Friday, 27 May 2011

Unlock Me

Since there hasn't been a lot to write about or performances to review during this quiet time, I've been working on a couple more T-Shirt designs. These two are based on Adam's recent key tattoo and the type of lock that I think it would open, inviting him to place his key in and unlock it (I see your dirty minds at work). I tried to keep it in the same style by using elements from the tattoo. The lock is heart-shaped to complement the curves of the skull and to represent the effect Adam that has had on us. I believe he has unlocked something in us all, not necessarily our hearts but the ability to feel passionate and alive again. Click on the image to see all the T-Shirts using that design:

Unlock Me: lock to go with Adam Lambert's key tattoo T-Shirt designAdam Lambert key tattooUnlock Me 3D: lock to go with Adam Lambert's key tattoo T-Shirt design

I created the single colour design so it can be printed using special glitter material. Unfortunately it doesn't display accurately in the shop illustrations but you can see an example of how the material looks here. If you like it, look out for 'Glitter' in the titles. The 3D-look design isn't available in the glitter material but I have used shiny metallic gold or silver. If you don't see the exact colour combo you'd like, please let me know and I'll set it up for you. Hope you enjoy them!

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    are those for sell???

    where can i buy them?? how can i buy them???????
    i wanna buy some t shirt...i really want it coz i am a big fan of adam lambert...! please tell me!!

  2., you can get them all on T-shirts. Click on the images at the bottom of the post and they'll take you to the store.