Monday, 13 December 2010

Jingle Ball Miami

Another Jingle Ball, another new outfit and this one is all about those tight sparkly zebra trousers which seem to have caused quite a stir regarding their contents. Like the first time he wore them, it's all business black above the waist, party below! This was only a 20 minute set, agonisingly short from a fan's perspective.

The set commences with Fever. Again, there's no kissing but it's very gyratory (can you look at anything else?) and the vocals are strong. It makes a change not to hear the whole room singing along to WWFM but it's all the better for hearing Adam sing another electric rendition. I love the way he improvises on the runs towards the end. Beautiful. He puts his all into Sleepwalker doing his best to win over new fans. The result is amazing with those ringing big notes. IIHY is the song to finish.


  1. Thanks-I've been having a hard time finding this set. So great that you are always so on top of it. I LOVE the zebra pants. I'm so curious about what he'll do for his very last GNT in L.A. He must be so ready for a vacation -- he has been unbelievable. I'm still pinching myself that I was able to see his absolutely epic show at Fantasy Springs as well as in San Francisco. They were such incredibly different shows and I'm hoping that as he steps out post GNT that we'll continue to see many shades of our lad--because I love them all. By the way, hope you've recovered from your GNT line-waiting induced cold!

  2. I was there in Miami...8th time to see him this year..lots of Glamberts there..but mostly 12yo girls jumping around to rap music cuz it has A BEAT..sad...Of course my sister and I appreciated his mad vocals.and he is GRAMMY material..ADORE ADAM!!!

  3. idahophoenix, it took a while for these videos to get uploaded. It looks like there weren't that many fans with the same mindset.
    It's a brave choice to wear what he did but it's great for everyone that he has the legs for it. I hope he goes wild in LA. I think it might turn out to be something special, I can't wait!
    I'm mostly recovered now, thank you!

    Anonymous, what was the atmosphere like there? I hear it was very different to the Glam Nation concerts. You're so lucky to have seen him so many times.

  4. The atmosphere at that concert was...kinda subdued..Adam was the only artist I stood for..just like all the Glam Nations in which you stood for the whole time..(how could u not??!!)..alot of people participated..screamed, sang, jumped around..absorbed every drop that is Adam Lambert..but alot just sat there..or didn't pay attention at all..he didn't do any of his Glam Nation antics or Adommy action..probably due to the younger crowd I'm thinking..and believe me it left a hole in his performance..I'm all about the MAGIC that is ADAM..and LIVE onstage is where he seems the strongest...but all in was an honor and a privilege to have seen him 8 times this yr..can't wait to see what he does next!! For me..IT'S ALL ABOUT ADAM!!! Sharon @sktorok on Twitter

  5. Seriously, Adam Lambert is phenominal, hotter than fire, I hope next era tho his musicians stop parading around the stage like that, it does nothing for the performance and they just get in the way of our focus, ADAM LAMBERT!!!!

  6. Thankyou again - you keep feeding me all things Adam. I want to stroke that zebra!!