Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Voodoo Halloween

It's a bit late but I couldn't leave you on Adam's favourite holiday without a seasonal little treat: my edit of Voodoo from New Orleans, the place I consider to be the spiritual home of Glam Nation. I have to admit I cheated a little with this one and used Glam Nation Live to bulk up the sound a bit as we didn't get any good quality audio. Luckily for me, this is possible as Voodoo uses a backing track and doesn't vary as much as the other songs. Enjoy!

The opening chords of Voodoo often come entwined with a spinetingling moment as the dramatic silhouette of Adam against a full moon heralds the beginning of an excitedly anticipated set. This one is my favourite from Glam Nation for going that extra mile through the costume additions. Not only does he have the voodoo staff but the creepy troupe hide mysteriously behind their elaborate masks. Much attention to detail is paid through the snaky Brooke, creeping Sasha, marionette Taylor and undead Terrance choreography. The way that witch doctor Adam uses his voice at times is quite ghostly, seducing you into a trance at your pleasure and peril.

For more seasonal treats, visit the quotes and gallery of Adam's Halloween costumes through the years and Adam's Party City set, sung as a vampire with fangs in and all. And if you fancy a cute spooky T-shirt inspired by his Glam Nation Voodoo visuals, click the pic.

One other thing I want to write about is my belated flail which is fitting to mention at this time of year:

When Adam's tweet appeared in my feed during a twitter party, I had to do a double, triple, quadruple take to make sure it really was a reply to my tweet. I still find that I have to look at it occasionally to believe it happened. That tweet was just wonderful because he gave me much more than a simple answer. He fucking winked at me! He also complimented my choice of avatar (I guess it's also a compliment to himself) which is Adam in my favourite costume of his that I've cropped to focus on his commanding stare. I love that he looks so alien in it, like a Glamazonian ice queen. I really want to see him go all-out with his beautiful Halloween creations again. I guess it's not really surprising that he's a friendly drunk, all the more reason why he's someone I'd want to go out on the lash with and see what zany shenanigans would ensue. Sometimes I think he divulged a little more about that Halloween than initially suggested. With that random capitalisation, I do think that perhaps he didn't just have a good one, but an Ebeneezer Goode one, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I'm thrilled that my avatar reminds him of crazy fun times. If I'm not too late, have yourselves a crazy fun Halloween!

DOWNLOAD Voodoo mp3 - 3.52MB Alternative download link
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  1. Your visual effects in this video are STUNNING.

  2. I remember that tweet! Read it myself on Twitter, you lucky gurl you! So awesome that he answered!

  3. That Voodoo is awesome. I thought I've seen everything but I've never seen that one before. It really is beautiful and beautifully done by you. thank you so much for all your work.

  4. That was an awesome tweet from him. I flailed on your behalf. So happy for you. And this Voodoo is simply fantastic, thankyou. You just get better, bit like Adam, really.

  5. I think yours is by far the most comprehensive Adam-obssesed site I have seen... Your talent is extraordinary and I am enjoying every video you "improve" and every blog entry... Thanks for everything and keep up the good work... We are anxiously waiting for your posts.

  6. Beautiful edit and fantastic tribute to our Voodoo Master! I can not wait to see how Adam will continue to cast a spell on us!

  7. An impeccable job with your videos. Amazing work!!! Thank you.
    While i'm here i would like to tell you a story about Adam's Voodoo Stick. I travelled from far to be in New Orleans for the concert. Not only did I meet Adam that day, but also got to meet the lovely lady that designed the Voodoo Stick. We met after the concert at Parade; the bar where the after concert-party was at. She expressed to me that she had put in much effort and love into making this voodoo stick as a gift for Adam. Being from New Orleans she took pride in making it as authentic as possible. She explained that the elements & materials she used were all carefully selected, each having a specific meaning attached to it. A good Voodoo stick after all has the ability to empower, protect, and cast spells, as needed. She wanted very much that the stick would find its way to Adam but she didn't know how that was going to happen. Once at the venue she left it up to her daughter (as I recall) to find the way. Minutes before the show started, the daughter gave it to someone back stage hoping that Adam would receive it. Much to her surprise she was completely overwhelmed with happiness seeing as was here daughter to see Adam open the show with the Voodoo stick in his hand. It was a magnificent Voodoo stick and Adam knew exactly how to handle it like a master Voodoo Queen. He only used it for that one show in New Orleans, making this particular performance of Voodoo truly unique.

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments about the video and the tweet. It's wonderful to know you were there flailing with me!

    Anonymous 14:47, thank you for enlightening us with the story behind the voodoo staff. The fan did a fantastic job and I'm really happy Adam used it to make this performance that extra bit special. I love that Adam has often shown his appreciation of fans' creative pursuits by using them on stage. It must be the best feeling to see him with your work up there.