Saturday, 18 December 2010

Glam Nation Withdrawal?

For anyone feeling bereft of Glam Nation now that the tour is over, I've been working on the mother of all Glam Nation withdrawal elixirs. For the quiet days and nights to come, you can indulge in and even try ODing on what I believe to be a compilation of the best sources of all things Glam Nation (top sheet) and other tour events (bottom sheet). Go ahead and click the pic to open up the spreadsheet, you know you want to!

Short link for this page:
Short link for spreadsheet:

The sources I've included are:
Adam Lambert Obsession - Summaries and highlights. I had to include it for all the work I put in!
My YouTube Playlists - Best video per song, many hours of watching, comparing, whittling and updating!
Hoopla Magnet - Comprehensive and organised collection of media. Videos, photos, articles and reviews.
On The Roof Seeking Proof - Video downloads and photo album links.
Kaetsa's Playlists - Playlists contain all videos for each concert.
Terra's Wiki - Wiki with set lists, playlists and highlights.
IDF Forum - Collection of media. Tweets, photos, videos and reviews.

Thanks to everyone who worked hard to organise and sort through everything that came out of Glam Nation! If there's anything you think I've missed which will add value to this collection or if you'd like to add links, please let me know.

Disclaimer: This blogger accepts no responsibility for the days or even weeks lost as a result of clicking.


  1. OMG, the motherlode! Girl you are amazing...thank you SO SO much. I have the week between Dec. 24 and Jan 2 off - and I will live in this spreadsheet. Muchas gracias!

  2. This is incredible! THANK YOU! I'll be living in the spreadsheet a while, too!

  3. travelibrarian, Enjoy your time off, although something tells me it's not going to be very constructive! Happy holidays!

    Leanne, You're welcome! Make yourself comfortable while you're there!

  4. You are incredible!!!!!!!

  5. LO you are the best of the best!! Thank you so much!!

  6. OMG, thank you so much. My stuff is pretty organized by each show in folders, but to have this spreadsheet with all the links? Priceless!

    You are amazing to do this. I'm def in withdrawal and it's only been a few days! I will be going through the whole sheet! <3


  7. WOW! This is fantastic, thank you so much :D

  8. njoy00, Anonymous, adamaddict_RH, jezebel97, thanks for your kind comments. I'm glad that my anal retentiveness has managed to help you through the withdrawal!

  9. WOW thanks for this it is indeed fantastic....we need this, as I'm afraid fans are so hungry for anything Adam at this point, that I've actually seen fans talking about his teeth!!! I kid you not!!I love everything Adam but I'm afraid his teeth I don't find that interesting of a subject....
    so thank you from dylangirl

  10. dylangirl, his teeth! LOL! He does have a fine set though I have to say. Those braces served him well! Hope you're enjoying going back and reliving Glam Nation.

  11. I applaud and bow down to you for this extensive Adamfix for all of us! This will brighten any darkest day and stave off any Adam withdrawal between GNTours! The hours and energy you put into all of your magnificent cataloging and resources are duly noted and appreciated! You're the best!!! Glitterhugs and many thanks! funbunn40

  12. Lambosessed: bitsytx here... OMG, HOW AMAZING!!! It's gonna take me weeks and weeks to go through this; blissful, happy Adam-weeks. In case you don't know, I was the OP of the Adam Anonymous (Adamholic) thread on AO, and our Adam-addiction support group decided long ago it's better to FEED our addiction than to deny it. Your gift will keep me and my fellow Adamholics Adam-obssessing for months to come.

    THANK U, THANK U, THANK U, little lamb!!!!

  13. funbunn40, thank you! I just wanted to make it easier to keep track of things. Hope they and the GNT DVD have kept you going during this quiet time. There's so much to go through and there are still a few concerts I haven't watched yet!

    bitsytx, You're welcome and that's great to hear! Thanks for sharing it around. I haven't managed to go through it all yet despite all the quiet time between hearing about exciting collaborations. I've been blocked from AO so hardly spend any time over there. I'll have to drop in on your thread some time though!