Friday, 15 July 2011


Here's my latest edit for the Moscow concert. As with Whole Lotta Love, I wanted to build on the bleak minimalist feel of the set-up, making a grainy and almost monochromatic video. I think "Whataya Want From Me?" is the song during concerts where the connection between Adam and fans is at its strongest. There's a mutual outpouring of love and gratitude so I wanted to make a feature out of it. Not only is it his most well-known song, but it's one that became real — we were all there when it came to the fore after the AMA fall-out and felt it resonate with the hurt as events unfolded. With this passion in mind and the striking sea of hearts held aloft during this performance, red is a colour that features strongly in this. Enjoy!

After a potty-mouthed start, Adam addresses the crowd with enthusiasm before getting into an electric WWFM. Editing gives me a detailed look at his movements on stage and there are a few that I would like to pick out. First of all here's a gif  from the introduction. Just fucking look at that face! Naughty, knows it, pleading innocent. There is no face that better epitomises the phrase "Butter wouldn't melt" and I challenge anyone to say no to that. As he goes into the first chorus, he strikes a bit of a rude boy confrontational pose, later doing a boyband-ballad-obligatory air grab. There are times when I think the sex is going to burst out of him or he's about to go in for the instinctive grab for the crotch but his hand settles just to the side.

I think this song often gets overlooked in terms of concert videos because we've heard it so many times and it doesn't vary by much. That's what sets this one apart. This sublime performance overtakes LA's WWFM as my absolute favourite for vocals due to the improvisation he puts in going into the instrumental break and especially, ESPECIALLY the riff right at the end which I could just listen to over and over. I love the power, the ringing on that high and the flow of the sequence of notes giving it that magnificent knockout finish. Perfection.

DOWNLOAD Whataya Want From Me? (with intro) mp3 - 9.61MB
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  1. Thank you so much for this and all that you have done for us. I enjoy your writing as much as the videos!

  2. The work you do is amazing! I also especially love the insightful, articulate way you write about Adam and his music - better than anyone I've come across so far. You should be a major pro music journalist, Rolling Stone or UK equivalent - Mojo? Or write for a magazine like Vanity Fair. Ever thought about doing something like that?

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I loved his version of WWFM in the Maxidrom and you did an amazing job. You're the best!!

  4. Another gem. Thank you so much. I do hope Adam has seen this. It is interesting to watch the men back stage. Motionless, staring at Adam. I am sure they were completely taken by him.


  5. I adore this video. :)

  6. riley1877, thanks for your comments on the writing! It means a lot as it's much more personal than the videos, also taking a considerable amount of time.

    josirose, wow, thanks for the huge compliment! I've never done any professional writing or in fact any writing away from this blog so I think major music mags are way beyond me through lack of experience. I'm also a slow perfectionist which isn't ideal because I can never finish something and be completely happy with it. It would be wonderful to try it out though, a dream job (at the risk of sounding stalker-like) would be to follow Adam around on his concerts.

    Anonymous(es), thrilled you like the video. Thank you for showing your appreciation and support!

    Tatiana, it looked like those guys on the back of the stage were completely mesmerised too - just like us! I don't think they expected him to be able to sing like that. If they weren't fans already, I'm sure they are now!

  7. Love this rock version and those wails! Great edit, thanks a ton!