Thursday, 9 December 2010

Jingle Ball Philly

New outfit! Have I told you I've missed seeing him in clothes other than his GN costumes? With big super-spiky hair, this ensemble is distressed and tattered but somehow still glam. This is I believe the first time he's worn that leather jacket and those skin-tight jeans. The post-apocalyptic rockstar biker look gets the thumbs-up from me!

The set starts with huge screams welcoming in Adam with MA. We have a lyric fail at the beginning of Fever as Adam is probably reminding himself that he shouldn't eat up Tommy in front of the many young fans. Without the dancers, I find it lacks the cheekiness and whimsy of what we've been accustomed to on the tour but he sings it just as well. Adam mentions his Grammy nomination at the start of WWFM. Having almost ODed on the acoustic version on the EP recently, I realise how much I've missed hearing the original version and how he lets rip at the end. And he sings it standing! (Sorry I think I'm a little nuts today.) Well done all you Glamberts for showing your support by singing along! Sleepwalker is an intense fiery one and Aftermath is joyous with a super glory note. His movements below the waist are toned down a touch for SFW but not the soaring voice. A bare-bones Strut without the cane and dancers must be a little strange for Adam but he steps up to the challenge, strutting and reminding us what a powerful and charismatic frontman he is. The set finishes with band intros and IIHY where Tommy seems to have forgotten that he probably shouldn't be jacking off his bass. I don't know how much of the crowd is made up of Adam fans but they all seem to love it, all singing and jumping by the end.


  1. Yes I loved it too! Singing and dancing around - he does me the power of good. Thankyou again for keeping me entertained so spectacularly.XX