Thursday, 16 September 2010

Glam Nation: Atlanta II

This is my first post in ages and the first full concert I've managed to watch in over a month. What an unbelievable concert to return to! I'll be posting playlists for all the other concerts soon but it's unlikely I'll be able to comment on them all. Here are my picks for this concert:

I haven't been able to see how the set has progressed over the past month so some of my observations might seem a little old. This is Longineu's last concert with Adam and he will be missed. RoF includes some different trills and it's a welcome change to get caught out when I think I can memorise every single note. Fever is kiss-free and the high notes are as bright as ever, even after so many concerts. I notice that there is a wind machine and realise it must be really hot as Adam descends the stairs during Sleepwalker without his long sweeping coat. It gives the performance quite a different feel, less brooding without that added visual punch. Monte gives us a blur-fingered virtuoso solo, the intricacy having increased a heck of a lot in one month. There's a bit of cheeky grinding up against Tommy during SFW and the Strut coat only stays on for one song.

We have a different-sounding solo from Cam where the electric effect is off and the result is that we can appreciate it more because we can hear the detail. Longineu gives us a very long solo for his final introduction and there is a touching moment as he runs to the front of the stage to give Adam a hug. There's more naughtiness with Tommy's bass and I think I can see Monte shrinking away from Adam just a little before he's reassured it's all platonic. Adam provides the commentary while his dancers show us their moves.

The band all return to the stage for TCB wearing ridiculous dreadlocked wigs in honour of Longineu. Adam also has a freshly applied coat of black lipstick and feather boa. The result is hilarious as they all play up to it, having fun headbanging away. It's one of the funniest performances yet, with the visuals being so at odds with the music. Adam throws the wig but has to ask for it back as it's an essential accessory for the reggae-infused WLL. Yes, that's right, REGGAE WLL! It has a cool vibe to it even though it doesn't really fit the song lyrics. Reggae to me is about laying on a beach getting stoned with a nice cold cocktail, bouncing in slow-motion at most, but too lazy for giving or receiving any love. Adam isn't impressed by the huge white briefs that are thrown onto the stage and says he likes them high cut. The WLL turns into the heavier rock version, finished off with plenty of obscene tongue-action.

There are hugs all-around at the end, with Monte calling him 'Adam Motherfucking Lambert' and Longineu, encouraged by Adam, stagedives to top off his Glam Nation tour. I'm not sure how well he was caught though, from the videos he doesn't seem to be surfing on a sea of hands, he just kind of disappears for a bit. Anyway, it's great to be back!


  1. Lovely to see you back, flower :) I have missed these recaps so much, and your 'fettled' videos. You and Suz526 are an essential adjunct to Adam F. Lambert enjoyment. Thankyou

  2. Dee Wallace, Canada16 September 2010 at 16:53

    YOUR BACK! Woohoo, you were missed!! Plus you did miss some pretty grande concerts, like New Orleans e.g. Will be eagerly watching for your brilliant analyses and genius editing. :)

  3. Welcome back! Hope you will be covering his Asian and Euiropean tours-----can hardly wait to see them because he is such a favorite on both continents!

  4. Welcome back! have you got your ticket(s)for UK GNT?

  5. WELCOME back! Yeah! The gangs all here. You have been greatly missed. I pray all is well.

  6. Oh, GREAT to have you back. How are you? We've all missed you so much. I was a mess trying to sift through youtube and find Adam vids and as a consequence missed many concerts. Have also missed your unique commentary. Welcome back!

  7. Thanks for everything you do. I 'bout went crazy this past month (only my 2nd AML show saved me) waiting for you to get back. I musta clicked on your (bookmarked)link every other day. Really, if Adam and All aren't paying you and Suz to go 'round the world, they're missin' out. You do a lovely job!!

  8. Dear Lambosessed, thank you for coming back. I kept on visiting your page and finally paid off. If you have the time, please take a look at this performance oof Adam in Houston: and tell me what you think. I respect very much your opinion. By the way I think this is his best interpretation of that song, but I don´t know about music. Was it technically as good as it sounds to me?

  9. Hi there! I thought of you quite a bit this last month and missed you. I've never posted on your blog before but checked it often and always enjoyed your work. If you are going to start doing your amazing 'improved versions' of GNT shows, let me know. I've put up a (sort of) database of GNT video resources (even not completed yet, it might be of some help). You can find me on ALOFC.

  10. Welcome back, so glad I checked this site today! I'd about given up, since Planet Fierce is not up either I was suspecting a conspiracy LOL. Love watching your playlists and reading your comments, thank-you so much, what a gift.

  11. IGoByManyNames, thanks for the warm welcome back! I'm still intending to whittle down playlists for all the concerts I missed but some of them have nearly 100 videos - a heck of a lot to sort through!

    Dee Wallace Canada, out of the ones I missed, which ones have been your favourite concerts?

    Anonymous(es), I look forward to seeing the reception he gets internationationally. I don't have a ticket yet but there are some knocking about so I think I should be OK.
    Thanks for the video, there are some mightily impressive vocals in that Houston Sleepwalker. If you'd like me to nitpick, there are one or two notes that sound a little bit unpleasant but it's inevitable when there are so many notes in those off-the-cuff riffs.
    I was surprised to see that Planet Fierce had shut up shop when I came back, but there is now a replacement.

    Adamspirit, all is well, thanks! I enjoyed my time off but it's getting increasingly unlikely I'll be able to get round to watching every performance.

    jo_blue, I'm doing fine, thanks! Had a very busy outdoorsy month which I really enjoyed. I'm still intending to finish summarising every concert I missed but it's going to take a very long time!

    Glittzchick, thank you so much for sticking with me! Hope I can keep it up. If only being a fan could be a full-time job, I'd be sorted!

    GLb, thanks for posting finally! I'll keep you posted via this blog/twitter/YT. I don't spend much time over at the fan club, I just don't seem to manage to find the time these days.

  12. Thank you so much Lambobsessed, I was the one who asked you about the Houston video. I'll keep visiting your page and enjoying your selections of Adam's videos.

  13. I'm honored. TYSM for choosing my vid (I'm aka cos2mwiz) but just curious, what is your criteria? After having finally watched all my Tabernacle vids I thought that Fever was OK but the double encore was the pinnacle of my entire summer. =)

  14. lv2bliberal, thanks for all your beautiful vids! How come you removed a couple of them though?
    I usually choose the most complete videos with best angles and overall picture / sound quality. It's quite subjective though. I try to avoid videos with frustratingly shaky camera work or obstructions. Sometimes I might choose a lower quality video because it's better placed to capture key moments during the performance or we get a better view of the dancing/gyrating. For dancier numbers I lean towards wide angle videos to appreciate the whole production while I prefer the super-close-ups during the acoustic songs.
    I know what you mean about the encore - I think that might be my next edit!