Friday, 19 February 2010

DonorsChoose Live Chat

Watch the whole chat from start to finish, courtesy of AO:

To make things easier for you, I've summarised the video so you'll know where to go to in order to re-watch your favourite parts:

00:00 - 10:00
  • Who would be Adam's partner on the Amazing Race
  • What he plans to do with his tour jacket
  • His on vs off-stage persona
  • Helping up and coming artists
  • His favourite dessert
  • Assembling the band
  • What never fails to make him smile
  • What songs he'd like to cover on tour
  • His favourite thing about each band member
  • Which instrument he'd like to be expert at playing
  • How he writes songs
10:00 - 20:00
  • What other star sign Adam would be
  • Shooting a video for each song
  • Future American Idol appearances
  • How often he dyes his hair
  • The best and worst pick-up lines
  • His most memorable Burning Man experience
  • How it feels to have his songs sung back to him
  • The most difficult song to sing live
  • Whether he walks/talks/sings in his sleep
  • Fever lyrics
  • Going back to natural look/hair colour
  • The craziest thing to have happened on stage
20:00 - 30:00
  • Being in another reality show
  • The most interesting critique written about Adam's album
  • What he does when feeling insecure
  • Coconut drink 'plug'
  • Going back to his old apartment
  • Crushes on cartoon characters
  • What artists make him happy when he is sad
  • How Jewish he is
  • Whether he gets paid for photoshoots
  • 'Can't let you go' - new song on UK album
  • His cooking skills
  • Getting another tattoo
  • Which gadgets he can't live without
  • Advice he would give himself at ages 13, 18 and 21
30:00 - 40:00
  • How Allison and Kris influenced Adam on American Idol
  • How he feels about his image coming before the music
  • 'This is live, calm down, conspiracy theorists!'
  • 'Welcome to the jungle!' plant scene (34:00)
  • How the room-mates got picked on AI
  • Aesthetics he'd like to include in his music videos
  • Cheetos vs ramen
  • His drink of choice at an open bar
  • His favourite jewellery
  • How often he dyes his eyebrows
40:00 - 50:00
  • How to get more men to dance
  • What Adam would do during a zombie apocalypse
  • His strengths
  • Secret talents
  • His feelings towards female fans over 40
  • How he defines his eye and hair colour
  • Exercise regimes
  • His song 'Voodoo'
  • Why he didn't wear sunglasses during the group dance
  • 'Bonus round! This just in!' - questions to:
  • His thoughts about soulmates
50:00 - End
  • Icelandic artists
  • Whether Adam has seen ontd_ai
  • Setting up a fan club
  • An inappropriate question that he can't answer
  • Whether he will perform more covers/unreleased songs at upcoming gigs
  • His thoughts on sporks
  • What he thinks of plaid

It's a very insightful chat with great questions interspersed light snark and plenty of gif-making material. I noted that he not only compliments his fans for their resourcefulness but also at various points gives us gentle reminders not to get too crazy on him. Adam speaks very openly and I love the honesty and familiarity with which he addresses us. There's a load of info to digest, some of my picks for the most interesting are:
  • The band being a temporary one with Tommy initially auditioning for guitar, not bass
  • Adam's strong beliefs on the astrological make-up of the band
  • Wanting to cover 'Sweet Child O' Mine' and 'Enter Sandman'
  • How he uses melodies to emphasise certain lyrics in the songwriting process
  • Choosing songs because of their strong visual element
  • 'Can't Let You Go' being an indie/emo rock song with powerful vocals
  • Being averse to junk food but also not being a great cook
  • Kris being unhappy about being left to duet with Danny Gokey
  • His jewellery being very organised with dividers in his drawers
  • Psychology as a career path if he couldn't sing
  • 'Voodoo' being a dark industrial disco song with a hard electro beat and light breathy vocals
  • His lack of sunglasses during disco week's group dance was unintentional
  • He will be involved in setting up his new fan club, which Leila will probably run


  1. As I commented before, I loved this chat. Thank you so much, AB - you are the bestttttttttttttt.

  2. Lynn, you're welcome! Do you ever find that you have difficulty listening to what he's saying if you're watching him, or is it just me? I get quite distracted when I watch videos of him and sometimes have to watch several times!

  3. LOL You've edited out the commenting part. It's ok. We are already greatful for having the chat up here to watch. Many thanks. ~K *glitters*

  4. Luv it. Thanks for all the easy access. TY ~K *glitters*

  5. Hello adam, are you going to do a show in Quebec. I live in this place and I would like to see one of your show. thank you for responding.

  6. thank you for your answer, I repeat to you myself when you go do a show in Montreal or anywhere in Canada. Thank you again ...

  7. Anonymous,, fingers crossed he heads your way for the Glam Nation tour. Unfortunately, I'm just a blogger with no influence. Otherwise I'd request a private gig at my house every night!

  8. Ok but you think there is a way to talk to real Adam Lambert just chat.

  9., it would be quite difficult as he's so in demand. The only way that you can contact him directly is via Twitter, but he gets so many replies it's unlikely your tweet will get through to him.

  10. ok I'll sign up but how am I going to find on this web site?

  11. ok I'll sign up but how am I going to find on this web site?

  12. I can not find. how to find the official

  13. I thank you for everything even if you are just a blogger.

  14. I heard you were doing a show in Montreal. Is it true??

  15. I heard talk that Adam was doing a show in Montréal.Il is a way to have another ticket?

  16., sign up with AdamOfficial and onto their mailing list to get the codes allowing you to get the tickets first.

  17. I know but I have not received the first ticket for this show. It occurs in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Montreal

  18., It doesn't look like it's been confirmed yet so I guess you just have to be patient.

  19. I wonder if Adam handles himself of his Twitter.

  20., yes, he's personally in charge of his twitter.

  21. ok i know every one in here loves adam lambert and i do to because he is funny cute has some time for him self and he does every thing ok i really wish i could meet him but it is imposible because he is FAMOUS and well i am not but can sing and i wish the world could see it but what i wish the most is that adam lambert sees me sing so that would be awesome and i hope he reads this

  22. One of my friend told me she had Adam Lambert in his contacts I would like to know if possible

  23. Glam_toxic, you can contact him directly on twitter but he gets so many tweets he might not necessarily see it.