Saturday, 31 July 2010

Glam Nation: San Diego

I haven't been able to watch all the videos yet to comment, but here's my video selection for Adam's home town gig:

Friday, 30 July 2010

Request Glam Nation Video Edits

I've managed to get a bit lost recently with so many videos and so many stops. The purpose of this post is to try to get the maximum out of the best performances with a little treatment from me. It's also to get all the favourites organised. I'm not sure how many I'll manage to do and it's unlikely I'll be able to fulfill each request but if you have a particular favourite, jot it down in the comments.

For each request, please write down the following to help me:
  1. Date (DD/MM/YY), location and song
  2. Reason
  3. Recommended media (optional)
Here's an example:
  1. 15/06/10 Milwaukee WLL
  2. Stairsex needs some close-up tongue action
  3. ABC, DEF for video, XYZ for audio which you can download here http://somelink
Please have a glance at the previous comments before requesting. If your favourite has already been listed, copy the first line of the request in your comment which will count as a vote. This will help me work out the priorities. Thanks!

Glam Nation: Costa Mesa II

Yay! My playlists have finally caught up. That'll teach me for having a real life and for going away! Hopefully I can get round to doing a few write-ups soon, but for now, enjoy my playlist of picks for the latest concert:

Glam Nation: Costa Mesa I

There's plenty of great quality video from this stop. Here are my picks:

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Glam Nation: San Francisco II

As usual, comments will follow when I manage to catch up & find the time. There's plenty of great footage from this concert but here are my picks:

Glam Nation: Lincoln

Here are my video picks for Sacramento, summary will follow at a later date when I manage to catch up:

Glam Nation: San Francisco I

Here is my playlist of video picks, summary will eventually follow:

Glam Nation: Portland

I've been away for a good few days so I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm doing fine so apologies for worrying you! I'll eventually add comments but for now I'm just going to leave you with video selections from each stop.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My Crystal Glove #ReuniteTheGloves!

It was a last-minute decision to enter the competition. There weren't many entries and a few ideas had been persistently swimming around in my head for a while which wouldn't stay ignored so I thought I might as well give it a shot. Well, after days of sweating it out unsure of when the count was taken, here was the news I'd been hoping for:

Suddenly the feeling of never wanting to watch it ever again and my hatred of all the pimping faded into a distant memory. I hate competing and despite feeling that whatever the outcome, I couldn't lose something that was never mine, I would still have felt disappointed because of all the hours I'd spent working out the shots and expressions for each lyric and for all the editing. A huge THANK YOU goes out to you all for watching and spreading the video to help me win it. Click on the thumbnails to get a better look::

It is a fine leather glove turned inside-out so that all the seams are on the outside. The outside is a super soft suede onto which are attached the crystals. I haven't counted how many there are in total, but on the scale of bling, it's ultra blinging. The dark heptagonal crystals are of various sizes and it looks like one of them has dropped off and a few are chipped so I'll need to be careful with that high-five. It's quite light and rather delicate, smelling of leather but strangely sweet.

I am still asking myself if I really did just do that. As if I needed one more reason to question my sanity! From that first initial thought about winning one half of Adam Lambert's pair of Swarovski crystal gloves, I'd always entertained the rather romantic ideal of reuniting them in the sparkliest high-five ever in a fairytale ending. So now that I have it, I'll make it my mission and start putting a plan into place. You might be able to help my glove meet its other half by spreading this video to Adam and his management in the hope of getting a meet and greet. Thank you!

Glam Nation: Seattle

I haven't watched all of these yet, so comments will follow when I have. There are only a few videos at the moment but I'll be adding more as and when they turn up. Here's my playlist:

Glam Nation: Boise

It seems that security was much too tight here and as a result, we don't have much quality video. Adam's hair is in a soft down do and the Brooke dance ends up with her spooning him. We have another acoustic to electric WLL to finish the set. Here are my picks:

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Take My Picture, Bitch!

Thank you all so much for winning me the Adam Lambert Swarovski glove by watching and spreading my video! I'll post about the glove very soon. For now, here's my latest edit, which I guess is quite apt, considering the circumstances!

