Monday, 9 August 2010

Glam Nation: St. Louis

Here's my playlist for the latest stop of the tour. WLL is another notable one with a very different beginning as Tommy starts off those familiar guitar licks on the bass, rather than Monte on acoustic, making it darker. It also intensifies the feeling of expectation. This one turns out to be a playful one though, when Adam laughs at himself as he does much more dancing, whether snaking across the stage or doing some OTT thrusting. The melodic variations in the riffing sound very different to usual, especially in the final stages where he ranges from the ethereal floaty notes to the power-belt of a soul diva via a rock-god wail. Enjoy!


  1. The St.Louis show was a blazing success! Standing room only at The Pageant with the crowd roaring with every move! This is just the start of the revolution!!! Can't wait for the second album