Sunday, 22 November 2009


This is what we've been eagerly anticipating since May when Adam would once again explode onto our screens. I almost heard the collective intake of breath as we realised that he has the pimp spot at the AMAs. The excitement is palpable and I am already holding my breath amidst my dusted-off but familiar feelings of anticipation.

How's he going to change up the song? What's he going to be wearing? How's he going to style his hair? What kind of dance moves does he have planned? What are going to be the colours of the performance?  What's going to be the feel of the performance? What kind of vocal improvisations are we going to hear? How's the arrangement going to be different to that of the single? What's the band going to be like? Will the band give it more of a rock rather than electronic sound and will they be doing much improvisation? Is he going to give us another provocative pivotal TV moment that's going to get everyone talking? One that's going to leave pearl dust all over the floors of conservative America? One that's going to cause a major earthquake as the whole of the US is collectively spasming in Adamgasm? Will they appreciate the message he's trying to put across? Will they be shocked in a good way or will they consider it gratuitous? Will it cause outrage? Will he push it a little too far? I can't freakin' wait! Get those defibrillators at the ready!

Many of these questions I found myself asking before the AI final but now I'm asking them again with the added bonus of feeling like Adam's already won. That he has the pimp spot is a major coup and speaks volumes about the confidence the show's producers have in him giving us a show-stopping performance. It's the perfect platform on which to promote his music and reach out to music fans who were too cool for AI. It's a chance to widen his fanbase but it's also possible he might alienate some.

The performance is supposed to be an extension of the music video, which contains plenty of scatily clad dancers dressed like they just walked off the set of Mad Max, or a Camden of warmer climes, writhing around in decadence in dark and opulent surroundings. From what I can tell of the rehearsal footage, it's going to be one sexy sizzling performance with pyrotechnics and dancers each doing something different. I think there's a light bondage theme in the costumes, with rumours of people on leashes and Adam wearing nipple tassels. I expect he'll be the dominator spanking up a storm with a cane or a whip, making us crawl on all fours screaming in agony for more. On the video, I can hear some changes that have been made to the song, including a new glory note and there are rumours of it starting a cappella. I've always preferred his live performances to his studio recordings so I expect the energy will be explosive. I have no doubt the performance is going to be deliciously risqué and hope it's well received. I'm looking forward to being blown away, screw sleep!

This performance signals the birth of post-AI Adam. This is where he's going to be re-branded and I realise that THIS is his fucking coronation! It's back to the same Nokia stage but not as the winner from a load of wannabes on some reality karaoke show dialling it down and singing a crap song, but as a fucking SUPERSTAR with his own awesome ideas, singing how he wants to sing his own awesome shit, crowning off a night of established stars. And it's a coronation with style. Fuck confetti, give me fire and bondage!!!


  1. Baby when you feel me feeling you, you know
    IT'S TIME.
    It seems like we have been waiting such along time. Thank you AB for the great write up. Two hours and ten minutes to go. Next is his tour OMG.


    Hey if you go to this site NOW! 6pm NY time. You can watch the stars on the Red Carpet before the AMA's
    Sorry I don't know how to make it easy for you to just click. OAD

  3. Thanks Adamspirit, am watching the red carpet now...

  4. Didn't he look great? All toned down. When next we see him....over the top, I'm sure. Did you get to see MJ's guitarist? She said she most wanted to see Adam? The crowd just went ape shit as Adam walked by. Enjoy the show. Glad you got to see the Red Carpet.

  5. Based on the rehearsal video and the music video, it is going to be in an s&m fashion, with bondage and super super sexy. It is the nokia theater and america ain't voting anymore. I think it's what adam says it is going to be: an in-your-face over- the-top performance that will make lady Gaga's performance look ordinary. I can hardly wait. Remember the KISS performance on AI finale, when he looked all glittered up and so proud and happy, he is going to be feel so much more at home with his theatricality now. Adam Lambert has f***ing arrived b***hes! He will be closing the show and now we have to wait until 11pm...not fair. They all know the glam god is what's selling the show to the viewers.