Sunday, 2 January 2011

Circles, Boxes and the Shapes of Things to Come

Happy new year to you all! We've come such a long way since last year's Gridlock and I decided it was about time to do a sentimental post. You can listen to and watch my latest improved edit of Adam's LA Music Box performance of A Change Is Gonna Come and reflect on the journey of Adam and this song, and also our personal journeys that have run in parallel. It's an assured performance although not quite flawless towards the end. I think the serene look of accomplishment as he surveys the crowd after he finishes the song captures the mood perfectly.

Adam references both his earlier performances in his speech at the start, the angry Zodiac one spurred on after having been on the receiving end of homophobia, and the one performed during the AI finale. It could be said that they are all seminal moments in Adam's life, one paving the way for the next. I see that first one as giving him the fire and drive to unapologetically be himself and perform as he chooses and it's those bold, out-of-the-box choices that got us gripped in time for the second, completing the first full circle. I still wonder whether Simon Fuller's choice was influenced by that Zodiac performance. At the time, it was the biggest audience Adam had ever performed to on the most important night of his life. It was the platform that gave him the exposure required to build enough of a following to complete a sell-out international tour of 100+ dates, at the end of which came this second full-circle moment in the place where the circle started.

It's easy to see that it's a proud moment for Adam. A feeling of celebration and fulfilment pervades the performance in the way that it was felt when Adam got up on stage for his performance of Beth. Returning home after touring for months I think it only just hit him how far he has come. Unusually for him, Adam's speech touches on the political whereas he's shied away from it in the past. With increased confidence he's more comfortable talking about it and I think he realises he has made a difference, feeling the change as he connects it back to the other ACIGCs. I believe he's now accepted he'll inevitably be looked upon as a political figure and is perhaps on his way to stepping up to the challenge, knowing he can make a difference for the better. It's bittersweet having to say farewell to Glam Nation but I'm looking forward to the next phase and the excitement of not knowing what changes are gonna come.

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  1. I can not thank you enough for this.You did a wonderful job, as always. I also love your written introduction. It is perfect! (myspencer)

  2. A brilliant post and edit, as always. I absolutely love how you ended it. Adam is so brave. And whatever reason drove Simon Fuller to chose the song for Adam, I am forever grateful to him for the moment he gave to Adam and to us all. That was the most heartfelt and powerful live TV performance I've ever seen in my life.

  3. Once again, your thoughts on this emotional performance were 'right on'. He has come such a long way and I am so proud to be a forever dedicated fan. I was at the 12/16 performance and it didn't have quite the emotional feeling that this performance on 12/15 had. Your 'improved' versions never cease to thrill me. Thank you so much. Bring it on 2011 - I believe ADAM will continue to thrill all of us and truly become iconic! Love this man!

  4. coloforadam, myspencer, Anonymouses, thanks for your comments. I think what's also special about Adam performing this song is the way it's been spaced out, giving us various points of reference in Adam's life. It has allowed us to realise the magnitude of his progress in a fundamental and beautifully neat way. I wanted to add the extra clips at the end for this reason - to compare his expressions to see how far he has come. We have the angry young man throwing down the mic, we have the hopeful contestant and we have the accomplished artist. I wanted them all to take a bow so we could acknowledge their contribution to the present and finally give them the validation that was once sought, with our thanks and appreciation.

  5. SleepwalkerAries16 January 2011 at 20:14

    Beautifully edited. This performance is definitely one of my favorites for so many reasons. He is such an amazing man and I never question why I am so proud to be a fan. Thanks!

  6. Must keep you on your toes! Yes I'm back.
    Love this too. Doesn't matter about his sexual preferences, It's his talent people should be discussing.XX(D)