Thursday, 11 November 2010

Glam Nation: Copenhagen

I'm guessing the venue is nicely heated as Adam's shirt is open very low and the white shirt doesn't return for the final wardrobe change. He has soft hair and a bindi. He roughly grabs Tommy by the neck for a Fever kiss and grabs his nether regions at the climax. Again, Broken Open is missing from the set. For the band intros, Cam does a different solo and I've come to think of Isaac as a whippet with a goofy big-toothed grin. Tommy drops to his knees for the basswanking part and it's a pleasure to watch an enthusiastic crowd jumping with the music. The encore is TCB where Adam spanks Tommy, makes some suggestive and gestures, and is handed some boxer shorts with which he dabs the sweat off his forehead without missing a note. Here are my video picks:


  1. Thanks so much Suz for the great vids of which makes it seem like we are closer to Adam knowing you are there. He doesn't seem so far from home. How fortunate you are to be able to be at so many concerts. Keep 'em coming and thanks again for representin'.

  2. Pearliaj, what would we do without Suz eh? Love how she's always so quick to feed hungry mouths!