Monday, 22 November 2010

Glam Nation: Paris

Please excuse my lateness, it's been the most annoying time to have internet failure as it means I've been unable to watch all the videos for what has arguably been one of the best concerts yet. And there are a heck of a lot of beautiful videos. Here's my selection:

Adam is on fire in Paris, the Fever glory notes are astonishing and the way he jumps up into them is so effortlessly seamless. There's a bit of lyric fail in Sleepwalker as he sings 'I'm not awake but I'm not afraid'. This concert though, is all about the debut of a new encore, Purple Haze. With the lyrics on the floor, he sings with a powerful rock timbre and plays with the lyric 'Excuse me, while I kiss some guy'. As it's a Jimi Hendrix cover, I wasn't expecting it to showcase the voice with the focus to be on Monte (whose birthday was fast approaching), so it was a pleasant surprise when I first heard it. It seems that Adam loves Paris and decides to give a double encore. Asking the crowd what they want as a second, I'm surprised by the number of French-accented shouts for MW, so maybe the choice of songs on the acoustic EP isn't so ill-considered after all. It's an impromptu decision to do a fully electric WLL starting off quite slowly then cranking up the heat for a blazing performance. He sucks off the mic which is immediately followed by the most cartoonish expression of innocence and proceeds to finish on top of the steps in his back-bending rock star pose.


  1. I was there.. I never imagined that his voice was so beautiful and powerful. I'm still amazed..
    Thanks for your posts!