Monday, 13 September 2010

Glam Nation: New Orleans

Spiritual home of Glam Nation. Adam walks down the stairs with voodoo staff. The band are all wearing feathered masks. Adam gives Tommy nipple twist during the opening number. At the start of Fever, Adam removes Tommy's mask before mauling him, relishing it with a lick of lips. We have a floorwrithing TCB encore.


  1. I'll never forget this awesome concert when everyone came out on stage with masks. My co-worker got tickets the day b4 & drove from Houston to New Orleans. It was totally worth it. Especially bumping into Adam on Bourban Street & seeing Drake LeBray go up to the Iron barred VIP room upstairs. Drove back just in time for work Monday morning running on Glamfuel! No sleep for over 36 hours! It was so worth it <3