Monday, 9 August 2010

San Francisco II WLL

Here's my latest video edit which a few of you requested. This San Francisco WLL starts off with Adam looking both fierce and pouty and appearing to move in slow motion to the first few acoustic chords. Turning his back to the crowd, he's teasing us, not wanting to give anything away until he's satisfied with the energy and decibel levels behind him. This happens after a few lapdancer gyrations. The start is slinky, the voice velvety as he settles down on his perch. His legs are so wide open that the whole audience is able to feel nestled between them and we know where all things lead where Adam's concerned. This version is comparatively smiley as Adam alternates between Mr. Dominator and Mr. Sweet. It's the stuff of many a romantic daydream as he gently serenades 'I'll give it to you, my love'. Monte switches guitars for the instrumental break, during which Adam once again turns his back to us, his movements very suggestive of something mildly obscene. His inclination towards the mischievous but subtly subversive is what initially hooked me during RoF and is one of the things I love most about him.

We have an exciting build as Adam's voice ascends and impossibly keeps ascending to the first of many crescendoes followed by a release. It turns into a version that fully rocks out, well supported by the instrumentals and heavy guitars. We have a very long pause as Adam takes his time to survey the crowd, soaking up the energy. He transforms from sexy to sweet as he nods and smiles to the audience in acknowledgement - a move hearkening back to the AI days. The ending is suitably and marvellously grand thanks to Longineu's drums and Adam's magnificent power-belt.

This edit took ages as I couldn't stop tinkering with it to try to get everything in perfect synch (which it still isn't). The audio mixing took a heck of a lot of work as the sources didn't play back at the same speed. I removed the ear-splitting screams and attempted to simulate a stereo effect with the mono recordings. Enjoy!

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  1. AB, I am in complete awe of your dedication to Adam and your editing skills. And thanks again a thousand times over for the videos you put together.

  2. I can tell you put SO much work into this. Fantastic job! Thank you for making the experience even better for Adam's fans!

  3. AB, Wow! You have mastered the skill. Thank you. I hope he does it just like this tomorrow. I am so excited. Sure wish you were coming with to hold up the sign saying, "I HAVE YOUR MATE". I'm not sure if I am going to film him as I just want to bask in his presence. There are so many people that do a great job. Will report back. Luv ya.

  4. This edit is brilliant. His voice is clean, clear and powerful. Awesome. Thanks.

  5. jo_blue, thank you and I'm glad you continue to enjoy this trip with me!

    hannab2, I drove myself a bit nuts with the last 5% which ended up taking 95% of the time! I sometimes remind myself how ridiculous it is to spend so many hours over a 6 minute video. It makes me happy you like it.

    Adamspirit, I'm so excited for you! I'll be there in spirit though. Maybe get a friend to do all the filming if you can. It's a pity to watch him through an LCD screen when he's there in front of you in all his magnificence! I'm away for a few days so have the best time and I'll look forward to hearing all about it on my return.

    choons, isn't it just? The voice, I mean. The power behind that last sustained note is just shocking. He's truly amazing.

  6. Thank you. No words to express the talent and charisma this man has. I'm still in a swwon after seeing him live Sat. in Springfield. I just watched this twice-once with sound and once without. Trying to get a ride to Thackerville now. All your time and hard work are appreciated more than you can know.

  7. AdamBombed: In Springfield Adam signed autographs for the counter-protestors who bore signs GOD LOVES EVEROYONE! He did this while surrounded by nervous bodyguards...
    Your labors of love prove that Adam is also well loved right here on our lucky planet. Thank you for putting in all this time and energy on these labors of love - I know he gets it somehow and your efforts are duly reciprocated - until then our heartfelt THANKs !!! will have to do. This is a magnificent edit.

  8. It is my sincere hope that I can get to England within the next year, hopefully coinciding with a visit from Adam, and meet you to thank you personally for the work you do. You are awesome! Thank you sincerely, this is another masterpiece.


  9. Anonymous, you're so lucky! Have you got any more dates planned? Can't wait for his return to the UK.

    Francess40, I'm so proud of the counter-protesters, they really did make my heart swell with pride. It must be a special feeling for Adam to know that it was he who inspired them to express their love.
    You're welcome!

    Kristi, good luck with the tickets and timings, it would be such fun to meet up! Glad you like the work.

  10. I was there and I had incredible seats! I even got an autograph after a long wait at the barricades....It was an unforgettable night!!!

  11. Anonymous, congratulations on getting a great view and on getting an autograph! I have yet to get either but I'm sure it will happen in the future.

  12. Thankyou yet again for a brilliant review (I could see it before viewing the recording) Talk about ADAMGASM! That's my Christmas sorted XX

  13. Anonymous, ha! Hope it keeps you toasty this winter!