Monday, 28 February 2011

Fantasy Springs - One Year On

It's been a whole year since I fairly casually woke up to watch some videos of Adam in concert. I didn't follow what happened, just decided to go to YouTube and see. What resulted was a physical reaction to the videos of the performance. My hair stood on end in goosebumps, my spine tingled and my breath got taken away. Right there and then I knew I was witnessing something special because I compulsively hit repeat like an addict needing another hit.

One year on, that concert and that WLL is still peerless. It's still my favourite, a favourite for many, still being watched regularly and we still recall it as stuff of legend. It has stood the test of time, testament to the power and the impact that performance has had on us all.

Here's a playlist of all my edits for that concert:

I haven't gotten round to finishing all of the set yet and many videos have since been removed so if you'd like to help me, I'm looking for lossless rips of original YouTube files (especially those from lekispop) or raw footage.

I find it a little bit surprising that after such a long time, FS hasn't been topped. Why hasn't this happened, and should it have been? Adam is one to keep pushing the bar so why hasn't this one been hurdled yet? One of the things about it is that it was unique. We haven't seen the same set list or the same desert-dwelling witch outfit whipped up by the elements since then, so there haven't been any direct comparisons of which a later concert has compared favourably. Subsequent concerts were hindered somewhat by structure, repetition, choreography. But I feel there's much more to Fantasy Springs being special, there was something momentous about the occasion. It was Adam's first solo concert and not only was everything fresh, exciting and surprising, it felt so alive, magical even. To use one of Adam's favourite subjects, it was like all the planets aligned and everything came together to give us that perfect moment. It was like there was a mysterious desert wind which threaded an energy through each performer, connecting each and every person like a sixth sense and the music just effortlessly flowed. I felt we saw Adam at his very best - open, natural, free-spirited, creative and spontaneous. With a new album and new music in the making, surprise will come more easily. I'm confident the mood and energy will be recaptured and there'll be more Fantasy Springs moments to come.

Well we can't have an anniversary without presents now, can we? In the year since then, I've picked up more sound editing skills and have re-mixed the audio for WLL, targetting most of the audience speech and screams. I used the excellent wav recordings from tinafeapf and swflaboy to create the files. Uncompressed wav format is also included because this legendary WLL deserves to be listened to in the best quality possible. You can listen to a compressed preview below though the downloads are much better in quality. Enjoy!

Download FS WLL (without band intro) mp3 - 17.03MB
Download FS WLL (without band intro) wav - 75.08MB
Download FS WLL (with band intro) mp3 - 19.82MB
Download FS WLL (with band intro) wav - 87.40MB


  1. You put it so eloquently, AO - as always. Fantasy Springs is a memory all of us ADAM fans will forever remember -even tho I wasn't there. Thank you SO much for this visit to that memorable night! I have been a fan forever, but will always remember that night as being a defining moment of ADAM'S amazing potential and the wonderful moments he continues to give us. He never disappoints - he always amazes us with his talent.

  2. Is there any way to get a higher bit rate for your songs like 256 or 320?

  3. Anonymous, you're welcome! I think that concert really cemented my fandom. I'd started to think that maybe the way he made me feel through music had plateaued but this was like an adrenaline shot straight to the heart. It was an intense feeling and is still affecting.

    Ronnie D, the raw wav files - the format in which they were recorded - are there. You can't beat those on bit rates. As for the mp3s, they are 320kbps.

  4. Hmm the one I downloaded was at 128. I will try again though. Love your video edits and have been following you for some time. Thanks!

  5. Hi, Lambo,
    So long time to write on your comment space since last time. I have been following you on twitter and enjoying your site as always.
    After watching Adam's 7 GNT concerts in LA, Seattle, Costa Mesa, Japan ( I met Bani at Tokyo show, btw) and Honolulu last year, I still remember the FS concert I attended last Feb. as the most memorable. Though it was a very long drive from L. A. with thunder, rain, and lightning on the way, my girlfriend and I thought it was way well worth the trip. You are so right. There was definitely "Something special and intense" about this particular concert and especially WLL. I felt electric chill on my spine when he started WLL at the end of the concert.
    I didn't know what to expect, being at his first solo concert. I just wanted to see him in person and listen to his angelic voice so that I can believe that he really exists. And I witnessed way more than I went for. Though I am severely suffering from Adam Withdrawal at this point, I think he will tour again next year, followed by his next album's release this fall.

  6. Ronnie D, thanks! There are other performances that are only 128 where that's the highest quality I've been able to obtain.

    hagoromoaya, thanks for dropping in again! It sounds like a really dramatic and beautiful trip to FS which I'm sure added to your experience. Maybe the thunder and lighting inspired Adam as well! What do you think? Looking forward to the next part of the journey.

  7. Thanks for bringing me here again through twitter!
    Can never get enough of this! And a new better download never hurts.

  8. mariep, you're welcome! This performance deserves to be heard in the best possible quality. What I'd do for a pro recording...