I think this is the best Sure Fire Winners yet, with so many daring glory notes high enough and powerful enough to make me repeatedly gasp in astonishment. The energy is electrifying as a super-charged Adam inhabits his wildest mischief-making rock star, whipping the audience into a frenzy. At one point, he ferociously points at and mock-kicks a beefy security guy who's blocking the view trying to stop photos and videos from being taken. He obviously doesn't like it and tries to sweep him away to the tune of an extremely high shriek of 'Get out!' which I find both hilarious and ridiculous. But more than that, it also makes my heart swell that he's so dedicated to giving the his audience the best concert experience possible. He's on our side and wants to allow us the freedom to capture precious mementoes. He stays fierce when he tells the audience 'Take my picture, bitch!'. It's like he's the audience's conductor, all fired-up and commanding them on his whim, knowing that they are at his complete disposal. Just to balance it out, once he gets out of that character after the song, he's all considerate, blowing kisses at the security guy at the start of Strut, which I've included here. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD iPod compatible mp4
- 51.8MB

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Glam Nation: Denver

Adam's hair is in a floppy down style with dready extensions at back. He has quite dark and heavy eye makeup. I really like the low 'Just keep coming around' during WWFM and all the smiles. I think that Aftermath is sung a little like musical theatre where everything is very clearly enunciated. Watch out for the cheerleader high kick at the end of Strut. Tommy is introduced as a pretty kitty and Monte does some slow and sexy guitar licks during the introductions. We have an acoustic to electric WLL with a spectacular finish. Here's my playlist:

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Glam Nation: Wichita

This concert has Adam with blue extensions reminiscent of Fantasy Springs. The venue is unusual, looking like a big tent and little in the way of lighting, giving it a hot and steamy feel. Adam flirts a little with the audience, complimenting them. He grabs Tommy by the hair for his introduction then splits trousers during the Brooke dance before engaging the audience in a singalong. This is one of my favourite vocal performances of a sweaty acoustic WLL with tribal-sounding drum rhythms. Here's my playlist:

Friday, 16 July 2010

Glam Nation: Kansas City

This was a stop that brought protesters but it didn't seem to have much of a bearing on the performance. Adam's hair is down and soft and his makeup is on the less dramatic side. Fever is highly gyratory and thrusty with plenty of energy and is followed up by a mighty Sleepwalker. WWFM seems a little speedy and Aftermath brings lots of joyful contented smiles. SFW has some different riffs and the pose along with the coat at the end of Strut reminds me of that of a matador. Monte gets into the mosh pit with the audience as Adam looks on with mild concern during MA. WLL is an acoustic version that is fast paced with minimal keys until the instrumental break. It's a great vocal, with 'Baby' being replaced with 'KC'. Here's my playlist:

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Adam's eye make-up makes him smoulder in this set that sees increased variations in Adam's lower register. A beach ball gets thrown onto the stage during Voodoo which isn't the best of moves, detracting from the mood that's been carefully constructed. Sleepwalker has a virtuoso solo from Monte and the tone and vibrato of Adam's voice during WWFM is particularly pleasing. We have some extra riffing during Aftermath and a slightly different ending to SFW with a a sexy 'Oh, yeah!'. Adam and Tommy pull some funny faces during Tommy's intro and yes, finally - a different solo! The Brooke dance has her on the floor crawling between Adam's legs. He seems to be impressed with the way the audience looks and they get rewarded with an acoustic WLL. I like the instrumentals on this version more than most of the recent ones, with the change in drum kit adding some welcome punch. Here's my playlist:

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Chesaning Showboating

The videos for this concert are still a bit patchy but here's my playlist anyway and very brief comments. Adam goes a bit lighter on the glitter here, perhaps because the start of the set is before nightfall. During Fever, Tommy gives Adam a peck behind the ear and we can see that it must be quite hot as the long coat comes off for WWFM and the stripy Strut jacket comes off for MA. If he could appear unfazed by the AMA ninja roll, then his little stumble during MA is nothing and he even jokes about it. The dance with Brooke is a different one, including a hug and a kiss. Who would have thought that eating bugs could be cute? But Adam somehow manages it as he tells us how they're annoying but are providing protein. The acoustic WLL is faster paced than usual, maybe because they're all trying to get away from the bugs, but there are some great variations in the wailing and riffing.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Glam Nation: Louisville

