Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bertwear T-Shirts and Accessories

UPDATE 02/06/12 - "Werk" T-shirt designs added.

Here are a couple more designs for you on the theme of "Werk", a word found in the lyrics and a word to describe the response to the album's funk side:

The first one here is "Werk Bitch!". I thought about using the Trespassing stripes but decided against it because I have feeling we're going to be sick of it before long. To keep with the Trespassing visual theme, I used a danger sign as a base with a "High Voltage" warning symbol because I relate it to Adam's electrifying performances, plus I like the way it looks. It also points downwards, like it's an order for you to get down and shake your booty. Those with dirty minds can find another meaning as it points crotchwards. I modified a loose heavy typeface to give it an informal look that has movement and attitude, and you have the option to choose neon colours as well as the standard yellow.

There's another "Werk" design for those who aren't comfortable with wearing the word "bitch". It's just "Werk" against a "High Voltage" symbol background. I decided to dispense with the exclamation mark here because I think the full stop gives lends a cool, laid back angle as a definitive statement. The print is available in neon colours as well as the standard yellow and shiny metallic gold.

Since we're into a new era, I've been playing around with some T-shirt designs that I think will be appropriate. Again, I'm not a fan of the official merchandise so here are some designs for you to wear to subtly reveal your support for Adam:

First up is Trespassing Beat. It uses the Trespassing tape that's become synonymous with this era as a base. I've included silhouettes of Adam clapping, so along with the time axis (t for Trespassing as well) at the bottom, it's like a diagram to show the clapping rhythm of Trespassing. The size of the spaces between the claps is directly proportional to the amount of time between them. The pedants amongst you may point out that the first clap isn't actually a clap but more of a stamp. I decided to include it not just for aesthetic purposes but I think I'd personally want to clap on the big beat at the start of the bar. I hope you find it to be a fun, wearable and possibly geeky design for this era.

The second design Queenbert 2012 is a commemorative one for the special concerts Adam has lined up with Queen. I went for a classic design using a modified typeface similar to that of their logo. I designed the crown to incorporate elements linked with both Adam and Queen, wanting to keep it elegant and queen-like. When you look at it I hope it just says Queenbert to you. I included two infinity signs from Adam's tattoo to symbolise not only the energy exchange between performer and audience that Adam has talked about, but the beauty of the full-circle moments that made these events come together. Adam's first song with which he got introduced to the world on AI was a Bohemian Rhapsody. His final performance on AI was with Queen. The first full circle. Then we had the EMAs and now this with the full circles going round again. I included diamond shapes as a reference to Freddie Mercury's infamous harlequin outfit, five points in the crown to represent the members of Queen and Adam, and the letters A and Q. Finally, I thought I should include the year, seeing as these are special concerts that may become the stuff of legend in years to come. The designs come in either silver or gold glitter, or silver and gold metallic print. Hope you find it a classy one you'd be happy to wear.

If you like what you see, click to visit the designs in the re-vamped shop, or browse the other designs below. I decided to give the shop an overhaul and a new name to for the new era.


  1. Pan(of Thrace)5/26/2012 1:37PM
    You're a talented lady, congrats! I like the way you present the designs, the design itself and some sweet remembrances of Lambertstory.
    It's interesting to notice Adam and his label's policy of "slow steps". I have to admit I belong to the most impatient category of fans , only after I cross the desert of reproaches , anger, disappointment I'm able to recognize that the most painful of the obstacles hasn't been overcome yet. I don't like to talk about it , but the haters do, and they are so vocal. People , everywhere, are afraid of what they don't know, understand, of their own selves, dirty minds. BTW, the article from that Christian paper is the most obscene thing I've ever read. I(we) have to learn the lesson of patience, , prejudices don't vanish overnight, even if we have clever, open-minded rulers.
    Everybody is excited about Adam's latest victory and with good reason. Good , we drank the champagne , let's pass to the next stage, shall we? Some awards?

  2. Great idea. :D

  3. Love the QueenBert design! Your best yet.


  4. Thanks for all the positive comments! These were quite fun to make, hope you enjoy wearing them :)

  5. Pan(of Thrace) 6/3/2012 11:35 AM
    They're all great. You're a synesthetic lady, you perceive forms and colours when you're listening to music, Adam's music. Lucky you! From all your designs, from the simple Werks to the most elaborated Queen bert , a suggestive , symbolic coat of arms-like design, I'd choose Trespassing Beat because the idea of never-ending, new-beginning suggested by Adam's silhouettes is excellent.