Saturday, 30 June 2012

G-A-Y London

Apologies for the long delay, I've been suffering from massive computer fail as well as various other failures!

Adam's first gig in the UK was at G-A-Y so it's only apt that he would kick off his Trespassing era with a return. Plus I'm sure this is probably one of his favourite venues for obvious reasons. He must love performing for this audience. Here's my playlist:

Adam's in his trusty starred leopardskin T-shirt with suit jacket and tight bikery leather trousers. Trespassing opens the set where he's brilliant in voice, followed by a stompy, booty-shaking Kickin' In that has less of a rock vibe with the electronic elements coming through, which I think works better. Shady is damn fierce and it's quite interesting to hear a different shade of his voice for the bridge part that's sung by Sam on the album.

Adam does his utmost to get the audience to strip for Naked Love, removing a layer himself. This is where he really works the crowd, getting his potty mouth in on the act. He gets his banter on before Cuckoo and I just have to laugh at him pulling his trousers up as his arse is moving for the crowd. He gets the echo effects that he asks for and more. Never Close Our Eyes concludes the set and it's a joy to see him so relaxed with his swearing while plugging his album.


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