Thursday, 11 November 2010

Glam Nation: Stockholm

On this tiny stage, Adam gives a stellar vocal performance for Sleepwalker and there's something quite special about the crowd as they sing along 'walker, walker, walker'. We're lucky enough to be given a stunned silence during the a capella section to soak up the voice. The Swedish crowd don't get Broken Open but they do get a backbending TCB encore.


  1. I still can’t believe I was there, so close to a stage which in fact was very tiny. And whole venue was pretty small. After M&G I’ve got very good spot on a second row, Monte’s side. I did it on a purpose because I thought there would be lots of pushing on Tommy's side... Well but as it appeared later a little pushing was here too because I ended in a third row after Fever LOL But I still got good view though. Well I think I will tell nothing new about the concert itself, Adam is amazing performer! I knew already that Adam’s voice is fantastic live, I saw him in Heaven in London (can’t stop thank you for the ticket, Lambo!). But I wasn’t that close as in Debaser Medis. And of course it makes difference. Adam is really good dancer too, his moves are fantastic. One thing is what you can see on youtube but other thing is to see him dancing live. So organic and natural. Maybe I’ve used to Adam’s style but to me the show doesn’t seem theatrical at all. It was playful, lots of energy and fun and so tender during acoustic set. BTW I didn’t cry during Soaked. I think I was too excited about everything, so I couldn’t calm down :) I noticed that Adam is really looking into audience, seems like hi notice every single face. And I’ve got eye contact with him few times... He is looking really very intense into eyes and yes he is very flirtatious :))OMG I almost fainted LOL There were pretty boys too, I hope they got mega flirtatious smile and look from Adam :) Wish I could look more at the band and dancers but I couldn’t help, 99% of the concert I looked only at Adam. So that’s why I wish I could attend more shows and have different spots. I could get whole picture. However I am really happy for this one concert. I met fantastic people, had a great time and I’m looking forward for new album and new concerts here in Europe. And who knows maybe when I’ll see Adam next time he will perform on a huge arena and I will see him close only on a monitor and feel lucky that once I saw him in a more intimate concert. Diana :)

  2. Diana, thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed account! I'd really like to see Adam in a small intimate venue one day. I want to be close enough to hear his voice before it gets processed by the mic and the speakers. It's going to get more difficult as time goes on and he gets more fans.
    I hope the pushing and shoving didn't detract from your enjoyment. You just reminded me of the gig in Heaven where the crowd was scarily ruthless and I felt they could stampede at any point.
    I'm thrilled you finally got to meet Adam and look forward to new material and more tours too!