Monday, 1 June 2009

Stuff I Didn't Know / Wasn't Sure About

The last couple of days have been relatively quiet on the Adam front so at least I've been able to catch up on the mountain of media that's been building up since AI finished.  The interviews started off pretty samey with Adam graciously repeating how pleased he was for super-talented Kris (yawn), but they've since become increasingly more interesting as I feel that Adam's wicked sense of humour and snark have emerged.  I've decided to list everything in categories and provide links to make it all easier to digest and for future reference, which I hope you'll find useful.  There's a fair amount of paraphrasing but there'll be more analysis to follow in future posts.

American Idol
  • Songs
    • Adam's other choice during Michael Jackson week was Thriller. (Idolatry1)
    • He enjoyed slipping every inch of his love into WLL and was glad the producers didn't catch and censor it. (Idolatry2)
    • He almost did War instead of ToMT because it was subversive and controversial. (Idolatry2)
    • He didn't know Smokey Robinson was mentoring until after he chose the song. (Idolatry2)
    • He was very happy with the arrangement and outfit for RoF, which he considers one of his best vocal performances and thinks Cash would have liked it.  He also thinks it would have been better received later on in the competition. (Idolatry3)
    • Contrary to rumours, PTFM wasn't his second choice but the theme wasn't defined until after the song was chosen. (Idolatry3)
    • He was grateful for having been given the opportunity to do something in the style of ACIGC in the final. (Idolatry5)
    • His least favourite performance was BoW, which he thought was shouty and pitchy. (TVGuide1)
    • He rehearsed for 45 minutes each with KISS and Queen before the show. (TVGuide3)
    • He would've liked to have done Muse's 'Supermassive Black Hole' or 'Starlight' or Prince's  'How Come You Don't Call Me?' on the show. (TVGuide3)
    • The kids of Led Zeppelin are fans, which may have helped with the WLL clearance. (OKMagazine)
  • Other
    • Adam has admitted to not getting along with someone in the Idol house but won't say who because they have to tour together.  I think we all know who that person is. (BestWeekEver)
    • He always considered AI to be a platform, not a competition. (Idolatry3) (ElvisDuran)
    • He wanted to stir things up on Idol. (Idolatry3)
    • He was amused by Kara's Adamgasm after WLL. (Idolatry5)
    • The food in the Idol house was really fattening. (RopeRadio)
    • He believes he might have opened the door to new types of talent. (ABCNews)
    • He thinks the AT&T text-gate was blown out of all proportion. (ABCNews) (TodayShow)
    • He was most stressed before the finale. (USMagazine)
    • His favourite mentor was Slash, with whom he felt he had the most authentic experience. (People) (Mike&Juilet)
    • He tried to find a balance between giving the audience what they wanted and what they didn't know they wanted. (ResultsPressConference)
    • He feels the judges helped to get him support (OKMagazine)
    • His theatre background helped him in being able to move the audience (Broadway)
  • Gene Simmons wasn't keen on Adam wearing his platforms, afraid he would fall over but Adam was experienced in them and wanted to stand tall. (Idolatry5)
  • Adam liked wearing the really cool tie on ACIGC. (Idolatry5)
  • He thinks the most exciting part of the tour will be his outfits. (USMagazine)
  • He's a fan of Alexander McQueen and his style icon is David Bowie. (Regis&Kelly)
  • Adam wants to appeal to an international audience and his aim is to entertain people with his music. (Idolatry4)
  • He doesn't think the label will stifle his creativity on his album. (Idolatry4)
  • He doesn't play any instruments apart from his vocal cords. (RopeRadio)
  • He sees himself as more of a solo performer but collaborating with a band. (TVGuide3)
  • He thinks AI allowed him to break out so has given him the freedom to straddle different music genres. (Idolatry4) (ABCNews)
  • He's not concerned about switching from being a live performer to a recording artist. (ABCNews)
  • He didn't expect to appeal to such a broad audience. (ABCNews)
  • Being different helped to define him as an artist. (AP)
  • Adam was a bit surprised that people felt he was championing so many social and politcal issues at which he felt honoured but a little intimidated. (Idolatry1)
  • He did not want the responsibility of representing a cause/movement. (Idolatry1)
  • He found it a bit ridiculous for Billy O'Reilly to have censored his photo that he wasn't embarrassed by. (Idolatry1)
  • BoW was chosen for being more of a statement and appropriate for the times and current civil rights issues. (Idolatry1)
  • He stated that very very soon everyone will have the answers they are looking for. (ElvisDuran)
  • He thinks parents should support their children, encouraging them to be creative and participative. (Broadway)
  • Adam is also a businessman and wants to buy a house. (Idolatry4)
  • He has confirmed that he is Jewish. (BestWeekEver)
  • He likes the movie Beetlejuice but his favourite is Velvet Goldmine. (BestWeekEver)
  • He has concerns about his weight. (BestWeekEver)
  • He thinks he's kind of ridiculous and is self-deprecating. (Idolatry5)
  • He is very skilled at recognising people and faces. (Fox13NowUtah) (BestWeekEver)
  • He is glad to be responsible for causing 'gasms'. (TVGuide2) (ElvisDuran)
  • He has no plans to grow a moustache, as it will be the wrong colour. (TVGuide3)
  • He likes the top (bunk) and making double entendres. (USMagazine)
  • He thinks the term 'Glambert' is hilarious. (OKMagazine)
  • His essential items for the tour are his iPod and a book. (People)
  • He loves the Twilight books. (People)
  • His favourite ice cream is Dreyer's French Silk. (People)
  • He is envious of Kris's ability to fall asleep easily. (TVGuide2)
  • He likes to stay in bed, listen to music and hang out. (People)
  • Since the age of three, he could make character voices and recite books verbatim. (Momlogic)
  • His mother is going to be moving to LA. (Momlogic)
  • He is fucking funny. (BestWeekEverPreview)
  • As Clay Aiken (AccessHollywood) and Gene Simmons (Idolatry5) have learnt, never start a bitchfight against Adam - you won't win.  He's way too sharp.


