Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Enter Sandman, Auckland

Monte had been teasing us with those Enter Sandman riffs during the band intros for a long time so we finally got to see the full version on the special occasion of Tommy's birthday. It hasn't been repeated since. I'm afraid the quality of the source videos aren't great and the strobe lights played havoc with the cameras but I did the best I could. Here's my latest edit:

Adam with a wayward tuft of hair explains that it's one of Tommy's favourite songs and admits to not knowing all the lyrics. We get the cutest giggle just after he says it's going to be karaoke and asks us not to judge him. He performs the verses on his knees while reading the lyrics off pieces of paper stuck to the floor. Getting very frisky with the mic, he probably kills off all the fans in his firing line. Tommy gets a special birthday smooch, long and sloppy which he no doubt enjoys as he leans in, leg rising up to stop himself from getting swept off his feet. The thing that I love most about this performance is we get to hear a different side of Adam's voice that's more in line with his old Citizen Vein material with a much harder and heavier sound. His voice has added grit like a cutting Axl Rose wail and it's effortlessly powerful. In contrast to the Metallica growl, it's also surprisingly mellifluous and bright like a beacon, carrying a seemingly impossible amount of melody.

DOWNLOAD Enter Sandman mp3 - 5.3MB
DOWNLOAD Enter Sandman iPod compatible mp4 - 37.0MB
DOWNLOAD Enter Sandman HD mp4 - 91.8MB


  1. LOVE your 'improved version' - as I do ALL of your improved versions (esp. Fantasy Springs!)! And love, love hard-rockin' Adam! He rocked the house with this one. Wish he could do more of this kind of song - he can always kill it with his superior vocals - but realize that, with the music audience out there, he kind of has to stay with more pop/rock songs. Aaaah well, this was one was a keeper. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous, you're welcome! I just wish there were professional quality recordings available so this could look so much better. And yes, I loved that he rocked out, headbanging and all!

  3. You are a Glambert from heaven. Yep, you are. Love all your vids, and appreciate the time, patience, and love you put into them so we can all enjoy Adam in the best possible way. <3 Rise

  4. Oh, BTW, I'm sure you are wondering WTF? Just so you know, this particular page of your blog showed up in my Google Alerts TODAY. So I clicked, like I always do, and wah-lah! Me thinks this needs revisiting too, so I will post on my FB page. :)