Friday, 8 January 2010

An Inconvenience

I'm sure the speed of the passage of time is directly proportional to one's age. Time seems to have crept up on me in the Gridlock excitement and I've realised that I'm going away tomorrow for three weeks. No internet for three whole weeks! If that doesn't kill me, I'll be back blogging and finishing the Gridlock videos on my return (provided no one else has done them).

In the meantime, I'll leave you with some links to enjoy:

Adam Lambert Obsession: Re-live all of the AI journey including speculation, performances, reviews and articles Watch all of Adam's AI performances Watch all of the AI group performances Compare the rehearsals against the live performances Read my articles Read my obsessings Take the Adamometer fan test Listen to the album from the Facebook stream (with lyrics)

Other sites: All the latest news and media Facts and timeline Collection of media

Adam Without Pity
Hoopla Magnet
Planet Fierce

As tempting as it is to cancel, I'm slightly pleased that Adam Lambert doesn't quite rule my life to that extent! I know I'll be missing so much, so please enjoy all the upcoming events that little bit extra for me in my absence. I hope I'll see you back here when I return. Thank you all for visiting!


  1. Huh??? 3 whole weeks??? What will become of me?? Have a great trip! You deserve some time off...see you in Feb!

  2. Have a good time wherever you're going. I'll be looking forward to more of your fantastic videos upon your return. I really like what you've done with my Gridlock NYE footage. You're the best. XOXOXOX

  3. AB-Congrulations on tearing yourself away from Planet Fierce to spend some time on Planet Earth. I hope you have a wonderful time, but my goodness I will miss you! Thank you for all the fabulous links--I'm getting educated on more of the Adam universe in your absence, but eagerly await your return so that I can get my regular fix of your particularly eloquent take on all things Adam!

  4. No internet must mean "Life on Mars"???

  5. It must have been a blast for your trip. We are also having so much excitement with WWFM, upcoming Orpha, AOL sessions and many more. Awaiting to see your write-up on these adventures. Have fun! ~K

  6. Oh, can i ask you something?
    The videos of Adams performances on AI, that you posted on Yahoo!Videos
    You know, the quality of Yahoo!Videos is really bad, and i want to download the videos to make a personal DVD of Adam journey on AI
    I don't know if i'm asking to much, and i don't want to be abusive, but there's a way you can post on Vimeo or Photobucket, like the other videos?
    Really sorry, i know i'm being selfish, but... If you can send me a answer, please send a e-mail to

    Well, thank you for give me the pleasure of see all about Adam. I'm a maniac when it comes from him!!
    And good trip to you!
    (Sorry about the english, i'm brazilian)

  7. Just realized – I am Adam Bombed addicted. Miss your comments so much! There are so many great moments happened. Adam never gets us bored. There is only delight. Hope you have fun. Take care! Diana aka adivianna

  8. AB-I miss you! Please come back. (Although, I do hope you had a good trip.) Adam just isn't the same without you around. By the way fellow AB followers, if you haven't seen it already, check out the montage on YouTube titled zoom zoom zoom adam lambert. It's my favorite of any that I've seen. Enjoy!

  9. AB, I hope you had a great and refreshing time, but please come back soon! I really miss your perspective and commentaries...
    BTW, it's been and intense three weeks! Can't wait to read what you think of the shiny new Whataya Want From Me video that's currently gracing my iPod.
    love, Kosh

  10. WE MISS YOU!!! Looking forward to u returning and getting caught up with ADAMANIA...Love how u write!! See u on TWITTER soon!! Sharon

  11. Tick, tock, tick, tock....come on AB!! Too much is happening to miss out!! Come home.

  12. AB, v miss u. Hope I could catch you before I leave. Hope you have a great time! TC ~K

  13. Is it 3 weeks yet ? I think so....AB, come back...

    I hope your trip was wonderful! But you missed so much.

  14. UMmm...Hello! I count 3 weeks & 1 day. Where the hell are you?...Just kidding, I hope you are having a wonderful time. Miss you a lot.

  15. I AM BACK! Thanks for all the comments, have missed ya too!

    Will be back blogging when I've caught up, there's so much to catch up on...

  16. Welcome back, AB! Hope you're well rested, you're going to need a LOT of energy to track down everything that happened in this three weeks!

  17. Nice to see you again! There are plenty of news, vids etc. to catch up... but most cheering news for you – Adam comes to UK in April! Finally!

  18. Ups... forget to sign... Diana

  19. OMG
    You are back!!!!!

    Welcome back!
    We all missed you so much.

    I'm so happy today. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAK!!!!!
    I'm happy dancing!

  20. ALLELUIA! It's about freakin' time. :))))))

  21. I've been rather ill since I got back, feels like constantly trying to swallow crushed glass while my nostrils are stuffed with cotton wool.

    What an intense 3 weeks it has been with so many interviews! Who would've thought I'd be so relieved for Adam to be on holidays? Am more or less caught up now so will be back with updates and videos soon.

    Thank you again for such a warm welcome back. Throwing a smiley glitterbomb out to you all!

  22. AB

    Sorry you have been feeling lousy. Been checking in from time to time to see if you are up and running. Smiley glitterbombs back!!

  23. Lynn, Here's my latest Gridlock video & comments for you: Thanks for the glitterbomb, am feeling much better!

  24. AB:

    Thanks so much for posting and yes, it was well worth the effort! I love at the end how he interprets "I will take you home"....very nice. Adam, the star. Thanks for brightening up this dark snowy blizzard day...

    American Idol is so dull this year. Not even "half an Adam" in the bunch.

  25. AB: Here I am chiming in again....did not want you to miss this article. It gets to the heart of who Adam really is....a very mature article. Finally!!!!