Monday, 14 November 2011

Majors and Minors

This is something we'd been looking forward to for months and after a few delays, we finally got it. We already know that Adam makes a good mentor with his stints on AI and Project Runway but this one is a little bit different, being with a group of children who are preparing to put on a performance of WWFM:

I'm not one for going goo-goo over kids but it warmed the cockles of my heart to see all the flailing and squeeing so commonplace in this fandom, in miniature. They seemed quite precocious and perceptive, hitting the nail on the head when it came to describing Adam's poise and presence. Dressed as a casual rock star, he was very attentive towards them, giving much of that furrowed brow expression of intense concentration while imparting his wisdom through useful and supportive advice. I think his advice brought to the fore the fact that like any instrument, there are many intricacies to master when it comes to singing, such as using emphasis in phrasing and intonation to create an emotional connection to the audience, and how confidence and using your body can up your performance level. Adam makes it all seem so instinctive and easy. When he sings WWFM, he makes his voice sound so sweet that he's sure to always get whatever he wants with it, however major (or minor).

Here's something I made specially for the occasion:


  1. Thank you --you make it so easy to catch up, since I missed watching the show last night.