Sunday, 28 February 2010

Fantasy Sprung

WHOA! Fucking hell! Not quite what I was expecting... but Adam has sprung a wonderful surprise upon us with the most amazing acoustic renditions included in the set. This was the first time I didn't stay up for the stream and I'm feeling mild regret. What a morning it's been though, to wake up to these videos!

Before the concert, I'd been hoping that Adam would change up his look a little as he'd been wearing lots of dark colours under a trenchcoat. My wish was granted, with a new hairdo and a most fabulous costume. From the photos it looks like he had some blue dreads put in, instantly giving off a hippie vibe, especially with those tie-dye jeans. The full costume with the huge floaty sleeves and Zodiac vulture-feathers on his shoulders make him look like a desert-dwelling witch from a nomadic tribe, albeit of the glam variety. The first video I saw was WLL without these though, and my initial impression was of an inhabitant of a far-off exotic island, hair adorned with tropical flora and feathers, and lei around his neck. Or maybe that was just from the heat given out from that performance!

Here's my video selection so far in set order. All the videos are now here as an EMBEDDED PLAYLIST. I'll be updating it as better versions turn up.

I absolutely have to comment on the most incredible psychedelic arrangement and performance of WLL, which I think must be one of the sexiest things I've ever seen or heard. There's a lot that's reminiscent of Jim Morrison. There were no overt sexual gestures but what he achieved was purely with his voice and stage presence and was so sizzling hot. Whereas the previous renditions were pure sex of the sordid aggressive rip-your-clothes-off encounter, this one was a long slow hedonistic tripped-out throw-your-phone-away all-day love-in, teetering on the edge of blissful agony. His voice works you up and down, knowing when to stop you from boiling over but keeping you simmering, effortlessly stroking and teasing you into spasms of ecstasy. Whew! If I can manage to tear myself away, get my breath back and string together some coherent thoughts, I'll be back later.


  1. I'm absolutely speechless: three major concerts plus AOL sessions, VH1 and radio so far, and all of them are completely different in vibes, songs, moods... goodness, just HOW many faces has he? Never a boring day, so far!

  2. OMG What a Fantastic Fantasy! Wish I could have been there. Thanks for posting.

  3. O.M.G. Ik kan niet Beschrijven wat ik voel.
    Voel hot, sexy, emotionnel en ik kan Alleen huilen om Haar Erts hem.I dont no wat hij is een man van een andere planeet zien.
    Wish Ik was er Ik wil hem zien Haspel.
    (sorry voor mijn Engels)
    LOVE this site Bedankt voor al het werk

    Kiss from Holland

  4. kosh-1662, we've been quite spoilt recently but even so, I still can't get enough. This one has been the best so far, but I find myself saying this with every concert!

    k65535, you're welcome! I know how you feel. Adam has lured my whole Sunday away from me and I'm loving it. I've spent countless hours watching and re-watching the set

    Adamspirit, thanks. I think this concert has sprung many a fantasy! I'm not sure I would've survived if I'd been there in person. Stay tuned though, as I'll be constantly updating the playlist.

    marjamaasdam, bedankt voor ew commentaar! Don't worry about your English, I think we feel the same thing. Adam just has an amazing effect on us which seems universal.

  5. Adam unleashed! And man is he worth waiting for! WLL Fantasy is musical history. Thank you a million times for putting this together- you're a saint!!

  6. I am completely brown over but his performance on WLL. I couldn't recognize the song via livestream and luving it. It's so sexy and hot. I am practically hooked to this song and don't have time to listen to anything else except Broken open. I can't wait to hear your write up on Broken Open coz my mind is completely blanked when I am listening to the song. It's like my mind got shut down.
    p.s. Thanks for the better version of BO. LUV it. Tar. ~K

  7. I totally agree with K (glitter) above. I can't stop playing over and over. Also agree about B.O. I find it fascinating that people who are truly addicted to him are usually completely blown away by the same things - whether it's a new take on a song or a simple move or gesture.
    Adam B - can never thank you enough for making this fabulous career watching journey easier to follow. Loved the compilation of all his Donors Choose chats (and of course everything else you compile). Your hard work is so appreciated!
    Anonymous 5

  8. Wow! Beautiful and breathtaking! Thanks for posting.

  9. AB, I felt like a spoiled kid, who is expecting so many things from him. Thanks to all the brilliant and devoted fans, many of us got to "attend" and "participate" in every single event of his. Many of us have watched his AI tour in every single city. When we thought there would be no surprise, then surprise, surprise, Adam would prove us wrong.

    Anonymous 5, I think many of us are blown away by his WLL and BO, but I guess we all have our other favourites too. Those amazing ones were also discussed in many forums. Broken open was such a catch, I guess because it had never be sung on live before and people like me who was actually expecting Loaded smile to be sung in an acoustic version. And for WLL, we were so used to his teasingly visual and weren’t expecting this. I know how powerful his vocal is. I watched the Zoadic. But still, I can’t believe there is so much more in him that we still haven’t seen or experienced. Doing all that only with his vocal, I got no choice but to watch it over and over again.

    In short, I guess I am very lucky and blessed that, Adam enjoys to surprise us. And I believe that he will continue to. And for fans like us, surprises like this will only drive us more wild. I think I will never have enough and I will never want this to end! I am so happy that I am on this ride.

  10. Francess40, agree! I think we'll still be talking about this performance in years to come.

    K(*Glitter*), we've been so spoilt lately with so many videos to watch and I love that there is a great community in which we can share all of this excitement.
    Like you, I was very surprised he sang Broken Open. I wonder why he changed his mind in the end.
    I didn't think there'd be any surprises for a while as the album promotion is happening and he'd need to sing the songs as they are. So I'm surprised and thankful that he gave me this hot and most welcome surprise!

    Anonymous 5, it's funny that we can go crazy over seemingly inconsequential things but it's been such fun. Thanks and I'm glad you enjoy it here.

    Stacey, Adam takes breathtaking to a whole new level. I'm still panting even though it's been days!

  11. I know I've posted comments on some of your other vids, but I revisited WLL today on my walk via my iPod. It never fails to blow me away. Who, I mean really WHO else but Adam F Lambert would come up with such a masterpiece at his very first solo concert? The Jim Morrison/Doors vibe is incredible. The keening sounds he brings out at about 3:35 were jaw dropping. If you listen carefully, you can hear someone in the audience say in sheer amazement "Oh my (pause) f*ckin' god." I was there, but if I didn't have your fabulous edit, I would never have been able to recall the gorgeousness of this song as performed on February 27, 2010, in Indio, CA. I haven't heard anything before or since that rivals that performance, and I consider myself among the fortunate 3500 or so people who were there to witness it. Thank you again for all you do. You are amazing!