Thursday, 2 June 2011

Uncuff Me

There's a lot of symbolism that can be attached to keys and as a result, here's the last of my Adam tattoo-inspired T-Shirt designs. Where the previous design of the heart lock was meant to represent the emotional side of the Adam Lambert Effect, the handcuffs aren't just something a bit kinky but represent the physical side. How many of us have cast aside our shackles of convention and felt free to try something we'd never dreamed of because of Adam? How many of us have travelled, embraced random strangers, found that extra bit of bravery and enriched our lives with new experiences? How many of us have unleashed our creativity and have gone on to make something, to learn new skills, to share something and in turn, unlock something in others? I think you get the picture. If any of you get an offer from Adam to stick his key in while wearing these designs, I will die happy. Click the pic!

Adam Lambert key tattoo

Again, I wanted to retain some consistency in terms of style by using elements from the tattoo. The handcuffs have a harder feel to my previous efforts, in keeping with "Less rhinestones, more leather" for the upcoming era. The print I've chosen uses shiny metallic material.

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