Monday, 4 October 2010

Glam Nation: Nagoya

Despite the strict security measures, I'm thrilled our ninjas came through with video. There aren't any background visuals, just Adam and a spotlight. One of the things that strikes me about this concert is that everyone knows all the words to the songs and they're all singing along beautifully. I love to see all the hands in the air and screaming at considerate times, which does wonders for the energy. It has a club vibe to it. Here are my picks:

The set is extended with FYE nestled in between Voodoo and DTRH. There's no intro to Aftermath but it's great to hear the audience clapping along. We can hear a pin drop at the end of Soaked, one of the most beautiful versions so far. It must be hot - Adam doesn't put on his stripy coat for Strut where someone faints. He plays with a towel during much of MA and my heart swells as he shoos the security people out of the way to stop them obstructing the fans' view. We can see one of them attempting to crouch for a while before giving up. The Encore is MW. Adam's eye makeup is super-dramatic and Monte has a shaved head.


  1. Thank you so much for your website and all the 1000 videos you posted and beautifully edited
    i run a fan page on Google + called Adam Lambert Google Glam - big active and relatively new page as i am Glambert since this July only but will be happy if you visit it and say what do you think and if there any suggestions from you to improve it

    Very thankful for your impressive work supporting our genius inspiration Adam Lambert
    Be Blessed