Saturday, 4 December 2010

Glam Nation: Manchester

Adam gives a mischievous look out to the audience before hungrily going for Tommy during Fever. At the start of Aftermath, he teases the audience by pretending to strip, telling them he'll do it later in the show because "This is the fucking sensitive part". SFW is an explosion of energy with some of the most impressive vocals yet and the highest "Where did all the pretty boys go?" you're ever likely to hear. He licks his cane at the start of Strut and continues in a very playful manner throughout MA. Don't miss the banter at the start of the band intro as he tells us there are loads of "Cute fucking boys" and enquires about which team they bat for. Maybe that's the reason he's so excitable. He gives a nod to all the straight guys in the audience and the ladies too before introducing the band and pretending to spit and lubricate Tommy's bass. So naughty! The Brooke dance is a cute one as he calls her a snake charmer and does a funny little jig. The encore is TCB finishing with a stripper-move and some floor love.


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