Friday, 11 February 2011

Glam Nation Tour DVD Preview

We've been waiting for this for what seems like the beginning of time. Even before the start of the tour we all wanted a DVD with professional quality sound and video. Now we finally get to see the previews on Adam's Vevo channel. So far we have Fever and WWFM from the concert in Indianapolis:

I'm thrilled to be getting a clean audio recording, but after having spent so long tarting up videos to try to see Adam better, I can help but feel left wanting. I guess I have to blame Adam, for not realising how compelling he is to watch and how a hardcore fan such as myself wants to do it without such impediments as obstructing objects, shaky camerawork, frustratingly epileptic editing and wide-angle shots where he looks miniscule. I'll concede that the wide-angle shots suit some of the Fever choreography but I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of close-ups for WWFM where I want to see his facial expressions emoting the lyrics. On the plus side, I love the performers' view shots from the back of the stage which give me butterflies. Not to mention the surreal feeling of needing to pinch oneself walking out on stage in Adam's boots, performing in front of full house after full house on his sell-out maiden tour. What do you think of it? I guess I won't be retiring from editing videos quite yet.


  1. So agree with your post! Ordered 4 copies of the DVD but would have preferred to see Adam be front and center for everything. Keep editing your own videos.

  2. Yes, the only thing that's missing is the wonderful closeups. At least, thanks to you, we still have your online video edits for getting the up-close-and-personal views (face and GB).

  3. Well, I must admit we are spoiled. I loved the clean audio and the black and white paused frames in between. But we would never have enough of his close up shot & the expressions on his face. Thanks God we have the talented Glambert to turn to. ;) Yes, you! ;) And my favorite one so far, is your edited version of WLL sang at Fantasy Spring.

    Thank you and welcome back. K ;D

  4. As I watched these two preview videos, several things went through my mind. First of all, I am so thankful that we will finally have a high quality permanent archive-quality DVD of the Tour, since any that I myself recorded during performances are fun to see but are shaky (literally..) at best, and although I am eternally grateful to my great friend Suz526 and others, including your fabulous edits (yes, yes, yes to WLL FS OMG! my favorite Adam performance ever...and your edit is the ultimate), it will be nice to have the "official version" that can be purchased in stores. Another thing that came to mind is that it is too bad we didn't get a "dual" DVD set of two, one that is this version, the "whole picture" where we see the stage, the dancers, the audience etc., but then another DVD where we focus only on Adam in close up, with no cuts to anything else, which I must admit is my focus when I am there experiencing the real thing! Then, after I leave the concert I must go to the vids online to see the "rest" of the concert experience! And lastly, I can hardly wait to see this on the big screen in the comfort of my own home, where I can sit back, relax and experience Adam's magic again and again, although it will never be the same as being there in person, in the midst of the screaming, dancing crowd, and being in the electric presence of this superstar on the rise. Oh, and I am also so happy to think that this will allow not only those who were not able to get to a show the opportunity to see the show in its entirety , but it will also perhaps bring in a whole new group of people who will pick it up to see what all the talk is about,
    "this Adam Lambert guy..what makes him so special"?? Well, they are about to find out!

  5. No, please don't retire from editing videos! I LOVE your enhanced versions but, have to admit, that I am looking forward to this CD/DVD, if for no other reason than the audio. I've ordered two already. Am thoroughly enjoying the ADAM media saturation right before the Grammys. What a delight to see him on TV so often! Now, let's just hope he takes home that Grammy tomorrow. If not, there's always that next album, which sounds (by his telling) absolutely wonderful.

  6. I agree ( as usual) with your critique - I think Adam is going to have to take over his own production of albums and DVD's just as he does every nuance of his live performances - because RCA just doesn't do him justice - ever!

    You and Suz526 could have put together a great DVD of the BEST of GLAM NATION - rather than just a video of any old tour stop ( OK - happened to be where Adam was born)- but GEEEZ isn't it about the music?

    We've already talked at length about the shoddy production which RCA foisted by using big names but relatively little priority focus on the Golden Voice!!! Adam has recently been quoted as saying that he'll have a hand in production on the next album and will "put the vocals forward." We love his diplomacy - but OMG the Idol Studio recordings were better than the RCA album.

    Now we're hoping the live CD will be better for listening - but of course, the DVD is done as cheaply as possible ...I'm buying it, of course, for the live CD and so that Adam can get paid a little bit. Thank God he's such a thoroughgoing performer so that he can sell out the live tour virtually as his own creative director along with Monte AND the headline performer.

    Our Adam could produce his own Broadway show if and when he decides to do it - So thank God we have you to give us some decent edits and some quality music downloads while we're waiting for him to either take charge or fire RCA - I hope he only has a 2 album contract with them.

    Welcome back, my music loving friend. You are an esteemed and valued member of the ever growing Glambert family.

  7. Anonymous, thanks! Even though he's not front and centre, I'm going to order a load anyway too! I think the best medium through which to appreciate Adam is video because he's so interesting to watch. Hopefully they'll put in a lot of promo as I really think it's a great opportunity to win him many more fans.

    bonniedesa, if only my edits were shot in pro quality! I guess the DVD isn't only for die-hard fans who want to see as much of him as possible.

    K(*Glitter*), thanks! FS WLL is still my favourite performance. We've come a long way since then and it's great to see that fans have invested in quality cameras to bring us HD. I'm actually considering re-doing the FS WLL video because I have better skills & tools at my disposal now. In terms of edits though, I think the Amsterdam encore is my best so far.

    glitzylady, it's going to be fantastic to have, a lovely souvenir of the tour. I wonder if it was Adam being self-conscious, or his loyalty to his Glamtroupe and wanting them to be part of it, that was the reason for the lack of close-ups. I find it fascinating that even after all this time, we're still watching, thinking and talking about that FS WLL, a testament to the impact and genius of that performance.

    Anonymous, I think I'll continue to churn a few out, don't worry! The DVD will probably make me lazy though, so I should probably finish any edits in progress before I get my hands on it! It's a shame about the Grammy result but I'm feeling nowhere near as disappointed as I was at the AI result. Onwards and upwards!

    Francess40, We don't know for certain how much input Adam had into the DVD, but according to the mod on AO, it seems to have been a lot. Apparently its release was delayed because Adam wanted to get it just right.
    It isn't practical to film every concert in pro quality for the possibility that Adam might give his best performance. Adam seems to just go with the flow in the heat of the moment so it's impossible to predict where he'll be at his best. It may even be that Adam wanted to avoid being overly sexual on the DVD as I'm guessing its purpose is to win over people on the fence as well as feed the hardcore! If only there were pro recordings from Paris/Amsterdam/Cologne, my favourite stops on the tour.
    Like you, I'm thrilled that the voice is going to take centre stage on the next album. Hopefully he'll have more time to get it just right.
    Thanks for the warm welcome back! Look forward to getting the DVD and the excitement of album II.