Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Unplugged in Berlin

I'd been waiting for this to be released ever since hearing the incomplete version recorded off the radio. It's the sparsest arrangement yet, no drums, just Adam's breathtaking voice and Monte's guitar. It's so personal and intimate, seizing you through a vulnerable spot in your armour. It's like listening to Adam's heart breaking, with his voice so close and so bare as he pleadingly whispers directly into your ear to give him another chance. You can't help but empathise and ache with him.

The guitar starts off quiet and mournful then Adam breathily sings the most gentle and fragile of notes, adding emotion-laden quivers. He keeps it tender through the first chorus before Monte's picking turns into light strumming. He builds in strength and volume as the song progresses and we get to hear some of the grainy tone I'm particularly fond of. I love the embellishments he makes as he flows through the instrumental break before sombrely bringing it back down at the bridge. It's brought back up with frustration before a soft and resigned finish. At the very end, the exchanged look between Adam and Monte reveals a closeness and an understanding between them. It's like they're a colluding double-act and don't need words to communicate with each other.

Adam inhabits the song to give a very dynamic and rousing performance, even though he refrains from full belt. I could listen to it over and over again as it's one in which we feel closest to the heart of Adam's perfect pure vocal, a wonder of staggering beauty. I love this.


  1. Cried after reading your above comments on giving him a second chance, who the heck wouldn't? *tears*...the song just rips me into pieces anyway, add his beautiful voice and that acoustic version you gets floods of tears from me! <3

  2. I am moved to tears each time I hear this. it is my favorite WWFM. Adam's voice is perfection in my ear. I turn to jelly. Monte and Adam are perfectly synced to one another. Magic. I would love a professional DVD/CD recording of Adam acoustic.

  3. Oooh, what a lovely surprise to wake up to this morning. Just perfect. He's really amazing isn't he? Just when you think you've heard every version of the song imaginable, he comes up with more - and they get better. Is there no end to his genius?

  4. Where can i get this for my ipod?!

  5. Just BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for this version.
    Sorry for my absence. I moved and am doing renovations to our new home. We are so busy that I only have a chance to check in every so often. Have an extra room if you ever make a trip across the pond. Thank you for all you do. xxoo

  6. I'm speechless. This is now my favourite acousctic version ever! **heart**

  7. Thenetbabe, I hear you! I'm sure that even people who don't understand what he's singing about cannot fail to be moved by the beauty of that voice.

    Rikki, almost every time I hear a new WWFM, it becomes my new favourite! Credit to Adam and Monte for managing to keep it fresh after so many performances. I'm also hoping for a professional acoustic recording. It would probably have a much broader appeal.

    jo_blue, I think he's just gotten started and there's much more genius to come. When we think we've seen everything, he'll completely blow us away all over again.

    Anonymous, try terraj's site http://terraj.livejournal.com - I've linked to it in the sidebar should you need to find it again.

    Adamspirit, hi, and welcome back! I was wondering where you'd been. Hope everything's going well with the renovations. Have you been listening to much Adam as you've been working on the house? Thank you for the offer, I'll keep it in mind! Have you managed to get tickets for the Glam Nation tour?

    K(*Glitter*), I think it's a tough choice deciding which version I like best now. But in terms of acoustic versions, I agree with you.