Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Glam Nation: Puyallup

This is the last stop before Glam Nation goes international and although it's been fantastic, I have to say, I think we all need a bit of rest. The amount of media that has come out of the tour has been quite overwhelming and it's been hard work trying to stay on top of it all. Here's my playlist:

For this concert, Adam has blue eyebrows and a glittery blue widow's peak fronting a thick and spiky mohawk. We have a nice little descending guitar lick at the start of Fever where Tommy sucks on Adam's finger. There is another amazing guitar solo during Sleepwalker and the usual staggering vocals. Adam talks about riding the rides in the fair at the start of WWFM, quite a fast-paced one but sung exquisitely. I realise that after so many Soaked performances, I'm still in love with that haunting note. There are some welcome changes during Aftermath where we get a bonus big note as the cherry on top. I realise it must be quite cold as the stripy coat stays on after MA. IIHY has Adam commenting on Tommy's boots and he acquires a feather boa that he later drapes over Tommy's shoulder. The encore is TCB which starts off with Monte doing a heavy 'Enter Sandman' riff.

After what seems like forever, the rest of the world can finally get to experience Glam Nation. I can't wait!


  1. i hope he sings this on Saturday, can't wait to see him at the F1 concert.

  2. I adore you, Adam, but pls - no more Vanilla Ice hair or Mohawks. The soft hair falling in your gorgeous eyes, with the glitz and uber-sexy movements, is HOT. But the stiff extreme hair along with the theatricality and drama of dance and expression (which I love, by the way) subtly changes hotness to hardness, creates a Vegas-y vibe, almost a drag queen effect (which is fine, but that's not your persona.) Alpha Male chest pumos contrasted with soft hair and glimmery eyes is the formula.

  3. Make that "pumps."

  4. sjfalex, how was your concert? Hope you had the best time, would love to hear all about it!

    Anonymous, I'm not a huge fan of the shaved sides, but I do like the stiff and extreme hair of his. There's a big difference between watching the concerts through the videos and watching him live. I agree it may look a bit much through the videos but for the fan who's at the back behind thousands of people and can't see very much, that big glittery hair makes all the difference!