This stop of the tour is full of joy where Adam is grinning virtually all the way through. I wonder whether it's because of an abundance of the cute pretty-boys that he makes a reference to during the opening number. His makeup looks fabulous with an explosion of rhinestones coming from his eye. I'm still frustrated by the lack of lighting during RoF as I want to be able to see him. Fever is very loose-hipped and features a smooch with Tommy and I notice that Brooke has had her hair straightened. Sleepwalker is sung with a fiery passion and in a twisted way I'm glad Adam has been heartbroken if it means it's made him able to sing like that. He's so smiley during WWFM and Aftermath that I wonder what's on his mind. MA is super-theatrical and fun as he amps up the camp, singing about pretty instead of little hands. Maybe it is the pretty-boys that are on his mind. IIHY is pumped with adrenaline, full of even more energy than usual. He has fun with crotch-thrusting at the start of an acoustic WLL then rather lewdly licks the mic in a very playful rendition with the usual excellent vocals. He seems to be wearing an extra item of clothing underneath to prevent skin from peeking out when he leans back.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Glam Nation: Cleveland

Adam is sporting a different hairdo for this concert and it looks so strangely normal and flat. Not my favourite, but we see lots of glittery torso as only the last two buttons of that shirt are managing to cling on. Tommy flirts with Adam, spanking him at the start of Fever. Sleepwalker is yet another passionate vocal with a brilliant guitar solo from Monte. Adam jokes about the spotlight/searchlight fail at the start of Aftermath. I get the feeling that the crowd is a little lacklustre as Adam has to urge them to get up and dance after SFW. Perhaps remembering dropping the cane in Knoxville, he refrains from twirling it at the start of Strut. I'd like to hear Tommy change up his bass solo as it's been virtually the same at every single stop, but the dance with Brooke is extra fun. It feels like there's quite a gaping hole at the end of the set with the absence of WLL. I guess Adam just wasn't quite feeling it.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Crystal Glove

I'd been umming and ahhing for a while as to whether I should enter the Heat World competition to win a glove so I decided the day before yesterday to just go for it. Thanks to Imogen for agreeing to be filmed singing. I did the hair/makeup/filming/directing/editing and tried to include details such as lip freckles, iris flecks and tongue at the highest note. We tried our best to make this as expressive as possible with six different sets of eyes. Hope you enjoy it! If you like it, please spread it as the video with most views wins. Thank you!

Writhing on the Stairs

Well you knew it was coming as there was plenty of good video for this performance. It just took a while for me to get into gear. Here's my latest edit, comments and download links as usual are further down the page. Enjoy!

This is the second performance of WLL in the tour. The light strumming at the beginning leads us to believe that it's going to be another MW but that unmistakable first bar of WLL is enough to make us go crazy with excitement. It feels like the sexual tension is resting on a knife-edge as Adam paces restlessly around the stage before settling on the steps open-legged, flicking out his tongue in anticipation. We finally hear the first notes, telling us what we need and we know he's right because we're already burning up. The song gives way to sensual cries as he leans back arching, writhing and revealing an extra sliver of flesh. It's like the whole audience has focused enough lust to psychokinetically have its way with him, materialising hungry mouths and eager hands all over his body. It's potently erotic because we can visualise it and imagine how it feels. It's too much, we can't handle it for long and he knows it, so he gets back up allowing us to breathe to prolong the agonising pleasure.

He slinks around all sultry but keeps us simmering at the instrumental break. He turns up the heat again with that strong voice, suggestively drawing our attention back to his hottest parts and building us up. Then he stops, teasing, sneering and sleazily licking his lips before the main 'baby' climax. The intensity is maintained for a while as he riffs and runs his hand down his body making us go wild. He then returns to the steps, legs snapping open in a raunchy move so reminiscent of the Art4Life Crazy that I wonder whether he's going for the glory grab. He doesn't, but finishes on a breathy and gentle moan then a sweet 'I love you Milwaukee' incorporated into the melody. Adam is on fire, extra horny, radiating a sizzling sexual energy stronger than ever before in a scorching-hot show.

WLL seems to be the one we look forward to most at every concert and the one we have the strongest reaction to. It's a classic we all know and love but it's still a cover. Going forward, I think it's really important for Adam to make us feel that way about his own material. It'll probably be different when his songs have left a deeper imprint but I think it's a reflection of the quality of songs as well. I'm hoping for a reworked FYE that's darker, slower and sexier now that we're all familiar with it. Just thought I'd put that out there in the universe.