  1. Thanks for the post! Perhaps not a good sign sign as far as my personal productivity goes but I am certain that I have watched every single interview and appearance of Adam post-AI, because I remember him mentioning every item you listed. :)

  2. I love watching/listening to Adam's interviews! I also love your coverage of him! What I am interested in is your opinion of the whole Kradam phenomonan. The craze even has its own websites! And I know Adam has been informed of it as well, the press is out on what he thinks of it.

  3. AWESOME post! Thank you so much! :)

  4. Sure takes care of my Adam fix for the day. Thanks for an excellent post.

  5. You are amazing! Your list proved that I did a thorough research myself as I knew each of your points and sources they came from. Except for the fattening food but that I figured out myself :) However, your fact organization is absolutely superior! Thank you again to making our Adam experience even better.

  6. I wanted to email you directly but could not figure out how to do that. So here is my first ever comment to a blog:
    You crack me up. Dude, you are a very talented writer on top of having an incredible ear for music, perhaps that's the direction to think about? I love reading your blog, and identify with you to such a great extent that it feels as though you are an old friend. Maybe I should start a blog about being obsessed with an Adam Lambert Obsession blogger :))))) Have you read book by Julie Powell, I think its called "Julie/Julia Project"? Just some thoughts for you as I think you are very talented yourself.
    Lastly, not sure if you can get the Rolling Stone magazine in the UK, and if not, I can send you a copy. Just got several, for a couple of my equally obsessed girlfriends and I'd be happy to mail you a copy.
    Thank you for doing this!

  7. yp,
    Thanks for visiting, I feel truly honoured to have popped your blog commenting cherry!

    Thanks for the book recommendation, I hadn't heard of Julie Powell. Just to make sure, is she the one who has written about cooking?

    I'm still waiting for RS to grace the shelves of the shops in my locale. Hoping to see it later this week, but if not, I may have to ask you for that favour!