.10 Munich, Germany, Theaterfabrik
14.11.10 Hamburg, Germany, Grunspan
15.11.10 Berlin, Germany, Postbahnhof
16.11.10 Stuttgart, Germany, Zapata
18.11.10 Paris, France, Trabendo
19.11.10 Cologne, Germany, Gloria
20.11.10 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Paradiso
22.11.10 Vienna, Austria, WuK
23.11.10 Zurich, Switzerland, Xtra Club
24.11.10 Milan, Italy, Magazzini Generali
26.11.10 Birmingham, UK, Academy 2
27.11.10 Manchester, UK, Academy 2
28.11.10 Glasgow, UK, ABC
29.11.10 London, UK, Shepherds Bush
15.12.10 Los Angeles, CA, The Music Box
16.12.10 Los Angeles, CA, Club Nokia

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Blick in Black

I don't have enough time to comment at the moment so thought I'd just post these additional treats from Switzerland's for now. These rousing acoustic songs are simply breathtaking.

The sound on these recordings is excellent and hearing Adam's pristine voice feels like he's right next to you singing into your ear. I've felt that Sleepwalker hasn't been quite perfect in concert recently, but the acoustic renditions always are, and this is a stunning example. We get to hear the breathiness during 'Walker walker walker' and plenty of those gorgeous scrapey tones. The riffing where he really gets to play around and improvise is always a joy. WWFM is another beautiful one to add to the ever-growing collection.