Sunday, 31 October 2010

Fang You Adam! - A Halloween Treat

I decided it was time for a little seasonal Halloween treat. Remember last year's Party City fund-raising gig? Well when I was cut off from the online world, distraction-free and incommunicado, I got constructive. My perfectionism decided to sort out the videos with those wishy-washy colours and the sound that dribbled out of one ear, so we could enjoy it that little - but very important - bit more. I omitted all the footage that didn't include Adam, adjusted the picture, muted some of the screaming and created a synthetic stereo track. Here are a couple of before and after shots:

Adam sings without a band behind him and the venue doesn't appear to support the performance with the same level of professionalism as he's accustomed to. There are constant sound issues and the engineer is unresponsive to Adam's gestures so he has to interrupt his performance to give verbal instructions. As you can tell, this isn't one of my favourite gigs because I think this is one of the rare occasions on which Adam seems a little uncomfortable. It's like he and the audience - which isn't made of avid fans - aren't quite on the same level and that energy exchange he often mentions is somewhat stunted. He has to work extra hard to engage them and get them going. I feel his frustration that they don't afford him enough respect and he has to tell them to shut up at the start of BtbW.

All videos from this concert are now in this embedded playlist:

Despite all this, the vocals are brilliant throughout and the banter is charming. I love this longer version of RoF and this is the only time we hear him sing both BoW and BtbW outside of AI. It's been a while since we last heard this slow emotional version of MW and he manages to recreate those stratospheric notes of BtbW with aplomb. We get a triple helping of 'Baby', 'Woman' and 'Man' at the a capella ending of a high-energy, gyratory, rocking WLL. I miss this arrangement and would love to hear it before the end of the tour. It's hard to believe he does all of this whilst wearing fangs. Yes, he can still fucking sing amazingly well with big fangs in his mouth!

Get my Halloweeny Glam Nation design in velvety print on a T-shirt:

DOWNLOAD Ring of Fire iPod compatible mp4 - 19.7MB
DOWNLOAD Ring of Fire HD mp4 - 48.7MB

DOWNLOAD Black or White iPod compatible mp4 - 29.3MB
DOWNLOAD Black or White HD mp4 - 72.4MB

DOWNLOAD Mad World iPod compatible mp4 - 24.7MB
DOWNLOAD Mad World HD mp4 - 61.1MB

DOWNLOAD Born to be Wild iPod compatible mp4 - 29.3MB
DOWNLOAD Born to be Wild HD mp4 - 72.8MB

DOWNLOAD Whole Lotta Love iPod compatible mp4 - 36.4MB
DOWNLOAD Whole Lotta Love HD mp4 - 89.9MB

And here's a new Glampire pic from last night:

Happy Halloween!


  1. I know what you mean about him looking uncomfortable, maybe that explains the Tweet about how he isn't going to the corporate Halloween parties this year.

  2. WOW! this vids are so clear! was this in Hawai? What you mean by Adam being uncomfortable? He looks very confident and handsome there. I could be missing something.

  3. Thank you so much for the enhanced videos!

  4. I never watched the original all the way through because I'm just not interested in the non-Adam parts :) I'm sure it's frustrating for Adam to not have an enthusiastic audience but I bet he sees it as a challenge and works harder. He is amazing. And you are amazing for putting all this together. TY

  5. magsmagenta, Party City does costumes so I'm guessing that Adam thought it would've been much more fun than it was. Corporate gigs suck so and I'm really glad he isn't doing any this year. I hope he's having loads of fun dressing up with his friends right now.

    Anonymous, these were from October 24th 2009 and the gig took place in Boca Raton, Florida. I thought it was all a bit uncomfortable because he had to try so hard to get the unresponsive crowd going. Everything is usually so effortless for him on stage. They weren't fans and didn't reflect his energy back, which didn't help. Also neither the sound nor the staging were right, which couldn't have helped.

    fara1903, it's a pleasure!

    acadiacate66, like you, I found the original footage really frustrating to watch so I just had to tweak it. He did work so hard, especially during WLL but I think the crowd interaction is really important to him when he performs.

  6. Thank you SO much for taking the time to re-do these videos! It is much appreciated. I do agree with you that he seemed to have to try harder to get the audience engaged. But as Adam always does, I think he succeeded in getting them more enthusiastic, at least. Your enhanced videos are amazing and, once again, very much appreciated. I've saved most of them - especially the ones from Fantasy Springs! And yes, I'm sure he'll have more fun just celebrating tonight with his friends and family vs. 'putting on a show', as he has been doing that for so long. Thx again!