Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Catching a Fever in London

Here's my latest edit of one my favourite performances of Fever from the tour. I did actually end up with a fever after this concert as I'm sure did many others after braving the freak arctic conditions in London! It makes a welcome change to do a short edit after all the epic length encores.

Fever tends not to be one of the first videos I watch straight away after a concert. I think it's so dominated by the kissing that the rest of the singing and choreography unfortunately take a back seat. A lot of work has gone into all the performance aspects so it's a bit of a shame if people tune in only for the kissing. I feel it has become a touch contrived, lacking the fire of authenticity but I guess that's my own fault for watching a gazillion concert videos!

It starts off with Adam locking horns with Tommy before gripping his bass and going in for the kill. Those hip movements as he starts dancing are big and he's so playful and still so fierce. With a mischievous glint, he's tempting and daring us to be really naughty. Sound issues are evident as Adam taps his ear and mic but it doesn't impede the fun and he carries on smiling. I think he tends to compensate when there are sound issues by making sure he pushes his voice that little bit further. That first ringing high note in a bonus riff is a startling addition and it made me gasp, gave me a rush and made the crowd scream in approval. The climax of the song is equally impressive and he gets a bit jiggy with the mic. The surprise ending with the stratospheric high is amazing, so much so that we had to turn to each other as if needing confirmation of what had just happened. To the thrill of the audience, his voice was on top form and as so often happens on the last night of consecutive gigs, he went for it.

Seeing this live as opposed to a video was a whole different kettle of fish as Adam was magnificent. His movements were more amplified, much fuller and graceful yet sharp. It's also very different seeing his facial expressions in person. On the videos he looks super dramatic, doll-like even, but in person those expressions are very believeable. There were lots of smiles and here he was having fun being very cheeky and flirtatious, nudging and winking his way deeper into our affections.

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  1. I love this song!And this kiss.... awesome!!!♥

  2. Anonymous, I was so happy to be able to see this in person!