Friday, 8 June 2012

Rays of Sunshine London

This is Adam's first UK Trespassing-era gig open to all and is part of a charity extravaganza for Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity. The line-up has lots of big name pop acts with a large proportion originating from TV talent shows.

The venue is the iconic Royal Albert Hall, home to many a famous concert. It's been a long-standing wish of mine to see Adam perform an acoustic concert there so I guess this comes close. He's back to looking dapper in an electric blue suit and tie with lots of sheen. I'm rather partial to that colour on him and he completes the look with some outrageous leopardskin boots. I think he has a bit of a Teddy Boy look about him.

Adam uses session musicians instead of his usual band and though they don't have the same on-stage rapport and energy, I think they do a great job. They even have all the clapping nailed for Trespassing. I can't really hear the backing singers but they alternate between high and low claps. Needless to say, his voice is on top form and he works the stage.

On saying this is his second UK concert, Adam seems to have forgotten about all the FYE era concerts. Oh Adam, how could you forget us! The set is only three songs long so he goes on to do a fine job on Cuckoo and NCOE. He never seems completely happy about the sound though. I would've loved for Shady to have been part of the mix. The next gig is at G-A-Y which I expect to be a completely different affair.


  1. In my eyes, Adam is perfect, except, perhaps, his struggle with the time-space-geography continuum. I get so amused by his faux pas (didn't know the plural, it is also pas), it seems) in these fields. However, as long as he continues to sing like an angel and dress like a SUPAH STAH, he's definitely a 10 in my book.

  2. Where´s the Adam we used to know? Wearing suit and tie? And his band?
    Love him anyway!!!

  3. Pan(of Thrace)6/10/2012 12:12 PM
    What I'm going to say may sound corny, my comments, cliches , they aren't, I do believe that Adam is facing another stage in his career, a stage that has begun with a new album and continues with , I dare say, a milestone, the European tour. The beginning was the charity concert in London , a select company, an "iconic venue" as you said and well-chosen songs that made ill kids happy. Then , a huge part of this world will discover how amazing he is. He will have to prove his immense talent singing some of the greatest rock songs, ever, in front of an audience that has been waiting for Queen for long. .But he has a great advantage, Adam has always challenged his listeners with his unique performances, with his ability to give old songs a new life , to make them sound better. He has already proved this in Belfast, his rendition of The Show.... would have made even Freddie pleased.

  4. Pan (of Thrace)6/28/2012 1:06 PM
    I adore songs like Nirvana ,The Map(snippet), songs I listen for pure joy, "music for music's sake" , they create an intimate, serene mood ,an atmosphere of acceptance, reconciliation . The Map runs calmly, smoothly like an "old river" that, after adventurous, playful young days , is now wise and tolerant . I'm looking forward to listening to its chorus. Not only Underneath or Runnin are peaks of highly-trained vocals, these "little tunes" also require a good musical technique.
    Hey, Glamberts, let's wish Adam&Queen impressive performances, a safe journey and a future together.