Monday, 27 September 2010

Glam Nation: Singapore II

It seems very strange seeing a Glam Nation concert in the sunshine as I've been used to seeing Adam appear out of the darkness. The costumes are more suited to the evening but many of the band members have adapted by wearing sunglasses. It is unusual that there are no costume changes. There's a lot of flirting going on during Fever but no kissing. There's very little video so far but I'll post what we have anyway:


  1. Fever:
    Too cute how he tugs at his shirt twice when the fan blows it up exposing the mic pack belt!
    He's so shy :)

  2. Toni, thanks, you just made me watch that video several more times staring at his hands and at his midriff! His modesty is just another thing that makes us love him.

  3. AB, just want to say welcome back :) You're lucky you've had a break, watching all the concert vids over the last month has been exhausting (need a lie down) lol. How was your Adam detox btw?? I'm going to 2 concerts in Australia - Sydney and Melbourne (not sure yet whether to vid them or not - I've waited so long to see Adam not through a lens or square shape of some sort, yet I know people NEED to have them). And I won the Adam M&G lottery - will be meeting him in Melbourne. Only 17 more sleeps to go ..... (Nikki)

  4. Hi AB, you've done an incredible job once again. I almost went to this performance but decided on the Malaysian concert instead because it's indoors - it would have been so hot watching him there. Anyway, your posts are just increasing the anticipation, day by day as he gets closer and closer. Eeeek, it's too exciting. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get video or not, but if I do, I'll try to send them to you.

    I hope Nikki above posts a comment about her M&G with Adam. How lucky is she!


  5. Nikki, That's fantastic, congratulations! I'm already getting excited for you! Have you prepared what you're going to say to him yet?
    If I were you I'd probably leave my camera at home for at least one of the concerts. I tried to video in London but it diverted too much attention away. If you're going with a friend who's not a huge fan yet, then get them to do it!
    The detox was hard but I did spend lots of time in the great outdoors and it made me feel physically fantastic. It's the catch-up that has been completely overwhelming but I've finally done it.

    jo_blue, you only have 10 days to go now, I'm so happy you finally get to see Adam live! I don't think you should worry about videoing your first concert - just enjoy!

  6. Sharing the excitement with you is always a pleasure AB. And thanks for the advice on the video - makes perfect sense and is kinda how I feel about it. I'm going to the Melbourne concert with a friend who is a BIGGER fan than me. He's also coming to the M&G and is beside himself. (Hmmmm, wonder why? Mid-twenties, male, gay.....). So there's no way he'll be doing any vids lol. There are more possibilities for the Sydney concert though.

    My head is full of things I want to say to him, but of course it's impossible in the minute or less you have. So I've decided that it will be spontaneous - whatever happens when we look at each other is what happens. I really just want to say "hello" as two human beings, rather than have an "Adam Rock God/Adam Fan" conversation, if that makes sense.

    Not sure if you're not going to a M&G in your part of the world. But as a thank you for this wonderful blog that has given me countless hours of pleasure, if you have a favourite pic that you would like signed (apparently you get the full signature, not just a scrawl), just post the jpeg and I'll get it signed and send it on to you. (Nikki)

  7. Nikki, is your friend cute?! You know Adam has a soft spot for cute guys so maybe you might get an invitation to party with him! Yes, I've often wondered what I'd say to him if I met him. I'd like to think we'd be able to have an interesting conversation but I'm afraid that my mind would probably go blank.
    Thank you so much for thinking of me, you are so kind. It's hard to choose a favourite picture though. Maybe I'd go for one of those Glam Nation wallpapers I did, then he'd be signing something I've been involved in - it'd be like I'm there in spirit! Do you have a favourite photo?