Friday, 5 November 2010

Longineu's Dreaded Departure

Here's my latest edit of one of the most memorable, popular and funniest performances we've had so far. It's also the most complicated and time-consuming edit I've done, being a whole 15 minutes long. There are about 70 different pieces stitched together which took hours upon hours of watching each video at every single point to pick out the best frames for you. Enjoy!

The band all return to the stage for a TCB encore wearing ridiculous dreadlocked wigs in honour of Longineu. Adam's ones are particularly glittery and being as style-conscious he is, he wears it a little way back from his hairline to give him that well-groomed look, like he's wearing a hairband. He breezes onto the stage with a feather boa and freshly applied coat of black lipstick and I realise that this is Adam playing dress-up within the limitations of the Glam Nation wardrobe. I love the way he looks, there's something other-worldly about him, reminding me of a beautiful Predator. It's so lively on stage as they're all having fun headbanging away. Adam moves with such vigour that it sends an adrenaline shot to anyone watching. It's hilarious and manic and buzzing and pumping and chaotic and made of win.

Adam throws the wig into the audience but Monte has to tell him he shouldn't have done that. It's really fascinating to see the interaction between them. When Adam protests and justifies what he just did, Uncle Soy Sauce, cool as a cucumber, doesn't need to say anything, just starts playing the guitar. We can see it gradually dawning on Adam that the wig is an essential accessory for a reggae-infused WLL so he has to ask for it back. Every once in a while I'm reminded that Adam doesn't always sound perfect when he sings that comical little sound effect 'Ga-ga-ah!'. We can see such joy as Adam bounces along, trying to get Tommy to do the same. Tommy's wig, by contrast, is a ragged mess just sitting on top of his head and it actually falls off at one point. You can only see Monte's arm signalling to a roadie to put it back on for him here, but for the whole thing, watch geert1302's video.

Adam does some extraordinary wriggling during WLL and I love the way he chuckles to himself when he knows he's being OTT ridiculous. It's so fun to watch. The arrangement has a very cool vibe to it even though I don't think it fits the song lyrics. Reggae to me is about lying on a beach getting stoned with a nice cold cocktail, bobbing about in slow-motion at most, but too lazy for giving or receiving any sort of love. It does however pick up a few gears and the dreads come off, the electric guitar comes out and they prepare to rock. Adam isn't impressed by the huge white briefs that are thrown onto the stage, saying they need to be high cut. Another glimpse of the Adam-Monte relationship is revealed as they share a little joke. We get to appreciate Longineu's dexterous drumming one final time via a hectic but excellent solo and for once, the sound quality is up to doing it some form of justice. The song finishes with magnificent vocals and a flurry of obscene tongue-action.

There are hugs all-around at the end, with Monte calling him 'Adam Motherfucking Lambert'. We see Adam with a naughty expression after he pours water over Longineu, realising that he may have damaged some of the equipment. He can be seen sheepishly discarding the water bottle behind him, feigning childish innocence but fully aware of his mischief. It's unbelievably cute. Longineu, encouraged by Adam, stagedives to top off his Glam Nation tour. I don't think the crowd has quite enough time to prepare as he doesn't end up surfing on a sea of hands but disappears into the crowd. It's one of those performances that I don't want to end. Are you still smiling? Because I am.

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  1. Thank you, Thank you, your effort is VERY appreciated ! I carry your videos on my iPhone and enjoyed MANY as I drift off to dreamland .... dreaming of you know who ...

  2. THANK YOU! You really did this amazing concert justice...I was there, and watching your edit made me feel as though I was there again. Tommy and the wig was too came off a second time and either Adam or Monte put it back on him (can't remember which one) and it was obvious that Tommy wasn't crazy about it. At the barricades I was next to the woman that Longineu landed on...her neck was hurting and she told him and that he owed her a hug and a drumstick. He gave her the hug and seemed genuinely concerned for her, and promised to come back with the drumstick. An INCREDIBLE night that deserves to be immortalized with a great vid! So glad you made this edit!

  3. katesistergood, it's a pleasure to help with your dreams!

    Anonymous, you are so lucky to have been there! It's one of my favourite Glam Nation performances so far - so different, so fun and such a surprise. I don't think the audience was quite ready for Longineu's stagedive. I think they needed a bit more time to prepare by putting cameras away, putting their arms up and crowding in a bit closer to catch him! I think it might have been Tommy's headbanging that loosened the wig!

  4. I would like to download this but it says the MP3 file is deleted

  5. I would like to download this but it says the MP3 file is deleted