Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I Heart Acoustic Adam

As much as I love all the performances from the album so far, one of the things that got me so excited about Adam in the first place was his ability to sing one song a myriad different ways. He's a Magical Remix Machine: input any song and he'll use those same lyrics and same basic melody to give you something that sounds much better. He even has a vast array of settings to choose from to suit your mood. I've been listening to the album songs since November so alternative arrangements is something I've been really looking forward to. For them to have considerable impact, the audience needs to already be familiar with the songs, which would be around about now.

Rather than embed each video separately and to save you from waiting for the page to load, I've embedded a playlist with the clips in set order.

Adam has the ability to re-invigorate and extend the life of those songs we've grown tired of, and as I'd grown a little tired of hearing 'Whataya Want From Me?' over and over on the publicity circuit, these acoustic versions came at a welcome time. His voice is so delicately light and silky, and each rendition is unique in melodic improvisations. As for the person blathering on the phone, rude and ungrateful bitch should've given her ticket to someone more deserving.

Who would've thought I'd be so thrilled to hear Mad World again after the 50+ different performances of the AI tour? This is a beautiful version with a nice change in 'I went to school' and a startling crescendo on 'Best I've ever had'. We've already heard an acoustic guitar version of Mad World during a corporate gig but this has a considerably different arrangement and a different feel. This is why I think Adam has longevity - as soon as things start to stagnate, our Magical Remix Machine gets to work and wows us over and over again.

Fever edit:

After hours of work all I got was out-of-synch audio and stuttering on this edit because my little laptop can't actually cope with such high resolution video. Well, I'm glad I can at least watch it on YouTube! Though not quite to the same extent as the Wild Idol gig, it's a pleasure to watch Adam increasingly let loose on stage with such a physical performance. It's all very OTT and hilarious at times when he acts out the lyrics. He's bursting with energy as he dances and shakes his way through the performance with stellar vocals and feel-good factor. What I find interesting is his reaction just after he finishes which you can see clearly in this video. He pauses for a moment with a stunned look on his face, perhaps slowly gauging and registering the audience reaction before switching out of performance mode with a big smile.


  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I also like how you embedded the videos - very nice. So happy you are back!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Adam stripped is the best Adam of all....

  2. I agree with Lynn, it was very nice what you did with the videos. Loved the words you used to define Adam this time: Magical Remix Machine. Yeah!!

  3. I love me some wild Adam but these stripped accoustics are breath-taking and just shows the range this wild beast has and the un-deniable passion that he purges to all...

  4. Thanks AB for this arrangement. I re-watched it in this sequence. I was having fun and laughing my head off. And I agreed, Adam have the ability to sing Mad world in a way that we have never heard it before even after many times, and then fall in luv with the song again. BTW, acoustic version of WWFM was amazing. He made it so vulnerable and irresistible. I ended up just letting it on repeatedly.
    He is just simply amazing and I think I will never have enough of his music.

  5. Thanks so much for this vid. I think I died and went to heaven a thousand times watching Adam these last few days.
    We only have bigger and better for our BB in 2010.

  6. Whoa AB!!!

    Just caught your edit of the donors choose chat with Adam. Phenomenal. That was the best set of questions anyone has ever asked him. So glad I found it and saw you were a part of bringing it to the Adam fandom!!!

  7. AB - thank you for putting the re-edit of Fever. Glad to see the moves that were edited out back in .... "lets get inside your car". Today has been Adam heaven; that chat was phenomenal. I think Adam has a million or so new BFF across the globe. Nikki

  8. Hey AB:

    Me again....um....guess who's music the American figure skater performed to in the Vancouver Olympics...and won gold????? ADAM FLIPPIN' LAMBERT!!!! The man has the midas touch? I was so surprised when I check out the performance and Time for Miracles started up. Too funny.

  9. Lynn, thanks for the feedback. Maybe I'll continue with these playlists in future. I missed this performance - which skater was it, and which program was it in? Must see it!

    Anonymous(es), thanks, I just love his way of re-interpreting a song to give it a whole spectrum of different moods. And so many goodies recently, it's hard to keep up!

    Richelle177, there's such a contrast between this gig and his Wild Idol one. After seeing him give it his all in those physical performances, it's almost shocking to hear the beauty of his pure voice.

    k65535, I'm joining you there with never being able to have enough. I'm very very eager to hear those new songs of his.

    Nikki, you're welcome. It was my pesky perfectionism at work again! I'm not sure whether it was worth all that effort for those minor tweaks though, because the quality isn't as good. I've kept the original one in the playlist though, so it's possible to compare them side-by-side should you wish.

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbMk_fObrYc =
    Evan Lysacek Wins Gold for USA in Men's Figure Skating at Vancouver Winter Olympics!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1krjRu2_JhA - Shen & Zhao, Olympic Gold Medalists 2010, Skate to Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want from Me"

    These are two links. I just found the Chinese skaters' performance too!!! Wow!!!