Download mp3 - 12.2MB
Download iPod compatible mp4 - 106.9MB

Glam Nation: Nashville

Remember Simon's “I would never go to Nashville if I were you, Adam” comment after RoF? Well the sold-out concert proves just how wrong he was. There was much made about singing RoF in Nashville beforehand, but aside from a powerful performance, Adam doesn't lend it any extra significance. I believe co-writer Aimee Mayo was in the audience and she must have been so proud of this Sleepwalker. The way it ends with those crazy vocals is simply staggering. Just before WWFM, Adam comments about Simon's RoF remark about throwing TVs out of windows and shows his appreciation for his Nashville reception. He has a stray Superman tuft of hair on his forehead that I want to move out the way as he gets hot as sweaty. I like way he plays around with the Aftermath melody before a mind-blowing SFW. There's a minor lyric fail during MA, where he receives a gift from a fan. Monte shows us some awesome guitar licks during the band intro and Taylor gives us a series of backflips. That last note of MW makes me want a freestyling jam afterwards as it reminds me of that River Rock version we all love. There's something about the melody at the penultimate moan before he starts singing that I find irresistible in this wholly acoustic WLL. This one feels quite relaxed but there are also very intense parts that give me a spinetingly rushy feeling. Here's my playlist:

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Glam Nation: Knoxville

Adam is super glittery here, on the verge of overdoing it when you look at the close-up videos. But he's not performing for cameras but for the audience, so he looks other-worldly. With an up-do, the shaved part of his head has grown back now. Tommy gives Adam a little spank during Fever. The long coat comes off just after Sleepwalker but I think Soaked works much better with it on as it's so dramatic. The falsetto ending to Aftermath is stunning. He drops his cane at the start of Strut and sings about it. We continue see his infectious laughter for quite some time afterwards and it's so endearing. He brings back the adorkable dance during the MA guitar solo. Cam does a slightly different solo during the band intro, which I think might be Daft Punk's 'Aerodynamic' and then Adam jokes about basswanking with Tommy. The dancers are fired up with Taylor giving us a backflip and Sasha doubling her somersault with half twist. You can see it in this video. I'm pleased Adam doesn't spend too much time with his back to the crowd in this WLL. He's very flirty and beckons Tommy forward, who leans against him. This feels like quite a gentle version, teasy but without such a domineering manner. It stays acoustic all the way through and it ends with the most magnificent final note. I'm awestruck. At the end, it looks like a fan hands back an earring he lost during the show. Here's my playlist:

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Glam Nation: Myrtle Beach

There's very little in the way of footage at the moment so no comments from me yet. I pretty much stalk YouTube for new videos so here's what I've managed to find so far. As usual, the playlist will be updated as soon as more videos turn up and depending on what we get. In this set, the Tommy interaction is a peck on the cheek during Fever. SFW has some mind-blowing vocals and as ever, WLL is a highlight, this time being fully acoustic.

Glam Nation: Charlotte

It looks like the anti-video brigade was very strict at this stop as we've only got bits and pieces of video at the moment. It seems to be quite an intimate one with a small stage. For me, this is a concert where Monte really shines. I love the elaborate ending to his Sleepwalker solo and his parts during the band introduction and the instrumental break in WLL, which makes the drum solo seem a little less tedious. I'm not a fan of drum solos and my interest wanes very quickly, unless they're exceptional.

Fever sees Tommy give Adam a peck on the cheek. Aftermath has an extended break between the first two verses as Adam needs to get re-hydrated. SFW has some exceptional kick-ass vocals and I notice that Adam replaces the twirl of the cane at the start with a kiss. There are things I would tweak in WLL though. I've already mentioned the drum solo that I think goes on for too long but I'd also like to see a change to the sequence of simple repetitive notes on the keyboard for something more creative. I'd also like to see a little less of Adam's back to the crowd. Having said that, the arrangement for WLL keeps getting better, being heavier and with a much grander feel to it which I think is well suited to the finale. Watch out for the remarkably long note. Here's my playlist, you'll need to turn down the volume on quite a few of them:

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Glam Nation: Norfolk

We're still missing a complete set at the moment, but it's another great night. Here, Adam sports an asymmetric up do like the FYE single cover. It looks like he does something a little lewd with Tommy's bass during Fever. He also brings out the smut with a joke about getting it in someone's eye after Tommy repeats the action during his introduction. We have a different version of WLL, like the one Adam ended up doing in DC. It's a rocking version but the beat is the same slow sexy one. He seems much more aloof here, spending a lot of time with his back to the crowd. The vocals are superb throughout as he feels his way through the song. There's a point at which he gets all sexual with the mic but quickly laughs at himself and there are plenty of smiles amid the aloofness. The finish is a grand one with stellar vocals and he reaches so high that even the poppers joining his outfit together come undone. He finds amusement with the bra and pincers thrown by the audience, attempting to nip Longineu's butt as they exit the stage. Here's my playlist so far: