Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Promo Rounds Portland-California

Here's the final leg of Adam's radio promo tour that include all the performances from Portland to those in California (Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego and LA) and my brief comments below:

Live 95.5 Bing Lounge
This acoustic event was live streamed and the recordings are excellent quality.
BTIKM - A steady solid performance.
Part of Me - Adam breaks into an impromptu rendition of Katy Perry's Part of Me, the lucky audience getting a few a cappella bars as a treat as he swivels about on his stool.
NCOE - Adam gives this song a hugely impressive debut with a majestic rock vocal. Tommy's guitar is rapid-fire for this uptempo song but Adam's brilliant voice has plenty of breathing space to soar, especially when he belts out "eyes". After listening to the studio version, this doesn't progress with the same satisfying build-up due to less variation in intensity, but there are a few wow moments when he lets his voice rip at the end.
WWFM - My favourite rough tone features quite a lot in this rendition. It doesn't have any new tricks but it's a reliably good performance.

105.1 The Buzz
WWFM - Very good performance, rich tone.
Cuckoo - A fun energetic one with complete with occasional jazz hands. Adam mixes and scratches on some imaginary decks, unable to resist moving to the music.

Z100 Portland
The sound is a bit tinny on these recordings as Adam does this set completely unplugged, without a mic. BTIKM - This seems to bounce along with a faster tempo than usual and Adam chooses some lower note variations.
Cuckoo - Adam has a lot of fun with this censored version, sometimes it's a wonder that he manages to stay balanced on his stool he's moving so much. Needless to say, his voice is in fine form.

Now 100.5
Another mic-less performance sat on the edge of a stage, I wonder whether Adam's wearing a baseball cap due to a bad hair day.
BTIKM - Ever-impressive vocals in a good performance. Despite the hat.

Alice 97.3
BTIKM - Control freak Adam is a little unhappy with the guitar volume, signalling for a number of adjustments. This isn't a wildly different rendition but still strong in voice, barring an iffy note near the end.
Cuckoo - Adam starts playing around with the tune a little here, introducing some rich low notes, the timbre of which is my favourite. The audience gets quite into this, shouting "Cuckoo" back at him.
Trespassing - It's good to hear a responsive audience that really gets into this one and Adam belts out some mighty impressive resounding notes.

Star 101.3
The sound quality is very good on these recordings.
BTIKM - A strong performance with some subtle changes at the climax.
NCOE - Adam gives a magnificent vocal for this hectic song with jaw-dropping power notes coming right at the end.
Cuckoo - I love the attitude with which Adam sings this, obviously having plenty of fun. His voice sounds delicious and he adds in a bit of improv.

Mix 106.5
Adam decides to hide his hair under a baseball cap for this event.
BTIKM - This is quite a smooth, mellow performance with a gentler vocal than usual, making use of falsetto rather than full belt.
WWFM - Quite a slow version with beautifully tender vocals. This has a very different bridge with Adam sweetly warbling his way through. Don't miss this.

Energy 103.7
This set is 100% unplugged, no mic, no amp.
Cuckoo - Adam really enjoys acting up to this one with his expressions and dramatics. Superb.

Star 94.1
This is another set where Adam wears a baseball cap. Unfortunately the sound on the recordings is unbalanced.
BTIKM - A consistently good performance without any new tricks.
WWFM - Adam's voice sounds tip-top and he plays around with the riffs on this version.

104.3 MY FM
This set of videos is excellent in quality and the sound is superb. Isaac returns with percussion for this acoustic set and Adam is wearing leopardskin leggings.
BTIKM - The drums make a huge difference, bringing a different, more dramatic feel to the song. Adam's vocals aren't vastly different to what we've heard before but as usual are flawless.
WWFM - The texture of Adam's voice here is simply gorgeous, especially during those high notes.
NCOE - This is an exhilarating performance and the addition of drums adds to the excitement. I much prefer the rhythms in the choruses here to those on the single. It's more drum'n'bass than house, with a deft light touch rather than the clunky repetition. There are less wow notes and little improvisation vocally but it's still a joy. Unfortunately the editing of this video has left some parts a bit out of synch.
Trespassing - I love this version, funky as hell especially with the inclusion of the stomping beat. But the video has the same problem as NCOE with parts out of synch.


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