Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

“The box with the Halloween costumes stayed out all year” - Leila Lambert (Rolling Stone)

Adam Lambert Halloween child vampire with pumpkinAdam Lambert white Glamazonian ice queen Halloween costume

“My favorite holiday is coming! I think i shall rock Halloween as a GLAMPIRE. What are you going to dress up as?” - Adam Lambert (Twitter)

Adam Lambert Halloween vampireAdam Lambert Victorian gothic vampire

“Ah yes.. the only kid in Hebrew school that insisted that Halloween was a High Holy day” - Eber Lambert (Adam's old MySpace)

Adam Lambert blue skin Halloween costume with skullsAdam Lambert green incredible cross-eyed hulk costume

“Adam's favourite thing was a big box of Halloween costumes. Halloween could happen at any time and anywhere during the year for Adam.” - Neil Lambert (E! True Hollywood Story)

What a fantastic Halloween treat we have in being able to party to Adam's new single. Now, who's excited about his costume for today? What's your favourite costume of his?


  1. Do you ever sleep:) love the pictures.

  2. Adam Bombed, it's 4:oo am!!! Love the pic. but get some sleep. Sweet dream & happy Halloween.

  3. Haha! Don't worry, I was in bed at 4:00 - it was a scheduled publish :)

  4. SleepwalkerAries31 October 2010 at 15:34

    I love this! I always wondered where your Twitter avi came from! I'm having a hard time choosing which one is my favorite... He's so gorgeous and creative in every look. But I'm a vampire and "anything Victorian" lover so I have to choose the Victorian Vampire.

    Thank you for posting this on a Sunday morning since I consider Adam my new religion. :))

  5. SleepwalkerAries, that's one of my favourite ever looks of his. I love the effort he puts into these costumes. When he paints his face he looks so mysterious and other-worldy.

  6. WOW! He always looks fabulous. Happy Halloween X