Saturday, 30 June 2012

Graham Norton - Never Close Our Eyes

It was always one of my wishes to have Adam slay the UK with his charmicide on Graham Norton so I was very happy when this was announced. I did try to get tickets but failed so just had to watch on TV like everyone else. But my, it was great to see him on TV rather than a substandard stream for once.

Adam's hair is high and fabulous, and his face is a bit of a curious hue under those lights but look at what he's wearing! It's like a sprayed patchwork white and grey suit that someone has taken a bite out of. It's also like one of those games where you have to slide everything into position to give you the correct sequence but there's just that final Tetris block out of place that I want to slide over. It's not as flattering as his usual tailoring with quite a long modest cut so there's no satisfaction for the crotch-gazers, and those trousers are way too loose for that anyway! I don't like the clunkiness of those shoes but I prefer them to his blue ones.

I think Adam starts off a bit nervously by the way he flicks his head. His tone isn't very rich but it is steady with lots of lovely rasp to follow. The editor decided to letterbox the performance giving it a cinematic feel, homing in on Adam's expressions and twinkly eyes. It's disappointing for me that this is a shortened version that leaves out all the "Oooh, yeah..." bits and when he lets rip with those vocal acrobatics. I assume it was edited out rather than a version with a different song structure. As far as his performance goes though, it's a strong one where he doesn't put a foot wrong and the band sounds tight. I'm left wanting more though as Adam doesn't get any banter time or manage to fit a word in edgeways on that couch afterwards. I get the feeling he's a bit cautious and eager to please but I'd really like him to relax, let his cheeky side out to play and be bold.


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