Friday, 11 February 2011

A Flailworthy Return

What a great time to return when there's so much to celebrate! Thanks for sticking around! I really needed that time off after the exhaustion of Glam Nation.

Here's what I missed in the past month in a very brief summary:
And we've been spoilt rotten in the last couple of days with all the publicity appearances:

The Talk

Adam looks fresh-faced and happy as his disarming charm "Don't let the nail polish fool you!" reminds us why we all fell for him. If his vocabulary "rambunctious", "rudimentary" doesn't quite do it for you then his hero fireman or primal caveman certainly will. This appearance is made of win and it's impossible to keep a straight face as we see the love and excitement pouring out from the fans who are just too cute.

Extra TV - The Grove

Adam looks every bit the rock star that he is. That gilet is so retro-space but also reminds me of Michael Jackson's red Thriller jacket. The dulcet tones as he goes into a very brief a capella line from WWFM are just too painfully short and leave me wanting more.


Adam performs an acoustic version of WWFM for the first time on TV, and since I haven't heard his voice for a while, I'm hit by its agonising beauty. It's so velvety and breathy and rich and soothingly mellifluous all at the same time. The start of the arrangement is similar to the Berlin NRJ performance where Monte gently picks the guitar and Adam whispers. Even after hundreds of performances, Adam still finds a way to refresh it for hardcore fans. There are changes in the timing and phrasing with the delayed "What DO you want from me?" making the question more direct and poignant, and much less defensive. The picking changes into a strum with the vocals building up to an unexpected intensity towards the end. The crescendo is stunning. I much prefer it when he stays away from his falsetto for "So DON'T give up". Sometimes this part can sound a little snatched or shouty when he stays in full voice but here the notes are given room to expand, sounding so smooth and full and resonant I just want to eat them up.


  1. out of million versions of WWFM, this one is my very favourite. LOVE "but now here we are" part (3.00) where monte stops and adam closes his eyes and then opens them in surprised & happy kind a way...adaorable...the best....LOVE this man...(i hope you come back to us with more writing, miss you)

  2. Anonymous, thanks for reminding me of that! Just watched it again and can see exactly why it's so endearing. As it's been fairly quiet, I've been getting on with real life but there will be a post very soon!

  3. I just came across this post. LOL, thank you for linking to my uber-flailing Twitlonger post. It's been six months since The Talk, and I'm STILL not over it! (Neither is my friend, Jazzy.) That was seriously the most miraculous day of my life (thus far), and I feel blessed that I had that opportunity to show my love to Adam, to SING to him, and get that epic hug from him. Even looking at the video, I still have to remind myself that I WAS THERE, and it wasn't a dream, but a dream-come-true! The framed "Peace" photo, the ALFC Calendar, and the Acoustic Live CD (all autographed by Adam) are my most prized possessions (I even kept the ribbon that tied them all together! LOL!), but his hug and his laughter were the best gifts of all. One more thing: have you noticed that Adam hasn't been "shopping" his lip freckles out as much since The Talk?

  4. missnisha6849, thanks for dropping by, you were AWESOME! You represented us Glamberts so well and I'm really impressed you managed to keep it so together to sing AND dance! Thanks to you, we got a couple of classic moments with the lip freckle reaction and Adam's little jig in front of you! Now that you've mentioned it, I have noticed the appearance of lip freckles more recently, but the photos have mainly been candids. I guess the photoshoots will be the test to see whether he wants them on show! Your description of events is a total blast to read, makes us feel like we were there with you in the excitement as your words jump off the page. So I had to include it! Love your enthusiasm, even six months on and thanks for letting us in on your incredible experience!