Saturday, 13 November 2010

Glam Nation: Munich

Adam has a slicked back pompadour, a hairdo that hasn't made an appearance for a while. The venue is a very small one with no projected graphics. When he loses the coat during RoF, it's unusual to see that his arms are fully covered up by the shirt sleeves and he comes to front of stage. He completely mauls Tommy during Fever with a hungry open-mouthed smooch. The audience makes a choir of backing singers for WWFM, Broken Open is missing and the ending to Aftermath is a beautifully soft one. The entrance to SFW is a slightly different one as he slinks down steps. Adam gets down onto the floor and Brooke does the splits during their dance. TCB is full of wriggly-legged shuffly dancing and Adam gets very excited with the lewd gestures flowing, ending up in an epic floorgasm.


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