Sunday, 7 March 2010


As if he needs any help making it big down under! This pimp spot at Sydney Mardi Gras was the first time since AI that Adam would be performing at a gay event. I was particularly excited by the fact that he'd have free rein to really push things as far as he'd dare with a license to camp things up.

That entrance! The glitter! The outfit! That codpiece!

Adam seems so free for the first time since coming out of AI and it's such fun to watch. He obviously enjoyed playing up to the audience, dancing, prowling the stage, thrusting his hips and giving some crazy vocals.

While perhaps a little conservative for Mardi Gras (I was hoping to see him in something like his dazzling Halloween creations, but can see he needed to first establish a look down under), 'Adam doing bondage' has still become a huge talking point. The components are very reminiscent of his Zodiac ensemble with the jacket, bare chest, tights, boots and corset, but the look is very aggressive. All those spikes, studs and metal are very hard but they're softened just a tiny bit by the make-up and glitter. And of course we have to laugh at the studded cod centrepiece worn over those cheeky tights; a salute to all the Glambulge gazers out there!


  1. What an outfit? I'm speechless right now! :D

  2. it's the FYE look (those are the same shoulder spikes that were one-sided in the video, right?) gone Zodiac and notched up to fit the venue.

    and last week he incorporated his Zodiac feathers with tribal hippie glam.

    what an amazing entertainer.

  3. "That entrance! The glitter! The outfit! That codpiece!"

    Best recap EVER; AB! LOLOLOL!! And our expectations for Adam's performances are very high indeed if that was a little conservative... and I agree, I've Adam in crazier costumes and I long to see what he'll pull out when he'll finally tour.

  4. There are no words for this. Wow! Adam has us all guessing again this year. My guess is always wrong. I really don't like dancers performing with him. Maybe IF they stayed in the background. I find them to be a distraction. Just for the record "He is BIG down under" Just what he wanted. Thanks for posting AB. I always enjoy reading your write up.

  5. K(*Glitter*), I just love that Adam got to dress up. It's certainly an eye-popping outfit!

    shaunna, I don't think they're the same shoulder spikes as in the video - these are longer and I think are from the album artwork (Warwick Saint) shoot.
    I love that the Zodiac side of him is out to play, going to be keenly watching his fashion choices when he gets to Japan, Singapore and here in the UK.

    kosh-1662, thanks! I can't wait to see what he does when he reaches these shores. I wonder if he feels much more comfortable wearing OTT clothes while abroad.

    Adamspirit, the stage seemed to be huge and in the centre so I guess the dancers were needed when Adam wasn't in shot. But yes, I prefer to just look at him!
    There's plenty of smut in the post for the smutty-minded!