Sunday, 19 June 2011

Maxidrom Love

Here's my latest video edit for you of Moscow's Whole Lotta Love. The first concert since the Glam Nation era, there is a strong contrasting shift in the visual presentation. There are still residual traces of glam in the glittery trousers but the look is austere. Adorned with plenty of chains in a plain black T-shirt against the backdrop of industrial-looking rigging, Adam is suitably dressed for a rock festival in an airfield and I love it. In this video, I wanted to build on the visuals by giving it a bleak minimalist feel. I sometimes wish Adam would appreciate more the beauty of pale skin instead of piling on the bronzer. In the close-ups, you can see his face is tear-streaked and this is due to vodka spillage from over-enthusiastically knocking it back earlier on in the set.

This 'woman' WLL has a different feel to most of the previous versions, edging towards those from the AI tour but a little less full-on and with a trippy instrumental break. There's plenty of attitude in this, with disdainful snarls and gurning jaw as Adam rocks out with his commanding presence. It's a less sexual performance than those from GN, though you'll still find thrusts, grabs and tongue action in there. I'm guessing he's erring on the side of caution in playing to a rock crowd who aren't all hardcore fans... yet. The break is ghostly and is inhabited by sinister sounds as he punctuates it with feral howls and moans. They sound like primal mating calls, both frightening and irresistibly luring and I can't help but watch his expressions. Vocally he nails it throughout, at one point wailing and sounding so much like a guitar I have to double-check. His voice is so powerful and resonant, with the big notes here among my favourite ever, especially that 'Lo-ooooooooove' which rings with so much clarity and the bit of added vibrato is just perfect. He finishes with a jump and a whoop at the end. That's exactly how I feel after watching him too.

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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Uncuff Me

There's a lot of symbolism that can be attached to keys and as a result, here's the last of my Adam tattoo-inspired T-Shirt designs. Where the previous design of the heart lock was meant to represent the emotional side of the Adam Lambert Effect, the handcuffs aren't just something a bit kinky but represent the physical side. How many of us have cast aside our shackles of convention and felt free to try something we'd never dreamed of because of Adam? How many of us have travelled, embraced random strangers, found that extra bit of bravery and enriched our lives with new experiences? How many of us have unleashed our creativity and have gone on to make something, to learn new skills, to share something and in turn, unlock something in others? I think you get the picture. If any of you get an offer from Adam to stick his key in while wearing these designs, I will die happy. Click the pic!

Adam Lambert key tattoo

Again, I wanted to retain some consistency in terms of style by using elements from the tattoo. The handcuffs have a harder feel to my previous efforts, in keeping with "Less rhinestones, more leather" for the upcoming era. The print I've chosen uses shiny metallic material.

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