Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Promo Rounds Chicago-Kansas-SLC-Seattle

Here's the playlist of Adam's promo rounds from Chicago to Seattle and some brief comments about each of the performances:

93.9 Lite FM
WWFM - Adam addresses the crowd as his babies and gives a spot-on vocal with lots of interesting little changes and riffs that are quite different from anything he's done so far for this song.
BTIKM - This splendid vocal is pretty close to perfect and it's great to see him having fun pointing at the audience and laughing at himself at the end.
Trespassing - This is a massively enjoyable one that's not to be missed. It's impossible to stay still through this. Adam stamps and provides his own bit of percussion at the start and it looks to me like he's demonstrating a higher tempo that he wants Tommy to follow with his guitar playing. He misses his cue for the second verse and laughs at himself. The stamping kicks back in later on as Tommy appears to slow down. His voice has the perfect roughness and rings with such clarity despite the rapid delivery. Fantastic stuff.

B96 FM
BTIKM - This one is another 100% unplugged performance without amps and mics. It seems to be a much more internalised affair without the outward expression for a targetted audience. He has closed eyes or looks at the floor for much of it, like he is deep in contemplation, in the zone if you like, singing for himself. Maybe it's partly due to the lack of mic focal point. The emotion is expressed is raw and I can't help but feel that we are looking in on him when vulnerable, at a private moment.  Not the best recording but a wonderful performance.

101.9 FM The Mix
BTIKM - Adam finds himself smiling through some of this and you have to wonder what he's thinking about. Pretty vocals with mic-frazzling belting.

99.7 The Point
BTIKM - This one has a super long glory note.
WWFM - There's a variation on the freak line and a wow moment towards the end as Adam stretches a big note and plays around with the melody.
Cuckoo - The first acoustic performance of this song, you can't help but move to it. Adam's in magnificent voice but I think it would work better with drums driving the beat.

Mix 93.3
BTIKM - This gets off to a slightly slow start but once it gets going, Adam's full voice is a joy to listen to.
Cuckoo - Adam can't resist dancing in his seat and censors the f-word in the lyrics. His voice has a bit of a rock edge and there's lots of improvisation towards the end.
Trespassing - A great energetic performance where Adam seems to hump his stool. I think it's meant to have an abrupt ending where Adam does the cut sign, but it seems Tommy is oblivious and keeps playing. It's all to our benefit through as we hear just that little bit more.

Mix 107.9
This is another mic-less set.
BTIKM - It's a quiet start but you can really appreciate the volume range at which Adam sings.
WWFM - Adam's voice sounds so sweet and smooth here in this mellow performance with great use of both falsetto and belt towards the end.
Cuckoo - Adam leaves out the F-words in this rendition and rouses the audience to laugh as he swings an imaginary lasso while sitting on an imaginary horse for dancing. There's a lot of thigh-slapping and improvising towards the end.

97.1 ZHT / My 99.5
BTIKM - This one is sweet and floaty with an impressive crescendo.
Cuckoo - Again, Adam leaves out the swearing in this very fun version where Adam's wonderful voice shines.

106.1 Kiss FM
BTIKM - Performed live on air in the studio, there is excellent quality sound on this recording. Adam's voice sounds velvety smooth and so close. We get to hear a very different set of notes at the end as he continues to make every single performance unique.

Amazon Fishbowl
This was a corporate event at Amazon's HQ.
Trespassing - Adam's voice sounds full and brilliant with that gorgeous and slightly rough tone.


  1. these are some of my absolutely favorite performances of his, so pure and his astonishing talent really shines