Sunday, 29 May 2011

Moscow Maxidrama

After nearly 6 months of waiting for an Адам Ламберт concert and having initially dismissed this as just a rumour, it finally arrived. We were all ready to live this concert vicariously through the Russian fan tweets, hoping that someone might stream video.

And so the drama started. The set was running a little late then photos and song titles trickled through only to find out that this was just a sound check. What the fuck? I thought it was weird but my overriding feeling was of jealousy that they got so many performances. So we wondered when the actual concert would start. The rumour got shot down by Adam straight after his "sound check" performance. Biggest collective fucking facepalm ever. Here are my video picks for you to enjoy:

Peering over the sea of red hearts, this look of Adam's tailored for a daytime rock festival gig for a 50k crowd on a huge stage is a lot more casual and less try-hard than the Glam Nation costumes. With a distressed leather jacket and aviators, I couldn't help but think of Top Gun. It's definitely more rock than glam though there is some subtle sparkle from the tight trousers. From the videos, we can see some magical mysterious wispy things floating in the air that I imagine are the exactly the type of objects that would appear in the presence of unicorns. Would someone care to explain to me what they are and shatter this illusion of mine?

MA opens the set and I notice there's a bit of flesh-flashing when he raises his arms. There's a teasy Tommy moment and it would've been ironic if he'd kept his sunglasses on for the song that specifically asks us to look into his eyes. I'm glad they came off. There are no dancers for DTRH but Adam does an incredible job with his slithery tentacle arms. There is some fantastic ad-libbing and notably excellent vocals, possibly due to forgetting that he shouldn't be going into RoF. The jacket comes off for a rock version of WWFM and he is left in just a vest. There are plenty of different and beautiful runs that he adds towards the second half, making this exceptional, and his voice is bright and powerful. There's no kissing for Fever but the crowd does get plenty of strippery moves when Adam moves onto the steps. There's a run that I love at the end of the second verse that had previously been exclusive to my concert in London and yes, I'm feeling a bit possessive over it but love hearing it again. Holy motherfucking shit, those Sleepwalker vocals! Nuff said. TCB is another fine one and the crowd goes wild as Adam goes to ruffle Tommy's hair. The IIHY chorus sounds quite different to the other live versions, very rock and not so electronic and I assume this is due to the absence of Cam on keys. Strut is a strange one and it's been a long time since I last saw it without the props and dancers. There seem to be major sound problems like in Berlin as Adam misses his cue at the start and sounds rather off-key. He doesn't do a lot of singing at the start, leaving much to the backing track but he recovers well to finish. We have a scorching electric 'woman' WLL and it's refreshing to see lots of males in audience. During SFW he misses a few notes but it's still a stomping, fist-pumping affair. Oh how I've missed these concerts, drama and all!


  1. AB: Thank you for this perfect collection of a planet rocking concert! First he stripped down the music, then he stripped down the clothing and ROCKED THE VOCALS! There is absolutely no bigger voice on the planet!! Can you handle what you got into??? Never in our wildest dreams - but we can sure love the universe for giving us ears--don't worry about 'WOMAAAN" it's an archetypal term - to the woman in all of us because this hunky ballsy rockin rollin ADAM IS THE MAAANNN......( I think the wispy floaters in the air are the dandelions blown by Russian milkmaids who'll never again be happy on the farm.)

  2. Francess40, you're welcome. Thanks so much for the milkmaid explanation! I think this is the best concert for vocals we've had in a very long time. I guess he didn't need to worry too much about conserving his voice in this case so pushed himself a bit further.

  3. Thanks you so much for this collection of Adam's Moscow Maxidrama. I absolutely loved every second of it and for me Adam looked absolutely gorgeous and sounded amazing. I am loving his look and it just makes me more anxious to hear his next album and what he has in store for us.

  4. Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!!! for all hard incredible work, keeping us Adamlovers alive... I'm so truly grateful, it's the best page ever, and you make me laugh so hard sometimes... Please, keep this spirit of yours going!!!! I really admire all your work<3<3<3 love from Sweden

  5. You do amazing work, keep it up. We all appreciate your efforts and love for Adam.

    Adam Lambert: The Quest for Platinum

  6. Thanks for leaving comments! I really miss the regular concerts, but I think it's during these one-off gigs that Adam lets rip with the best vocals because he doesn't have to worry to much about conserving his voice. I really look forward to what he has in store for the next one.